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AIC316 UPDATE good results with ONE WEEKLY DOSE !!!

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AIC316 was safe and well tolerated at all doses administered and led to a significant reduction of viral shedding in a dose dependent manner. The strongest treatment effect was seen in the 400 mg once weekly and the 75 mg once daily dosing groups. Moreover, AIC316 led to a significant reduction of the amount of HSV found. This highly suppressive effect of AIC316 on viral replication also correlated with a significant clinical benefit: the proportion of days with reported genital lesions was reduced from 13,7 % to 1,1 %; the number of recurrences was substantially reduced as well.

does that mean cheaper medicine?

i mean, tablets of 400 mg of aciclovir are damn expensive

in the results of the new AIC316 it showed goods results with 85mg daily and 400mg weekly

smaller tablets means cheaper production right?

Guess we can hope a 2014 super herpes medicine affordable?

and ONE WEEKLY dose! Thats an upgrade in life quality =)

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OMG I'm praying this makes it! Acyclovir is pretty cheap where I am...20 bucks for 30 400mg tablets without insurance and with my insurance its 12 bucks. I'm asking to be changed to Valtrex (well its generic valcyclovir) but that's expensive on or off ins :(

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    • Gregor
      Hey guys, it started 5 months ago.. I am not sure what the test results mean either.. I am also not sure why they didn't test for 1 or 2.  The Dr said that it was not possible from a blood test to test which one it was, and only a direct test of the infection could tell me this, which is why he did a swab. But I am not convinced the test will come up with anything.. If he the swab comes back negative, do you think it is safe to assume I do not have an infection in my urethra? There is no other possible place he could swab. @Wilsolnaus, I don't think my parents ever had an infection.. I will ask.  The Urologist did an ultrasound of bladder and kidneys, and he put his finger in my bum, and didn't find anything unusual. He said there was no point in doing any further tests.. I must say I've really lost trust in doctors.. This STD specialist GP has never heard from exclusive herpetic urethritis. He also says if there are no sores, then I can trust  I am not contageous.. this doesn't line up with what I've read online. Given the symptoms I've described, and the relative mildness of the symptoms, does it sound like possible herpes? I'd imagine the urethritis means there are sores inside the urethra, which I think I'd be aware of on a more constant bases, as opposed to sporadic nerve twinges. Thanks! G
    • Blahdittilyblah
      Not bad dreams but at times I get extremely tired like I must sleep now tired. 
    • LillianPanos
      One of our members has contacted the Pharmacy in Kiel Germany inquiring about getting the cream.. will keep us informed. They were suppose to ship to me via pay pal etc. Then no response. I reached out again last week no response back. Will try again...
    • MissNoName
      Good spirits. Nothing can be done now. Whats done is done. Figure it out and move forward hoping for the best!
    • MissNoName
      Does anyone else get bad dreams, low energy yet no sleep on alcyclovir?
    • Blahdittilyblah
      In the same boat as you about 3 weeks ago. First day was horrible, first week was terrifying, and now I'm accepting it. I do tend to process things quickly especially situations that are out of my control. But finding this group here has shown me I'm not alone and I'm not the only one going through this. Stay positive you haven't changed any, you just know what many others don't know. 
    • Free73
      I know that everyone is different and you can't always use that as a guide, but a noticeable lesion will usually have other symptoms associated with it. Antibiotics won't work on herpes, so it the anti-biotics assisted to clear up the lesion, then it is definitely not herpes, but I guess it's hard to determine if it was the anti-biotics that helped clear it. Anti-virals will work, but even those take more than a few days to clear up a lesion. Unless you take anti-virals before the onset of an outbreak, they don't work immediately.  
    • Faithnscience
      Welcome! We know how you feel, and you came to a great place to start feeling better, quickly.  You are not alone, and you will be okay.
    • cherryblossom91
      No symptoms and no pain 
    • redhead71
      Hi, I'm new to this site.  I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago.  Trying to keep a positive attitude but it's hard sometimes.  Today has not been a good day for me.  Feeling very alone. 
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