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What the hell....

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Soo, im brand new..this past friday i had sex with a new partner who is much bigger than usual 10 inches, we didnt use a condom and prior to this sunday i hadnt experienced any lesions or pain or intching or discharge such as this....but how could i contract herpes over the course of 2 days???? unless i had it already, im awaiting test results feeling pretty discusting to say the least people, im 20 and it seems as if life is meaningless at this point..im praying for it to be a yeast infection or anything but this virus...although i must admit joining this site and reading all that i have has brought my never ending tears to some smaller sobs...i never thought i would end up here...someone please some words of advice?? understanding?? anything....

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Hello Paige09 and welcome.

I am sorry that you are in this situation. I know how difficult it is to wait and wonder about test results.

In the mean time, be kind to yourself and take care. Try to rest and eat well and if possible, keep busy. I will keep my fingers crossed that your results are negative and that things are okay. If that is not the case, this is a great site for education and support. Hang in there : )

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Thanks amalia I appreciate your support, and have done some pretty extensive research these past few hours....i just cant bring myself to look in the mirror and feel good about what i see, who could love someone or want to get close to someone who admits that they have "genital herpes"...if thats the case, but if its not I most assuradly have a new found respect for people who do carry this burden. Thanks again.

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Hi Paige

I dont mean to scare you but I just wanted to let you know that your test results probably want be accurate if you had this encounter on Sunday. Unlike, chlaymidia,gonnereha, and other stds that you can get accurate results within a week or two. Herpes and HIV takes atleast three to six months to build antibioties in your blood. I had unprotected sex with an old friend in June 2010. I started experiencing weird symptoms within two days. I went to the doctor about a week later and tested for everything. A few days later my results came in and everything was negative. I was relieved but remebered that it could still be a possibility my herpes and hiv was wrong. I went back to my doctor to be retested in September 2010 and everything was negative except herpes. So, I knew I had contracted the virus from the guy I had sex with in June. I would advise you to retest in a few months if your test is negative to be sure. Its good you got tested early because if everything is negative now and you test positive for herpes later then you know who gave it to you. Well keep me posted and I hope your story has a happier ending than mine...

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • fixme1
      Like alot of jobs people keep going even if they are against what they have to do.its money for them and if they don't have an ob or positive blood results they will carry on 
    • ThatSGguy
      Hi guy,  Just diagnosed and trying to move on with my life. Understanding to prevent further outbreak, we would be best to stay actively healthy both mentally and physically.  Due to my nature of work, I am always under pressure. Should I plan on quitting and look for another job that is well suitable for my current condition or is manageable?  :,) 
    • Waiting4newlife
      I jus wrote to them, let's wait for the reply 
    • Goran123
      I have no choice, I have tried everything on this planet regarding holistic approach. Nothing work so far. Now I am on Neem, does not work. I just keep trying new things as I go along. I believe some like me actually have a very strong immune system (have not been sick since I can remember, maybe 9-10 years) but my immune system does not recognise my HSV, so it just does what it wants, thats why the continuous OB's.  Don't think about ending life, life is to priceless. This is not cancer. Try to date a guy who have it as well, then there would be something you could fight together.
    • Quest
      One of the best gurus There are a few who have been diagnosed in here. You can get any of his books used. I think the Fibromyalgia Solution is best. Only 45 % of people have nerve pain.  If not for you maybe it will serve someone else! Don't overwhelm self and get in a group if it doesn't weigh you down  

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