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Can I spread HSV1 in genitals to other's mouth?

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I haven't had an outbreak in 7 months so it wasn't the first thing I thought about when me and another person engaged in oral sex. He went down on me and now I'm worried he'd get hsv1 on his mouth. He's sick now so I'm scared that it could be him developing herpes?! I really hope not.

anyways, bottom line,

can genital hsv1 spread to another person's mouth? (since the hsv1 usually occurs in the mouth)

thanks for your help!

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I would say it's possible since HSV1 is most common in the mouth.

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    • Maybe1day
      @dont quit!any idea why there hasn't been any articles produced from the Boston presentation by Dr Cullen, jerome, etc?
    • dont quit!
      "Thank you for your mail. 
      The AuRx vaccine is the only one that has therapeutic activity (prevents recurrent disease) and has successfully passed Phase I/II trials. It is a whole virus vaccine and it eliminates recurrent disease in 70% of patients and reduces the frequency of the recurrences in the others, based on 1.5-2 years follow-up. Unfortunately it has been shelved. The  drug companies have the funds. Academics don't. The drug companies claimed that they were  not interested in a whole virus vaccine because they are afraid that it may revert to infectivity. Of course, most successful vaccines are whole virus vaccines and in the case of the AuRx vaccine it is even more inane because the patients to be vaccinated already have HSV infection. Still, these are the facts and nothing has moved since then. 
      I assume that at least in part  the timing  was bad because they were still hoping to have a subunit vaccine, which they made (GSK) so they were likely to make more money. It since that time failed, as I predicted it would. The 10 million that you quote for a phase 3 is approximately correct. Am I pursuing things? I am getting old and I have no money. Is it dead? Who knows? Maybe it will be resurrected."
      Good luck Dr. A.
      -80% of patients That's an old e mail from Dr. Aurelian from Aurx. She is the doctor that came up with vaccine. I still have some hope in Halford. Imho it's a better vaccine than Aurx. Better studied.
    • Lisajd
      On a catastrophe scale herpes is not traumatic.  A loss of a limb or a terminal illness is traumatic. A death in the family is traumatic.   Herpes us a virus. Everyone is just afraid because of the so called stigma and thinking they cant be in a relationship.  
    • Lisajd
      If you are having long frequent obs or symptoms then anti virals are your best bet but have you identified the triggers?   Have you looked at your diet as well?  You seem to be taking the right supps so it just seems your body is not able to suppress the virus. 
    • Jennjennann
      I was diagnosed with hsv1 almost a year ago with atypical symptoms.  (Lesions not sores) diagnosis was based on genital swab and blood testing. The outbreak then erupted into a full blown, typical outbreak that lasted nearly 8 weeks.  I was prescribed valtrix for 20 days and was told I wouldn't be able to continue using the mediation on a regular basis and only have a three day renewal for outbreaks. After symptoms eventually subsided, another outbreak occurred approximately 6 months from the initial outbreak.  I have done some research in herbal supplements and take st. John's wart, vitamin e, coconut oil, vitamin c, zinc, and red marine algae to help manage outbreaks and boost my immune system.  I also use a product called prosurux which is a cream that works really well in calming the skin.  The second outbreak lasted another 8 weeks.  Since being diagnosed,  I've noticed the skin around my vagina is extremely sensitive and is prone to what feels like the start of an outbreak. It is easily irritated, itchy, and the skin is cracking.  had anyone else experienced these symptoms without an outbreak?  Do you feel the skin has become more delicate? Does anyone have any suggestions for other herbal supplements or natural remedies?  I've also tried quercetin and lysine which irritate it. I don't like the mediation and it really doesn't work for me.
    • Lucy levy
      Thank you all for helping me through this transition time.  Everyone has been so supportive and kind. I want you to know this site has meant the world to me and I'm sure to thousands of people around the world.
    • dont quit!
      Thanks for clarification. I knew it was millions or billions but point taken. I even re read his blog last night where he mentions and explains his method. You are 100% correct. I would guess the limitations of the immune of those already infected would be the reason for 3 separate injection of Theravax versus 1 for Provafax. Do you really think if an attenuated live virus comes in contact with the wild type that the attenuated virus would revert to virulence?  Halford mentions that his vaccine is 1,000-10,000 fold avirulent compared to the wild type. HSV also mutates slowly which is the opposite of the oral polio vaccine which on occasion does return to virulence.
    • Jrjayy22
      Idk im sorry..its just been traumatic for me in a way, i hope that doesnt sound crazy or anything, but this has been the hardest time in my life..i guess im just struggling to move past it..
    • Lisajd
      First things first.  You havent got your results yet so dont go into worst case scenario too soon. Secondly, your husband could also have it.  Has he ever had cold sores.   You are not dirty.  Do you think everyone who has a cold sore is dirty.  A feeling is just a feeling. It does not make it true.  Besides your husband you dont need anyone else to know so you wont need to worry about being judged. The stigma....well thats just uneducated judgemental people.... not worth worrying about what they think.  
    • WilsoInAus
      Herpes only has the stigma that any of us give it. Whether you think herpes has a stigma, or whether you think it doesn't, you're right! 5 billion people on this planet have HSV-1 and/or HSV-2. It is actually 'dirty' not to have it! if such a concept even existed. Your doctor is just hypothesising so do not get carried away yet until results are in. Herpes OR eczema?? Good grief that doesn't help much, but at least the doctor is thinking out loud. Even if it is herpes there are a multitude of innocuous explanations: - you've were infected before you were married or your husband was infected genitally before you were married
      - your husband infected you with his oral cold sores during oral sex. If this is herpes, there is over a 90% chance that your husband has it too! Either because he brought it to the relationship or has been infected since. Whichever way you look at it, and let's not jump the gun on a herpes diagnosis, but if it is herpes, this is a meaningless outcome in the context of your marriage and in no way infers infidelity of any party.
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