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Ocular Herpes and around the eyes...


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Does anyone know where I can get more information regarding herpes located around the eyes. I think I may have somehow transmitted the virus to my left eye. It looks more like a rash in the corner of it, but it is very painful to touch.

I did rub the hell out of my eyes the other day because of my allergies, so I am not sure if they are irritated from that...this seems a bit severe for allergies/rashes.

I just got a small cold sore on my lip, I am wondering if during all my itchy/scratchiness from my allergies, I transferred the virus from my mouth to my eye. Wouldn't THAT be a bitch!? :x

I would try to go to a doctor, but I have no health insurance (GOD i wish I lived in Europe again...where EVERYONE has health insurance!) I could go to planned parenthood (and I will if this doesn't clear up by Monday) but I am not sure if they can do a culture for this sort of herpes. Guess I will find out.

I am so bummed though....I am so freaked out about cleanliness and touching my family members, etc. And now this crap. it is just to depressing. I am pretty sure it is what it is. Just funny that since childhood I have never transmitted a "cold sore" from my mouth to my face (and you KNOW kids aren't the cleanest or most careful!) and yet, now, in my adulthood, I am falling apart. Nice. I love getting old (sarcasm thick here) and I just LOVE herpes (really thick now!)

Anyhoo if anyone has a plethora of information, I would appreciate it. I have been online all day and nothing sounds right. Looked at herpes pictures...this doesn't look like it. Looked at Shingles....nope. Looked at other eye ailments...nothing. Leave it to me to get some sort of crazy cucamonga!

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I understand what your saying...

Im wondering the same thing!!

yeah! isnt that amazing?? We get these silly little "coldsores" during childhoood. Nothing happens..they come and go. no big deal right??

Then!...when we become adults..like you said. We fall apart!! :roll:

I've also had little tingles, and soreness around the outer corners of my eyes. I KNOW its the virus. I think its just common sense. Same sensations, tingles, itchies. :oops:

Im wondering if theres an Acyclovir eye drop or something.



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Not sure if this is going to be helpful;

The virus that causes cold sores can be spread to different parts of the body, and it is particularly worrying if it spreads to the eye (occular herpes simplex). This may cause inflammation of the various parts of the eye including the eyelids, retina, cornea, and the white of the eye (conjunctivitis). If untreated, infections of the cornea (the transparent layer over the eye) can lead to blindness. This is why it is very important not to touch your eyes when you have an active cold sore; if you must touch them, for example to remove contact lenses, make sure you wash your hands first.

I'm sorry it sounds scary. It seems that medical treatment really is what you need - basically don't waste any time.

I found this on diagnosis;

Detection and Diagnosis

Herpes simplex is diagnosed by slit lamp examination. Tinted eye drops that highlight the affected areas of the cornea may be instilled to help the doctor evaluate the extent of the infection.

This is such a fucking bummer of a disease (I'm in my swearing mode again), just when you think it can't get any worse - bang, another thing to cope with.:evil:

Anyway, hope it's just your allergy.


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the genital area includes your anus. so dont worry you didnt spread it there~ the virus can easily move from front to back, and during a outbreak, you might notice it around the anus. think of it kind of like lightning, it finds the path of least resistance, if theres a nerve in ur butt, that herpes wants to take over> its going to.

but yes it is VERY possible to spread hsv2, or 1 to your eyes. especially during a outbreak.


Genital herpes is an infection of the genitals, buttocks, or anal area caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV)

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    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Zrozpaczona9 that looks like folliculitis to me, that’s independent of the question of herpes. The doctor is wrong in the sense that a negative IgG test is beyond reasonable doubt that you do not have herpes. It is a small percentage of people for which a false negative occurs. The doctor is right to take a swab to increase your confidence that there’s no herpes present. I’m sure you’ll have your result soon.
    • Zrozpaczona9
      Hey @WilsoInAus miałam dzisiaj wizytę u dermatologa, gdyż dostałam zmian w pachwinie, w trakcie wakacji nad morzem. Udałam sie tam ze zmianami w postaci strupów. Powiedział ze nie można wykluczyć opryszczki mimo negatywnego wyniku Hsv igg i zalecił wymaz z pochwy na Hsv i inne choroby. Wytłumaczyłam mu że zmiany zamieniają się w strup, ale nie ma w nich płynu, więc zalecił badanie śluzu pochwy na hsv PCR, zastanawiam się czy ma to sens, i czy wirusa można wykryć na podstawie tego badania w wydzielin z szyjki macicy. Z góry dziekuje za pomoc 
    • Atish
      In this forum we will discuss does lume work Lume is paraben-free and uses several natural ingredients like Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, tapioca starch, and Maranta arundinacea root powder (also known as arrowroot powder) to control odor and sweat. One of the key Lume deodorant ingredients is mandelic acid, an AHA found in skin care products, which also has an antibacterial effect.
    • Atish
      Ibuprofen medicine is a painkiller. Can you take ibuprofen on an empty stomach  Some people take medicine empty stomach which is not good for our health. Because painkiller kind of medicine is very strong and can harm your liver. Medicine makes many strong ingredients. like Lactose, corn starch, hypromellose, sodium starch glycolate, colloidal anhydrous silica, magnesium stearate, sucrose, talc, titanium dioxide (E171), and carnauba wax.
    • JS.245
      Never had a history of Oral cold sores before, but have dated someone with them.  Thats very interesting about the test. This was my first full panel.  The large bumps have recently show up, its been about a few weeks when I noticed them. Again no pain nor fluids from them. 
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