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Hammerhead Ribozyme CURE


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I saw this posted somewhere else on the site but couldn't find it today. The University of Florida believes they've found a "cure" for HSV1 and HSV2 using hammerhead ribozymes which specifically target infected cells and virus strands and deactivates the virus' ability to replicate itself. This does not remove the virus from your body, but renders it incapable of reproduction and outbreak. The team made the initial discovery several years ago and research has continued to the point where they can confidently say that with a single injection they can assure anyone infected with HSV an outbreak-free life, and the technology may lead to a vaccine with further study.

You can read this PDF for a little more information, but it has been online for a couple of years.


The problem, of course, is that they need money to continue the research, and they need a company willing to license the technology and move it toward FDA approval (which takes years, so don't everybody get super excited).

I contacted every doctor involved with the project to see where it stood, fearful that they had stopped the research when they couldn't get funding. I did get one response from a doctor/researcher involved which was very promising.

"The HSV project is moving forward and Jia Liu presented an abstract on

the latest results at the AVRVO meeting earlier this month. The group

plans to submit a grant to the NIH this summer. The technology has not

been licensed yet. You can contact UF's Office of Technology Licensing

for more information."

The more this news gets spread, the better the situation will be. If anyone has local press contacts, please direct them to the PDF above. This is HUGE news, but in the capitalist market we live in, it's VERY possible that no one will want to license a cure, because it's far more profitable to keep us on repressive therapy our entire lives. The more people become aware that a "cure" has been discovered, the more likely it is that someone will license this technology and move forward with it.

If anyone thinks they may have national media or publication contacts, please contact me.

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I remember this information being posted over a year ago. Sounded great but not much new information lately. I also contacted them and got a similiar response. I also wrote back to them several times offering to find them funding through some venture capitalists that I knew in the pharmaceutical business but never heard any response to my messages. I hope you have better luck or someone else does.

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