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we need to stop worrying! How do you do it?

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Hi y'all,

well, I was hoping I'd never get another ob again, especially as my first 4 months ago was so mild. But recently I've had a stressful time with my business and also some other worrying health probs and you know, I worried myself sick about all of these things and BLAM! Hi ob no. 2! I'm lucky, there's no doubt, it hurts but mildly and it's been 2 days and it's nearly gone. I had one teeeeny weeny size of a needle head blister, which is now disappearing.

I am dreadful worrier by nature, and I suffer from stomach ulcers too when I get run down or really stressed! I have never felt such horrific pain as stomach ulcers, never (though I'm sure some people on here with bad ob's have!) and I can feel my stomach ulcer warning signs of pain flaring up at the moment.

My point being, look how much pain I'm causing myself just from worrying! It's amazing how much harm one can do to oneself by worrying. So, I figure I've got to get a grip on this and learn to control it because when I am mentally calmer and happy, my ob's seem to leave me alone but the minute I stress they come back!

Now I know this is common knowledge, but what sure isn't is how to de-stress, not worry etc?

So, for those of you that can do it, how do you not worry? How do you control stress? What makes you happy?

I'd love to hear from you all as I am determined to get control of this and live a happier, calmer, anxiety-free life with no obs!


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all i do is nice hot bath and sum candles, tv mmusic helpin ppl on this site lol :)

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I'm the same- no ulcers, but I worry a lot. I am a ball of stress 99.9% of the time! I de-stress by working out, venting, or as silly as this sounds, writing in a journal. I notice when I don't think about it- I forget I have HSV.

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I'm sure you know that stomach ulcers are the result of a bacterial infection (Helicobacter pylori) and can be treated with antibiotics. Stress doesn't cause ulcers, but stress can irritate ulcers that are present due to an increase in production of stomach acid.

In terms of reducing stress- I find that going to the gym really helps reduce stress. Running, swimming, or anything that gets my heart rate going really does wonders. Plus, there is both a hot tub and a dry sauna at my gym. That's my treat after working out. I go sit in one or both of those.

Listening to relaxing music, shopping, glass of red wine, hanging out with friends, all of these are good ways to destress. Getting a massage really works wonders! I've also got a counselor that I see once or twice a year, if things are really getting out of hand. Always helps to be able to talk about things to someone else that is trained to listen and give appropriate feedback.

Other activities: yoga, tai chi, meditation, taking a nap also work.

Putting yourself first and job(s) second is what is really key. You are what matters and taking care of your mental and physical health are what is most important.


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Elly86
      @WilsoInAus thanks for the clarification. I am currently taking into account all possibilities that i might encounter, since my fiance is positive HSV-1. I am preparing myself for the future, if I however eventually get infected from him. Im on the brink . We will have an appointment with a Doctor on friday, to justify more about this and I am so anxious of knowing what the Dr will say. I am scare it might effect my decision of marrying him. How I wish this virus could be kill, how I wish life hasn't be this cruel to us. The day for us to tie the knot is just around the corner, everything had been prepared and we are tested with this news. Im showing my support to him right now but deep down, Im sooo scared. It's truly an adventure
    • WilsoInAus
      Note that it’s not an infection as we know it the eye, these are caused by bacteria. Sometimes though the virus will attack the cornea and cause issues. It is estimated about 1 in 50,000 people per year will suffer some vision impairment from HSV-1. However these people are almost always not treated with antivirals where success appears to be over 90% for preventing permanent damage.
    • Elly86
      Hi..Ive been browsing around the web, and find out that HSV1 might caused eye infection and ultimately blindness..how common is this? Anyone experiencing this before?
    • Elly86
      Hi @patpat I encountered same situation like yours. I really want to know what is your next step. Did you finally get married? How is your life now? Any advice?  I know this is an old thread but this is related to me. Would be so much relieve to be able to talk to someone in the same shoe. Hope you still buzzing around honeycomb
    • metamorphosis333
      BHT has helped me soooo much! When I first got infected my outbreaks were constant .. one would heal up and there comes another ... it was terrible . I was so fuxking depressed and miserable. I cut out the “trigger foods” took vitamin c and lysine .. drank apple cider vinegar .. nothing worked until BHT!!! Now that I take BHT i rarely have Outbreaks. If I do it’s because I sometimes forget and skip taking it .. or I eat some trigger food + forget the Bht .. but even then my outbreaks are SOOOO a mild compared to before . I’ve had outbreaks that have disappeared in a day . Sometimes I up my dosage on BHT when I do have a mild outbreak , and apply topically. It really has been such a blessing to find out about BHT 

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