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Severe Coldsores!!


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It seems that if I look up herpes, I get results for dealing with genital herpes (and all of you, I am so sorry, I know what it is like on my face and I can't even imagine how I would feel if it traveled downward!) I can understand that something that intefers with your sex life gets a lot of attention and can cause a great amount of pain!! I have coldsores and it's pretty bad. I have yet to meet anyone who gets these like I do!! As a child I was once denied permission to go on a field trip because of severe coldsores. I get them on my lip, my nose, that area between my lip and nose and if I am extra lucky, my eye lid! It's only about 2-5 times a year so it's bearable, but it's still difficult! There have been times that I have had 2 or more on my lips, spreading to my nose and starting on my eyelid all at once and one coldsore can last for what seems like an eternity. There have been times my lips have swollen up like I was stung by a bee and times I couldn't open my eye!! It hurts, I don't want to be seen and I am miserable. So far it doesn't seem spreadable, my husband has never gotten one, niether have any friends I share chapstick with, it's just me. I feel one coming on now, I am using 2 medications and it might heal over quickly but I am sure a new one is starting to sprout. It doesn't take long, I could go to bed now and wake up with one (or 2...) I just got over a tiny one on my eyelid so I feel lucky to not have had a full blown issue yet (with sun and allergy triggers, I know I am due but I haven't been sick so that helps!!) What can I do?? Does anyone else get these severe coldsores (my husband has described it as it looks like my face is rotting off!!) I think it might be genetic, my grandmothers both had coldsores, but never as severe as mine and again, I have never had anyone get one from being in contact with mine. I could be wrong but these are my observations. I know cats can have herpes in their eyes, causing ulcers and such, but again, I am still the only human I know to get a coldsore inside of an eyelid or in the nose or spread out among the lips, nose and eyelid. Thanks all for your input!

Jelly B.

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Actually JB, you are not alone. There are MANY folks out there who get coldsores on their eyes/nose...all over their face.

herpes is NOT genetic...chances are one of your grandmama's gave you a little kissy while THEY were having a outbreak and voila...you got them....just alot worse. ((and who knows why? I am just surprised that you are still getting such bad outbreaks, considering you have had this since childhood.) But coldsores ARE herpes and it IS very contagious, so it is wise to NOT share your lipstick/chapstick/makeup. Wise NOT to kiss or nuzzle folks during an outbreak. but do not fret...you are NOT alone. There are plenty of folks out there who get it as bad as you. I think someone on here you can find picture of other folks with herpes all over their face.

Be careful with the ones around the eyes. Ocular herpes is not something to mess around with. You do NOT want to get it in your eye. Try to keep the area nice and clean, and dry.

I have gotten "coldsores" since I was a child. The things I found to work the best for me were : 1) carefully lance the blisters before they get too out of hand. Immediately clean them with hydrogen peroxide..use a cotton swab. Clean the blisters first. Then Clean the surrounding areas. Hydrogen peroxide works wonders for me....dries those little son of a guns right out. It still looks bad, but not as bad, and it doesn't seem to spread as much. Once it is in the drying out phase, I usually "lube up' my lips with caramex. (help with chap lips too, which can also cause outbreaks) You can use the HP to clean around you mouth and that little area between you lips and nose.

I would say for the one around the eye...sheesh, I don't know....be careful. clean it gently with a cotton swab...I wouldn't mess with it too much, do not lance it or anything....just clean the lid really good with hydrogen peroxide.

another thing to try is during an outbreak, jack up your system with vitamin C. For some reason, this seems to help with the healing process. (probably because it boosts your immune system.) do not over do t, but take at least 1000 mgs a day. Then for the rest of the time in between outbreaks, take about 500 mgs daily.

You do not have to, and many are on the fence about this, but I take a daily dose of vitamin lysine. Many have found that this helps kick butt on the herpes virus (does for me.) and it is CHEAP at places like trader joes. ($2/3 bucks for 100 tablets.)

I hope some of this helps. Let me know down the road if it does or not. Again, be careful, and good luck!

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    • @lw@ys
      Just another set of supporting articles to a potential release date in 2024 giving hope to sufferers whom the standard of care is currently worthless: Promising Progress in clinical trials for Pritelivir (herpescureadvocacy.com) HSV Treatment Readies for Approval — Precision Vaccinations News
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      I have not found a cheaper source for Amenalief, and I've searched high and low. I have a thread called "Pritelivir at Last" you may want to follow as I have a strong belief that It may be available to the public in the summer of 2024 and as I find new info, I update the thread immediately. Now, may I suggest a combination of drugs that several others on this forum have found to be very effective over acyclovir alone? Myself and others have found that taking 40mg of omeprazole (Tagamet @dissolvedo2 ) with 1 gram of Valacyclovir in the morning and 1 gram of Valacyclovir in the evening alone for 3 days have had profound effectiveness at stopping outbreaks in their tracks. I'd like to remind you that I am not a doctor and at best I am personal researcher for what works for me. I @lw@ys share my findings with the forum in the hopes to help others alleviate their suffering. There is another drug combo that I have tried myself as well as others on this forum have tried and that I personally feel is a much more effective for myself. This combo is 1 gram of activated charcoal with 1-gram of valacyclovir in the morning followed by 1 gram of valacyclovir in the evening alone, again for 3 days. I have found that this has reduced my outbreaks to almost only once a year and they are mild at worse. Again, just a reminder that this works for me and may not work for you but I always feel that i have to share this with anyone that cannot get this virus under control so I hope my findings can help those of you who cannot achieve relief with the standard treatment alone. The stronger anti-virals come with risks and if I can help anyone avoid those risks then by all means I feel I have done some good in this world. I only ask that you let me know if either of these suggestions work for you so that I can document it in my notes. Good luck my friend!
    • EnglishGirl
      Hi @Anxious 1234 Did you get diagnosis for this?
    • Damian
      Hi @WhatDidIDo2023, hopefully all is well with you and your significant other and are still together.   Did she develop any other symptoms after you mentioned her getting itchiness? Was it determined what you had was contagious? Most likely developed a fungal disease and caused her a yeast or uti 
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      Been a few weeks it went away but reappeared again tiny red marks not raised spots or anything no pain or itching ,I have had all negative tests on Sti's ..
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