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Foods and Herpes, what is good, what is not?

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I don't really know what is good/bad food for herpes but I heard Chocolate and Peanuts are bad and so is anything with arginine.

and I just read this:

Arginine can be found in any protein containing foods such as meat, poultry, dairy products, fish, etc. Foods high in arginine include chocolate, peanuts and walnuts.

Thats everything with protein in it.. I'm trying to build some weight and muscle but I also want to do whatever I can to aviod outbreaks.

Maybe if I just aviod peanuts,walnuts, and chocolate I'll be fine? Because I really can't go without meat and diary products.

'm going to do some research but in the meanwhile I would like some help from you herpes knowledged people out there. Will foods differ for HSV1 and 2?

Let's make this a useful thread that becomes a sticky!

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You can find a good list of Arginine high, and Lysine high, foods at:

Note that the top of the list contains the low Argine foods, so the closer to the top the better for you, the closer to the bottom you get, the worse it is for Herpes (alledgedly).

You can see from this that cheese and milk products are low in Arigine, and that most meats are not too high either.

The worst offenders shown for high argine are, highest first:



Orange juice (shame, I used to love fresh orange juice....)

Various other nutes & grape juice....the list goes on

Wheat doesn't look good and many of us eat a lot of wheat in our breakfast cerial, bread & pasta.

I have vastly reduced my intake of nuts & wheat for the past year when I first read about Lysine/Arginine. Also, unrelated I think to this subject directly, have vastly reduced my sugar, caffeine and cola intake. All this seemes to have reduced outbreaks considerably.

I also take 2 Red Marine Algae tablets daily, a multivitamin, 1000mg Vit C & a Zinc tablet.

Have read today that half an asprin per day may help too, may as well hop onto this regime as well now!

The other key, that is common knowledge, is avoiding stress and 'over doing' it (ie, not sleeping enough, drinking too much alcohol etc). Up until recently my job involved a lot of international travel, resulting in some underlying stress (catching flights etc) and lots of late nights living it up, drinking, early mornings etc. My new job involves far less of these activities, and my outbreaks are again further reduced.

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what about foods not on list?


I've been trying to tailor my diet to have more lysine in it and eat more foods now that are at the top of the list, but what about those not on the list at all? Like Ryvita, Wraps, Fruit Tea... I eat a lot of these things! Anyone know? And alcohol? What type is best? Or worst?

Any advice welcome

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    • LucyLevi
      Hi Justified Please don't worry you are among friends. Sometimes things don't come across too well but be assured you are being taken seriously The good news is that Halford's vaccine is suggesting good results in dealing with nerve pain... so if all goes well with that and you are able to gt the vaccine it should at least clear it up if it is H related. I know it's not just around the corner yet but it is going to happen so should be hope for the future. Maybe apply for a trial as you would be able to give good evidence as to whether it is helpful especially as you have HSV1 and 2 Good luck and don't go away! Take care Lucy    
    • jude
      Thank you for all your replies, they have been tremendously helpful!  I think I will disclose to the second guy as it is more likely that he might have given it to me. However, it's been nearly 3 months since my first OB, so when I tell him he'll be confused as to why I didn't say sooner. Obviously it was because I was coming to terms with it, researching and dealing with the effects. But if I explain this to him he'll think of it as a big deal....which I don't want.  And the second thing is, how do I tell him as he lives in a different country. We talked a few days ago and there are talks of meeting again, nothing set in stone (it's a very spontaneous relationship) so this could either be from a few months time to a year.  Would it be terrible if I didn't tell him until we met in person again? I think I would prefer this, but I obviously have no idea how he would react. If he did know he had it (not cool for not telling me), I'm sure he wouldn't care. But if he didn't and his views were distorted about it, he might be upset I didn't inform him sooner. And when asked why I didn't...I really wouldn't know what to say. So basically I'm looking for a valid reason as to why I hadn't informed him immediately after my OB, but one that doesn't make herpes sound as if it's a big deal!  Thanks in advance, you guys are great!    
    • OFMDH
      Genocea's chief scientist Fletcher was too dismissive of prior research in my opinion in her recent article as she was setting out to validate Atlas. Some of that prior research as well as halford's live vaccine results in mice show ICP's targets like icp8 and icp10 are major targets. Genocea got icp4 but they're missing icp0/8/10. Everyone has been focused on glycoproteins and antibodies when cd4/8 after the cells which clear up the OB's. Antibodies help but it's only a fraction of the equation
    • Free73
      Herpes on its own shouldnt make the back pain unbearable in an otherwise healthy lower back. Get it checked to ensure there is no disc herniation going on or some other problem which the virus is exacerbating
    • OFMDH
      Radiotherapy/magnets is some attempt seemingly to imply radiation therapy. A cheap device from China with a magnet is not high energy radiation therapy. High energy gamma radiation waves are focused to ablate tissue, meaning to kill cancerous cells. Right now you can kill the neurons using stereotactic radiation aka gamma knife. The machine is huge and over a million dollars. It's done instead of whole brain radiation therapy for brain cancer.  Ucla is now experimenting in other organs than the brain. Theoretically it could be used to kill the neurons in your DRG where hsv resides and cause tumors in your spine most likely. Some guy selling a magnet connected to a handheld device saying it with resonant with hsv at a magical frequency to break it apart and nothing else? That is a bulllllshiiit scam.         
    • WilsoInAus
      Yes, but it is how relationships end that makes all the difference... The reality is that people take 1 in 1,000 year risks every day. Crossing the street, driving to work, adding to those clogged arteries with a burger, increasing risking stroke with each glass of beer, turning on an electrical appliance... Not to mention the risk each day of being diagnosed with a serious illness. Life's just too short. As Sebastian from Little Mermaid says "You got to kiss the girl, You've got to kiss the girl, You wanna kiss the girl, You've gotta kiss the girl, Go on and kiss the girl!" I don't remember any line about herpes!
    • Joy Lane
      Yeah I've always had less painful back pain. It was bearable. Mostly because I don't lift heavy objects correctly but now it's 10 times worse. But it's in my lower back and it sucks 
    • Free73
      It can be a symptom, but if you have back pain you should get it checked out. A simple MRI scan will give you a definitive diagnosis on whether you have structural problems with your back, irrespective of herpes. I have a severely degraded L5 S1 disc and when i have a herpes outbreak, it exacerbates the pain in my lower back. 
    • Disc0rdant
      Miss Hope.  You are right that I believe that trust should be built first.  I am allowed to disagree with you on timing.  I disclose my father's and sibling's suicide between 60 and 90 days.  I think it is the right way.  You are allowed to think it is wrong and tell me I am an idiot.  All good.  My ex learned to trust me.  Then she disclosed.  All good.  No worries.  I think she should disclose on her timeline.  not mine.  not yours.  you said keeping secrets is not healthy.  well....  I dont tell everybody about suicide.  Not appropriate.
    • Disc0rdant
      Miss Hope.  You are right that I believe that trust should be built first.  I am allowed to disagree with you on timing.  I disclose my father's and sibling's suicide between 60 and 90 days.  I think it is the right way.  You are allowed to think it is wrong and tell me I am an idiot.  All good.  My ex learned to trust me.  Then she disclosed.  All good.  No worries
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