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Red bumps on butt...should I be worried? PLEASE help!!

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Never had any symptoms before, none of the flu-like stuff or swollen glands people mention.

But pretty consistently for the past 4 months or so I've been getting little flesh-colored or reddish bumps on my butt cheeks. They're not like zits though.

They usually have no symptoms, but one itches sometimes. There's no fluid inside, they don't look blistery and never burst or anything. New ones pop up and then go away and new ones pop up again. They're not in clusters or anything, and when I've scratched one the only thing that comes out is blood.

Could this be herpes?

I'm female, never had anal sex, and have no bumps on or around my vagina or anywhere else. As far as I know I don't have HS-1, never had a cold sore or anything.

I'm really freaked out--I don't have health insurance, so can't go to a doctor, but am really freaked out. I've been with the same partner for over a year, we've both been tested for the general STD's, but I don't know if they automatically check for herpes along with that.

Please help! Any advice or info? Anyone experienced the same condition?

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I don't know if you have herpes or not. I've heard pimples on the butt can just be boils. I would go to the doctor or clinic and get tested. If you have a current pimple, they can take a sample to test for herpes. You can also get a type-specific (HSV1 or HSV2) blood test. They may try to stop you from getting the blood test (because they're misinformed), but you should insist on it.

Good luck and take care! :)

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more info.

From what I have read and been told and experienced, there is no "text book" case. They say that possibly is why it goes un diagnosed and passed on so preventely. I also had the same symptoms at 1st. My rear end and the back of my legs got sore, then about 3 days later my Fiance noticed a red bump on my left cheek. We thought it was a spider bite or something, but the pain kept geting worse and then within a week there were 5 red bumps, just like you describe. My Dr. would NOT diagnose me based on that alone. It took me going back to her twice and calling day after day saying the pain was getting worse. I did get blood drawn and Yesterday the results came back positive. For me, the rear end pain was worse then it spread, probably due to the stress of the whole thing.

If you don't have insurance, you can go on line and find free clenics that will test you and your boyfriend. Males seem to be able to have the virus and be symptomless, so your boyfriend may have it and not know it. At any rate, you should both be tested. I suggest reading on this site on any and all links to the right and on the home page you can find. Please let me know if you need anything else.

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definately go get checked. don't waste your time waiting for it to "run its course" and in the meantime maybe infect someone else.

i waited, and it got worse and worse. i found out yesterday i am indeed infected, unfortunately.

in all honestly, it doesn't sound like herpes in your case. but be on the safe side. i went with the free clinic route. there's always one in every metro area. its totally confidential and totally free. just do it.

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    • hopeing
      If you've never had any symptom I expect you prob have HSV1 from childhood and not genitally.
    • Soconfused2
      I have hsv1, i got off of birth control about  9 months ago, so i dont think this can still be hormonal acne. Why is this happening too meee. Its just getting worse overtime and ive had this happening for a good 3 weeks now just getting worse and worse. They are mostly on my cheek area, but i will get occasional single pimples around hairline or forehead . This is the worst its been! Anyone else have had this issue ? Its gross
    • IcantThinkofaName
      yeah, I got HSV from him and HPV . I'm pretty sure the HPV is from him too but no way to be 100%. I have never tested positive for that before though. The coincidence is too much.   How to trust somebody?? I really don't need any more gifts.
    • Mackie82
      Since he has given your H then I advise you to make sure that  he's not giving New gift this time  ( another lovely virus) otherwise have sex as you like but not with ob's. I say that because it happened with so many people and I don't want to mane any. Thanks 
    • Mantis
      I'm so confused! My IgM was positive yesterday and today I found out the IgG test came back that I am negative for HSV2 but showed evidence of IgG for HSV 1 (she said I needed to retest in 3 months).  I've never had ANY symptoms ever. So do I tell people I have genital herpes or do I tell them I just have cold sores virus?  I have no way of know if I have it on my mouth or below! What do I do??? 
    • FML000
      Another thing a high count might indicate is how far back you were infected.  It's possible that over time your body keeps developing more antibodies to keep the virus replication in check.
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