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Can I spread HSV1 in genitals to other's mouth?

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I haven't had an outbreak in 7 months so it wasn't the first thing I thought about when me and another person engaged in oral sex. He went down on me and now I'm worried he'd get hsv1 on his mouth. He's sick now so I'm scared that it could be him developing herpes?! I really hope not.

anyways, bottom line,

can genital hsv1 spread to another person's mouth? (since the hsv1 usually occurs in the mouth)

thanks for your help!

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I would say it's possible since HSV1 is most common in the mouth.

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    • cryptkeeper
      I'm really sorry you're going through this. The good news is your recurrent outbreaks shouldn't be nearly as bad. The fact the guy didn't disclose and now won't respond is beyond rude but unfortunately thats how shitty ignorant people are. Sadly there is lot of people who don't know they have it or don't care enough to actually tell the person if they do. Did they swab the sores for an official diagnosis? Hang in there. 
    • throwawaynyc
      hi rich  
    • Terrell
      It appears you never had any form if HSV in your body therefore you suffer unique outbreak 
    • Nora1987
      I'm actually in the same situation as you are, and have seen many doctors pertaining this.. But every MD I see states that my child would be very sick by now and probably would have died.. But I keep reading about cases where meningitis and encephalitis went undiagnosed and the only way they were apparent was when the child wasn't meeting big milestones and that's what scares me.. It also scares me that she keeps having outbreaks and they are being taken care off.. Any one know if my child had contracted hsv from me from birth, and had hsv meningitis or encephalitis would it be very obvious and would she by now have gotten worse with all these outbreaks? Also the tests that they have done on her were swabs month of age.. PCR of the blood at 3 months of age.. And igm and igg antibody test of blood also.. All of which were negative.. But it also scares me that the virus just wasn't present when they did these tests or it wouldn't of been picked up by these tests and the most accurate test (spinal tap) is what they are refusing to do because they state that she would not look/act this good.. Can someone with experience please help?
    • mcmich
      I see it stopped symptoms. How well did the vaccine work on reducing viral shedding?
    • Hansje
      Hey Edith? Or is it Mary or is it Ajjenoao or Chris Laisure? Was it herpes or hepatitis? Countrynumber Nigeria? Home of nice Nigerians but also of all sorts of emailscammers?   Go scam yourself.
    • Blondii
      @BoatyMcBoatface I don't get it either. It's like did they already know and just didn't care or are they scared? I just don't know. 
    • SureWhyNot
      Perhaps this is a reaction to something you are using topically on your baby or even the diapers. Such a sensitive area would react to any irritant. I truly hope you find your answers quickly and please know there are very intelligent people here to help because they have amassed a great deal of knowledge directed at this virus. We are very motivated to find answers for ourselves and to help others.
    • Gee170
      Yea what would the hate be about? Surely this is a wholey positive situation. 
    • Hansje
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