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cold sores and healing scabs


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I have been reading a lot of the messages posted. I do not have genital herpes but do suffer from cold sores. My issue is the nasty scabs associated with it. I use H-balm to eliminate the blister but can't seem to find anything to make scabs less prominent.

Anyone have any suggestions on products to help heal them quickly and make them less noticeable. This is what's embarassing for me.

Thanks a lot.

(Ps I posted this another place sorry got lost)

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cold sores on lips

Whenever I get a cold sore on my lips (and they're usually liquid-filled blisters), I rub hydrocortisone 1% cream on it several times a day. This is the cream that you can buy over the counter. It always makes the swelling go down really fast the sore dries up quicker. Then when it has scabbed over, I use Campho-phenique to help dry it up. If it starts to crack and bleed, then I use Carmex or some other ointment. Also, holding an ice pack to the sore at the very first tingling helps keep it from getting bigger.

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Re: cold sores on lips

Whenever I get a cold sore on my lips (and they're usually liquid-filled blisters), I rub hydrocortisone 1% cream on it several times a day.

Any type of cortisone cream will only work to make the outbreak worse.

Just a thought,

Angela :wink:

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Actually, 1% hydrocortisone + 5% aciclovir cream has been shown to reduce healing time and cold sore severity.

I wouldn't recommend JUST hydrocortisone, but if you use both there are definite benefits.

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my method for coldsores is usually to quickly apply hydrogen peroxide to clean it out. (you might have to carefully lance the blister....don't go crazy so that it will spread) then clean away with a qtip or cotton swab. This will at least dry it out and clean it so it doesn't get all infected. Camphor phenique works good too. But I usually use that a night or when I am at home, because it will REALLY dry it out and it smells, so...

Once the sore is in the drying phase....I use carmax to keep my lips from getting chapped and it seems to help the healing process of the coldsore so it doesn't get all out of control.

Also...VITAMIN C.....good ole vitamin c. I think coldsores HATE vitamin c.

Just my 10 cents. it is my little coldsore regiment! :wink:

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Mine??! A few days. A week tops. (the ones that last a week to 10 days are usually really virulent, bad outbreaks...but I rarely have those anylonger. )

I can generally contain the outbreak as soon as it happens. By the time I do my little regiment....It just looks like a little ugly pimple on or around my lip. And I am sure not to kiss my mate or my kids. :D

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