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Dermaseptic - My Lifesaver


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So, I've tried everything and this is the FIRST thing that works - like a miracle. I usually wouldn't write on a board like this but I am absolutely paranoid that the company will go out of business and I won't be able to get the parts I need to keep my dermaseptic working. They advertise in skymall and online - you can find them by searching for Klearsen Corp. ANYWAY, it is a small device with a silver tip. At the first sign of an outbreak you just apply the silver tip to the area a couple times a day. I had outbreaks so bad that I literally have scars and last time I felt one coming on the sore never even developed (I promise). I hope you all find something that works for you like I did and maybe this is it. I really hope the mods don't take this off as an ad - I'm just so in love with this thing that I want everyone to know about it. I can't believe it isn't in Walgreens next to the tylenol. So, good luck to all of you.

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Thanks for sharing your success, with us, how long have you been using it now? When was your last outbreak? What was your outbreak frequency before starting it? Are you on any other suppressive medicine or herb?

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I didn't use anything else. I don't think that this will lessen the frequency of break outs, but it basically stops them in their tracks (before eruption). I had a few outbreaks a year - not too frequent - but they were very severe. This product works for cold sores, etc. but also all sorts of other things like pimples. You should check it out. I just ordered another one. Best of luck!

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I would like to echo these sentiments. The first time I tried the dermaseptic I didn't think it did much--then for the next three outbreaks I did longer treatments ie 7 minutes instead of 5 minutes--well it temporarily left a brown ring on my lip but it greatly sped up the process and was pretty much the only thing that helped me (along w/lyseine). This last time my wife used the thing and that was a bad idea. It has not helped me this time but I have ordered a new silver tip (cheaply) and I think that will do the trick.

I got it through www.skymall.com if anyone is interested. My wife who is ever the skeptic has pretty much stolen the device from me since it cut her time in 1/2. I'm dying to know everyone's thoughts on the other medical devices out there.

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Dermasceptic : Amazon

I haven't used my unit yet before an outbreak yet.

I ordered it during the initial blister on my lip.

I was desperate and decided to give it a whirl.

I remember seeing in one of those cool gadget magazines.

I bought my unit from amazon, as I don't like Skymall.

My coldsore did heal quicker than usual.

The silver, colloidal Silver and ion theories sound good to me.

My friend swears by DMSO and carmex, but the DMSO scares me.

I heart Carmex :p

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