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What's the "best" alcohol drink and diet???

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Haven't been on in a while and looking for some opinions.

I'm a social/not daily drinker as a rule but enjoy it now and then. I've been drinking vodka and cranberry as "the choice" at present, but wondering if just plain old light beer would be "less provocative" as far as outbreaks.

Also, I usually eat oatmeal with mixed nuts and some fruti for breakfast.

Lately, I found myself eating peanut butter again and yesterday had a very slight outbreak. One spot.

Ironically, since my split with ex, I've gotten more outbreaks than I ever did before, and I haven't been with anyone for several months now.

I've been taking Lysine 1000 mg per day, and although I felt the pin pricks the last few days after drinking last Friday, no outbreaks. Forgot to take Lysine yesteday and got a bump. I don't know what's coincidence or not anymore.

Take Valtrex only for outbreaks...............

How true are all of you to the recommended diet listed on here?

Oatmeal, mixed nuts, whole wheat, and other food staples are supposed to be good for you in a number of ways..................

Is it really some key things like, chocolate, peanuts, alcohol ( any kind ) and sugar that are the really triggers???

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sorry this isnt gonna have much to do with alcohol. well i think that peanut butter is high in arganine... which is the opposite of lysine. lysine suppresses herpes and arganine activates it or something of the sort. grains and stuff is supposed to be good for you generally but for us herpes people its a little different. sorry i cant provide a link or anything but if you look around on the internet there are articles about the whole arganine / lysine thing. i love peanut butter and i try very very hard to stay away from it. .... very very hard. dont know much else about the alcohol.... sorry. if you keep your immune system up, you'll see that your outbreaks will be less occuring... and i think thats as much truth that you'll find in all the stuff people say. good luck to you. p.s. i'm sure you know limiting sugar is good too.

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let me say that again

limiting sugar is important. trust me. or dont. but you should. :-D and if your pocket book can afford shopping organic then you should. you should be careful not to eat things with high fructose corn syrup and msg which goes by the name of ..monosodium glutamate... or something like that cause they're not good for you... i dont know how aware you are of that. and they put it in EVERYTHING sold at regular supermarkets. shop at like trader joes or something. but if your pocket book cant afford it just... read labels before you buy things and try not to eat a lot of stuff like... *chocolate* drink a lot of water and in general just be healthy.

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Thanks for replies

I know we are all different in terms of what is "good" for us. I don't come on this forum as much these days.

When I get an outbreak I get angry and frustrated just like most of you. It subsides as the outbreak goes away.

Althought I spend some moments feeling sorry for myself, I try and put myself in the younger kids place when I see them on the forums. Although I have to say their chances on the dating forums are a lot better.

At least for most of my adult life, I didn't have to deal with this up until the last 4 years...............

Thanks for your replies and other are welcome to throw in their 2 cents.

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what does alcohol do?

I don't know if anyone else finds this but whenever I have a drink AT ALL I get increased discomfort down there and the 'cracks' in the skin around my vaginal area seem to get worse. I'm not a massive drinker but I'm finding it SOOOO hard not to drink anything as I do like a glass of wine when I get home from a stressful day at work! Is wine really bad? should I try lager instead? or vodka and cranberry?

I'm only 28, I can't have a life without a drink ever! These 'cracks' never seem to go away!

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reply to annashep

i too feel those "cracks" and they sting and burn....and red wine for me seems to correlate with flare ups so i try not to drink it anymore.......but im not sure if it connected but seems to be somehow.

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To above posters..........

I just happen to go on this site tonight after not being on here for several months.

My ex said she always felt it after drinking wine and chocolate.............2 of women's best friends.

I wouldn't say vodka and cranberry would be any better, but you can try and it's certainly less filling than beer. The crappy thing about HSV is that you're supposed to avoid eating and drinking so many things......most which are good for you.

Funny thing, when I was with my ex, whom I got it from, I hardly got an outbreak in our 5 years together, but have been on my own now for a year and a half, and got a fair amount of OB's, although very mild by most standards. For the past few months I've been on Valtrex with no OB's except I'm not "enjoying" that with anyone.

There is something to be said I think about being happy and carefree which unfortunately for most of us doesn't come easy in these times.

So again, skip the wine and try something else.

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      I really, really want to die. I was diagnosed with genital hsv1 in June. My first ob was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life and I am terrified to go through that again. I have so many questions, some of which Google can't answer. I think I have an ob right now, being only my second one. I'm not sure though, cause it is much, much less severe than my first. I've read that recurring ob's are typically a lot better than the first, but this is almost unnoticeable. Am I having an ob? Just how contagious am I in between ob's? Am I an idiot for having sex without condoms? Am I spreading this to unsuspecting men, being a completely awful human being? I'm in a new relationship with the man of my dreams and I have not disclosed my status. I feel like scum, I know that's awful. I am just so horribly disgusted with myself for having an incurable std, I know others would be too and I do t do well with rejection. But because I'm having what I think is another ob, I need to tell him. How the hell do I do that?  I'm so deeply depressed, I don't know what to do anymore. I want to end it all, it's actually just really sad.  I wish I would've known this site exsisted when I was diagnosed. Those were some very, very dark days.  
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      @JBnATL I think oral sex triggered the outbreak.  Have NO idea how long I've had it. 
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      Hi, and welcome. I am not sure whether your symptoms are related to a herpes diagnosis or not but I hope I can answer some of your questions, yes you can have hsv1 both orally and on the genitals, but would have to be infected at the same time, is what I was told. So you may have had oral hsv, but it wouldn't then develop into genital hsv later on. I have heard of other woman complain of an increase in bv, Uti's and yeast infections, and yes tailbone pain is possible. Sometimes people think a cold sore is something else (fever blister, pimple), or they just don't recall having one, but may have as a young child. I have not experienced these symptoms. I had a "classic" initial outbreak with obvious herpes lesions. I hope this helps somewhat. I can't say whether you have both oral and genital. Without a lesion, it's hard to say. 
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      LillianPanos emailed them. They said years away...finally we can see the light cracking through the endless tunnel. 
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      I know its just a patent application, but man that would be a dream come true "RNA guided eradication of herpesvirus simplex.." how about eradication of herpes simplex virus in first human patient, now that would be a news headline i would cry if i ever saw.. a man can dream.. Applicants:TEMPLE UNIVERSITY-OF THE COMMONWEALTH SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION [US/US]; Broad & Montgomery Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19122 (US) Inventors:ROEHM, Pamela, C.; (US).
      KHALILI, Kamel; (US).
      SHEKARABI, Sayed, Masoud; (US).
      WOLLEBO, Hassen; (US) Agent:ZACHARIADES, Nicholas, A.; (US) Priority Data: 62/103,354 14.01.2015 US 62/238,288 07.10.2015 US Title(EN) RNA GUIDED ERADICATION OF HERPES SIMPLEX TYPE I AND OTHER RELATED HERPESVIRUSES
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      Itll go the same route as GSK's. already been tried
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