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Jesus has healed me completely!

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Hi all,

wonder if you guys still remember me or my nick. I used to post and ask questions about H virus and been rather traumatized by the H virus conditions for 4 years with a blood test report i took in year 2007 and with constant OB.

To cut the past history short, i am completely healed now! with a prove of the blood test report i took and just got to know this good news today!

Starting of this year, i received Jesus Christ as my Savior and my Lord, many good things starts coming to me, and the best thing is the healing part!

For the past few months, I am clearly aware that Jesus loves me and He was wounded for my transgressions and bore all my sins at the cross, so that i am freed from all sins, virus & diseases. i've been trusting Lord Jesus to be healer and believed that by His Stripes, i am healed! (Isaiah 53:5)

Many Christians don’t have enough faith to believe that God can actually heal them. God’s word says that all you need is the faith of a mustard seed. The stripes of Jesus refer to what he endured on the cross, he was beaten and whipped causing stripes on his body. Jesus did this for the world, so that we could live a life of holiness and have a relationship with God (free of sickness, disease and sin).

I am a very good living example that Jesus has healed me completely. So guys, stop thinking that you still have this virus is because God is punishing you. NO! God has already forgiven all your sins past,present, and future because of the finished work that His Son, Jesus Christ has did at the cross! God is a good and loving God, he don't give punish you because of sins with diseases.

I was introduced by my friend about this pastor prince's sermons as he mentioned that this pastor prince's preaching on Gospel of Grace and Jesus's finished works, works many miracles in peoples' life in oneof the churches in singapore's and even an AIDS patient was healed!

I purchased his sermons from online, you may want to google "pastor prince" for his sermons.

I recommends you guys purchases one of his sermons about healing or stuff, nothing to lose right, folks?

his man is really annointed in preaching Jesus' Gospel and many people were really blessed by him.

Be prepared to get blessed and be healed after you listen to his sermons

You can find his online sermons for purchase xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Therefore, keep your faith and keep believing in the goodness of our Lord Jesus.

I will not be coming to this forum anymore since i am already completely healed permanently, so i hope and will pray for you all to be healed completely, be it believers or non-believers of Christ from this forum.

I am not advertising or anything here. I just sincerely hope all people from this forum can be saved and be healed like me and many others, and may all your testimonials be heard to glorify Jesus's name. Amen!

So today, healing is your right because Jesus has paid the price for your healing. So if the devil says" you cannot be healed," just declare," Jesus has paid for my healing , disease has no right to be in my body. I am healded in Jesus's name"

God is Almighty and nothing is impossible or hard for him. He has the first and the Last say in our life, not the doctors or any experts!

take care all, and God bless and love you all . Amen:D

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First of all the link doesn't work and secondly, I think it's someone selling the "pastor prince"'s sermons. I'm a Christian but this is out of line in this forum.

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After I made my comment I felt a little guilty. I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings. I feel better realizing that this post was just spam. Thanks Woodrose...

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Some extreme atheirst would like to think that only logical things like meidicne helps...but so many people have been healed by faith and many of them help to tell other about it...we need to respect that

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Some extreme atheirst would like to think that only logical things like meidicne helps...but so many people have been healed by faith and many of them help to tell other about it...we need to respect that

I don't know what a atheirst is, but faith does not heal Herpes. I'm sorry if that sounds disrespectful, but I think coming here and spouting false hope and trying to sell us sermons is WAY more disrespectful.

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I don't know what a atheirst is, but faith does not heal Herpes. I'm sorry if that sounds disrespectful, but I think coming here and spouting false hope and trying to sell us sermons is WAY more disrespectful.

First of all, you are in "Keeping the Faith" forum..........need I say more, but I will. Some of us have nothing else to hold on to, but our faith and this is probably the reason why this forum was created. I personally don't appreciate you coming in this forum and underminding what we believe. If you have no faith, or don't believe that faith can heal you from herpes, then let me suggest that you go to another forum that does not discuss faith or create a forum that discusses how you are disgusted by those of us that do "firmly" believe in God and His ability to heal us.

Furthermore, I'm not angry at the person that gave me herpes, I'm not blaming them, I'm not blaming myself, I'm just moving on with my life. I don't choose to live my life walking around upset and/or wondering why me, because personally I think it is a waste of time. It's not like you can give herpes back, or like anger will serve any positive purpose at all, but that is "MY" belief, not someone else's. However, there are many people who spend an enormouse amount of time on this board and other boards who discuss their anger and frustrations at their giver, I would not dare go to those forums and undermind their "RIGHT" to be angry. I don't have that right no more than you have the right to undermind our faith. I know that you feel you have the right to your opinion and to respond to any post that you choose to, but some opinions, whether right or wrong is just that "an opinion" and it does nothing but stir up contention, and to be honest, I would just as soon you go somewhere else. Furthermore, it is not necessary at all, because one of the great things about this board is that it offers a "Place/Home" for everyone to go to identify with others that may be feeling the same emotions that you are, or experiencing herpes in a similar manner. If you are not comfortable talking about faith and/or you can't respect other people's beliefs, please go somewhere else.

I don't know what "trigger" was trying to accomplish with his/her post, but let me say that I was encouraged. Whether you believe it or not, some of us do believe in the power of prayer and faith. The truth of the matter is this: We all have different emotions and feelings as it relates to this virus and we all have to find some way of dealing with this, whether it's faith, modern medicines, hypnosis, acupuncture, anger, or all the above, but whatever works for you is just fine by me, I'm not going to condemn you for your beliefs or try to tell you that it won't work or disrespect your belief that it will work, I just ask that you give us on this forum the same respect.

