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we need to stop worrying! How do you do it?

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Hi y'all,

well, I was hoping I'd never get another ob again, especially as my first 4 months ago was so mild. But recently I've had a stressful time with my business and also some other worrying health probs and you know, I worried myself sick about all of these things and BLAM! Hi ob no. 2! I'm lucky, there's no doubt, it hurts but mildly and it's been 2 days and it's nearly gone. I had one teeeeny weeny size of a needle head blister, which is now disappearing.

I am dreadful worrier by nature, and I suffer from stomach ulcers too when I get run down or really stressed! I have never felt such horrific pain as stomach ulcers, never (though I'm sure some people on here with bad ob's have!) and I can feel my stomach ulcer warning signs of pain flaring up at the moment.

My point being, look how much pain I'm causing myself just from worrying! It's amazing how much harm one can do to oneself by worrying. So, I figure I've got to get a grip on this and learn to control it because when I am mentally calmer and happy, my ob's seem to leave me alone but the minute I stress they come back!

Now I know this is common knowledge, but what sure isn't is how to de-stress, not worry etc?

So, for those of you that can do it, how do you not worry? How do you control stress? What makes you happy?

I'd love to hear from you all as I am determined to get control of this and live a happier, calmer, anxiety-free life with no obs!


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all i do is nice hot bath and sum candles, tv mmusic helpin ppl on this site lol :)

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I'm the same- no ulcers, but I worry a lot. I am a ball of stress 99.9% of the time! I de-stress by working out, venting, or as silly as this sounds, writing in a journal. I notice when I don't think about it- I forget I have HSV.

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I'm sure you know that stomach ulcers are the result of a bacterial infection (Helicobacter pylori) and can be treated with antibiotics. Stress doesn't cause ulcers, but stress can irritate ulcers that are present due to an increase in production of stomach acid.

In terms of reducing stress- I find that going to the gym really helps reduce stress. Running, swimming, or anything that gets my heart rate going really does wonders. Plus, there is both a hot tub and a dry sauna at my gym. That's my treat after working out. I go sit in one or both of those.

Listening to relaxing music, shopping, glass of red wine, hanging out with friends, all of these are good ways to destress. Getting a massage really works wonders! I've also got a counselor that I see once or twice a year, if things are really getting out of hand. Always helps to be able to talk about things to someone else that is trained to listen and give appropriate feedback.

Other activities: yoga, tai chi, meditation, taking a nap also work.

Putting yourself first and job(s) second is what is really key. You are what matters and taking care of your mental and physical health are what is most important.


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Hairpees
      I agree your post was very well written. I think I was speaking from more of a GHSV1 perspective as it relates to the oral virus so many carry and spread.   I too, before being diagnosed, was small minded and ignorat about herpes. But I believe it had to do with the way I was brought up. Looking back now I want to say it was because of my experience in college. I went to ASU, we are absolutely known for partying and STI’s. I was heavily involved in Greek life, and bascially if one person found out you had herpes your life was changed  socially and romantically. You were the girl/ guy on campus with herpes. A bunch of little 18-22 year old shits who didn’t give a flying F if you said HSV1 or HSV2. It was herpes. That’s all they were known for. Surrounding schools found out and people from your hometown found out. Maybe my generation sucks but that’s extremely sickening to witness and go through.  I now work in marketing with a bunch of people my age and older. There is a guy who disclosed and was open about herpes to a lot of us in the office and again, he was just known as the herpes guy. And no, not by me but grown adults with real jobs and education. Most likely those adults statistically had some strain of it too. But again these are my experiences. I know they are wrong now but who knows when the rest of the world will catch up.
    • mrwright
      Hello I am new to Honeycomb, I live in Chicago IL. 54 years young & single, I look forward to making many new friends here.
    • Onehotmess
      Some more good news on crispr! Restoring cells to an uninfected state once a virus is destroyed. https://phys.org/news/2018-09-cells-uninfected-state-virus.amp Now if only they could remove this virus from each of us and fix the effective cells would be no longer a dream! 
    • WilsoInAus
      But don’t you have an oral HSV-1 infection? Condoms don’t protect against that?
    • Herpeguy562
      Give it a try and report back to us. It's pretty safe vaccine approved by the FDA.

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