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Foods and Herpes, what is good, what is not?

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I don't really know what is good/bad food for herpes but I heard Chocolate and Peanuts are bad and so is anything with arginine.

and I just read this:

Arginine can be found in any protein containing foods such as meat, poultry, dairy products, fish, etc. Foods high in arginine include chocolate, peanuts and walnuts.

Thats everything with protein in it.. I'm trying to build some weight and muscle but I also want to do whatever I can to aviod outbreaks.

Maybe if I just aviod peanuts,walnuts, and chocolate I'll be fine? Because I really can't go without meat and diary products.

'm going to do some research but in the meanwhile I would like some help from you herpes knowledged people out there. Will foods differ for HSV1 and 2?

Let's make this a useful thread that becomes a sticky!

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You can find a good list of Arginine high, and Lysine high, foods at:

Note that the top of the list contains the low Argine foods, so the closer to the top the better for you, the closer to the bottom you get, the worse it is for Herpes (alledgedly).

You can see from this that cheese and milk products are low in Arigine, and that most meats are not too high either.

The worst offenders shown for high argine are, highest first:



Orange juice (shame, I used to love fresh orange juice....)

Various other nutes & grape juice....the list goes on

Wheat doesn't look good and many of us eat a lot of wheat in our breakfast cerial, bread & pasta.

I have vastly reduced my intake of nuts & wheat for the past year when I first read about Lysine/Arginine. Also, unrelated I think to this subject directly, have vastly reduced my sugar, caffeine and cola intake. All this seemes to have reduced outbreaks considerably.

I also take 2 Red Marine Algae tablets daily, a multivitamin, 1000mg Vit C & a Zinc tablet.

Have read today that half an asprin per day may help too, may as well hop onto this regime as well now!

The other key, that is common knowledge, is avoiding stress and 'over doing' it (ie, not sleeping enough, drinking too much alcohol etc). Up until recently my job involved a lot of international travel, resulting in some underlying stress (catching flights etc) and lots of late nights living it up, drinking, early mornings etc. My new job involves far less of these activities, and my outbreaks are again further reduced.

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what about foods not on list?


I've been trying to tailor my diet to have more lysine in it and eat more foods now that are at the top of the list, but what about those not on the list at all? Like Ryvita, Wraps, Fruit Tea... I eat a lot of these things! Anyone know? And alcohol? What type is best? Or worst?

Any advice welcome

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      I thank you guys for all your input .  Wilson your logic is well appreciated.  I know this would be a very atypical situation and was trying to find out if anyone else could relate one way or the other.  It is what it is , I just want to know for sure what it is.
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      Pcr was on abnormal looking skin it was not blood . Fluid is not needed for pcr only DNA.  Unfortunately I work in the science world (MS in Biochem) using Elisa plates and antibodies etc, so I have a knowledge of how this stuff works .  This little bit a knowledge is bad because I know how test can be wrong and I know very little with regards to herpes in a lab setting.  I know the symptoms are atypical but I know before this individual I had zero issues .  Trust me I have visible skin issues down there , that is why I was able to get a swab but they can be false neg.  i don't want this to hsv at all, as all this site also hoped for but the recurring symptoms have me really worried and just wanting answers
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      I was curious because he mentioned there was no lesion to swab, just broken skin from the area
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      PCR on blood is useless as the negative result is not conclusive. I did interpret this was a swab "from the area". If it is on blood then that point is removed from my list. The more active the sore the better of course and fluid is usually teeming with the virus. However PCR can detect pretty much down to the viral copy! Hence any shedding will be picked up. If someone has an irritated area that is herpes related, it seems unlikely that 3 swabs of the area would be negative.
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      The plan is to self-administer and any success (or failure) will be shared publicly for reproduction. At this point, I'm thinking a workable combination will be a zinc-finger nuclease (ZFN) delivered via an attenuated HSV vector. ZFN has shown to successfully disrupt latent nucleosomes so that's the path I want to go down (other member's are focusing on CRISPR so that's great). Waiting 5+ years for biotech companies to get this through clinical trials is not good enough. I know (personally) the extent to which HSV sufferers will go to treat the infection, and if that means accessing a community laboratory and reproducing the experiment, they will do it.
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      Is PCR on blood accurate for diagnosing Herpes Wilson or does it need to be fluid from a lesion?
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      Lillian what's your name on Terri site I would like to see what she told you , my name is Lawrence on her site if you want to see what she told me
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