Thank You

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I don't know what a atheirst is, but faith does not heal Herpes. I'm sorry if that sounds disrespectful, but I think coming here and spouting false hope and trying to sell us sermons is WAY more disrespectful.

God can heal you but you got to believe it, my husband had terrible Gastritis and is now healed thanks to the Lord. Who are you to deny anyone's experience, this person is sharing the fact that they were healed and there are countless stories and personal accounts of people that died and came back to life after an encounter with God. If God can bring someone back to life, he is the creator of the universe, He is almighty powerful, King of King's, He who has all the riches, cannot heal you from a virus? Ye with no faith. It is the faith that heals.

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ok I am a christian woman and all though I know god can heal a person I also know that he does not always do it. you completly missunderstanding Isaiah 53:5)

You are not healed. If you had HSV you still have it. Be careful of wolves in false clothing. The bible speaks of that. God does not always choose to heal someone for hos own reasons and if that were true that all you had to do was to pray to be healed with faith then my sister would of not died of ALS

you should go get retested. Because I insure you that your only fooling yourself into beleiving your cured when in fact you still have it. Instead maybe you should pray that you come to accept having HSV,

and as for the sermon you speak of probably coming from a false profit as legenimate preachers of god do not charge fpor their sermans

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    • readytostart
      Hi everyone,  Just a thought, I'd like to read your take on that.  How can be possible, technically speaking, that in less than a year from the discovery of the Covid19, many vaccines are in phase 2, and research like the one in Fred Hutch  are still years away from human clinical trials.  It's been discussed before the possibility of doing peritions in order to fast track trials, but now there's an evidence that it just depends on the rush for finding a solution to a problem, my point being, don't we have still enough evidences of how many health problems do herpes cause, and how many people are infected... This is being a pandemic  for a long time now... 
    • Goran123
      If it gives you OB's you should just stop drinking it. Beer gave me OB's....stopped drinking it, no OB's any more HSV OB's is a lot like learn as you go, different people have different OB's for different reasons. If you feel you get OB from one thing, stop doing it and so on. Good luck, remember you are not alone. We are 2 billion strong positive members
    • LemonOne9
      I had a few things in mind... 1) Avoiding sex on days where the virus is detected could help to reduce long term transmission risk. I had also thought that if no virus is detected then at least sex could be more relaxing since the chances of transmission would be lower, though if the friction of sex stimulates shedding then I guess that wouldn't be fool proof. Of course, shedding could also spontaneously initiate between the time of the test and before sex is initiated even if it's on the same day. But at least I'd know the chances were lower. 2) I'd be curious to know how shedding rates differ between different genital areas. For example, do I shed more from the area where I typically get outbreaks (around the glans) and less toward the base of the shaft? If I could determine that very little shedding is happening toward the base then that would give me more confidence during protected sex. I'd also be curious to see if it's true that shedding only happens from the penis as has been said, or if the scrotum or pubic area do in fact shed. 3) I'd like to see if/how my shedding rate is reducing over time (I was infected only a year ago), and I'd also like to see how it responds to certain medications like Valtrex, Amenalief and to see if barrier gels like Viblok reduce the number of exposed virions as has been shown in some research. 4) I tested positive for oral HSV-2 via a PCR swab, and I'm also curious to see how often virus is shed orally since there seems to be little data on that. I've heard "1% of days" but I'd still like to investigate further. Part of this would be for practical purposes and part of it is also just for psychological purposes. With more knowledge of exactly how the virus is behaving in my body I would just feel a greater sense of control, and it would give me some data that could hopefully reduce my chances of spreading. Anyway I know this sounds "out there" but if it really is just a moderate sized machine that I could maintain myself, and if the procedure could be done relatively easily, then if such a device could be purchased for around 10k or less I'd honestly consider it.  
    • Roxanne11
      Firstly I’ve now realised after my stress in 2019 I can no longer have a normal sex life but anyway questions of possible transmission I engaged in a threesome 8 days ago. I was cautious throughout the act with my genitals however not oral! I refused to receive oral sex by either of my two partners and engaged in vaginal sex for only 30 seconds PROTECTED (Whilst holding the condom in place)! I did not allow any other rubbing of genitals against mine.     Assuming the male had herpes - with my encounter what is the possibility of getting genital herpes?    I was the giver of oral sex - what are the chances of getting oral herpes? Note the male was clear of any sores anywhere. i have now had a sore throat since (although I remember having one before the encounter due to tonsil stones). Having a sore throat without the presence of symptoms doesn’t mean herpes correct?    ive been having electric shocks, dull pain on my vagina but this doesn’t mean much in the absence of symptoms correct? Also does prodrome occur for first outbreaks?    my friend who was in the act, she accepted full intercourse without protection - it is 8 days and she has had no outbreaks. If either of us were infected, would one of us likely had an outbreak now?    How can I move on with casual sex without freaking the f out every time now? I feel like I should stay abstinent as my anxiety is getting the better of me and in the way of living my life!    @WilsoInAus I’d appreciate your input again :) 
    • Catherinr
      Hello everyone!!    I was diagnosed a month ago... Got my first OB that I was aware of and got it swabbed (came back positive). The first one was a year ago, but no one tought it might be herpes, even at the hospital...  Well... I started drinking ketones (from a company named pruvit) almost 2 months ago and I feel really great on them but since day 5, I have an OB and it’s not going away... I have tried to not drink them for a couple of days, and no symptoms when I don’t drink them... But symptoms come back has soon as I am done drinking them and other OBs are appearing...  I’ve read on another post that maybe the body comes acidic and it might me the reason... I will try to drink lemon water...    But was wondering if anyone had a similar experience.    thank you everyone!! ❤️
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