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What are your symptoms for herpes on back of thighs??

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I got diagnosed with HSV2 recently. The number of antibodies in my blood indicates I've had it for "a long time." I only got tested as part of a battery of STD tests, and I came back positive. I have been going nuts trying to find symptoms on my body since I never knew I had it before the blood test.

I had previously been diagnosed as having contact dermatitis (allergic to my soap) in my groin area. After putting cortisone cream on it, it went away.

I have also (in the past 3-5 years) started breaking out with pimples located in the following areas:

-- Lower buttocks where they attach to back of thighs

-- Back of thighs extending from lower buttocks to almost exactly halfway between lower buttocks and knees.

I had looked up these symptoms on the Internet, and they sounded like boils, not herpes. My boils do not heal without scarring as it sounds like herpes lesions do. They also seem to be chronic, as opposed to cyclical, and symmetric (on the backs of both thighs equally) as opposed to asymmetrical. In addition, the location coincides almost exactly to where my body presses against a chair while sitting (I sit all day at work). I am thinking my body is reacting to heat or soap allergies where my body is pressing against the chair(s).

My only concern is that I started taking Valtrex on Tuesday to decrease likelihood of transmission, with the hope that this guy I like will change his mind and have sex with me, and the boils suddenly cleared up (by Saturday)!!

I cannot find any discussion of the usual location and appearance of herpes sores on the "buttocks and thighs."

If you have these, where are they, what do they look like, and how do they behave?

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So, I had just finished convincing myself that the boils on the back of my legs were herpes when I read that herpes is usually on the INNER thighs, not the backs of the thighs...

I've been badgering my ex-boyfriend to get tested. I'm now convinced that he has HSV1, which I could not have given him, rather than HSV2. I found a clinic he can go to on Wednesday. There's a quick test he can take to tell if he has HSV2 or not. Don't know if he will elect to take that.

I'm beside myself waiting (I want to get the tests results back so I can convince a new love interest that I'm not so contagious that I gave my ex HSV2 on his face, which is extremely rare). My ex admitted that he didn't really want to get tested because he didn't really want to know, and he also admitted that he's not eager to set me loose dating and having sex with other guys, even though he dumped me on Valentine's Day (for other reasons).

It's making me crazy trying to figure this stuff out. I'm very analytical and want to know everything anyway, but this H stuff is so elusive and confusing, and the medical establishment is so horribly misinformed that I don't know what to do..l.

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While herpes is USUALLY on the inner thighs, it technically can be anywhere. I saw pictures once of someone with it on the side of their thigh. It's not random though, it's just wherever the virus touched, which is usually more on the inside of the thighs, but if you were getting creative with your positions, it could very well be on the back of your thighs. Just be careful with new partners, and really enjoy that you don't get typical outbreaks. It seems like I get them every time I have sex, and they always take a week to heal. I get them sometimes right around my anus, and they always look like a little mesquito bite that you itch too much. And the ones I get on my labia always look like a cancer sore would. Good luck. :)

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Thanks very much for the info!!

The Valtrex is no longer "working" on the breakouts on my thighs. I think it's because I tried on and bought four new pairs of pants. I washed them before wearing them, but I think I have a sensitivity to detergent and other chemicals in clothes. So, I'm still thinking these are not symptoms of Herpes.

My ex-boyfriend has now broken out with cold sores on his face three times in eight months. I'm almost totally convinced it's HSV1, not HSV2.

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    • Mantis
      No I didn't ever have hsv 1 before (was tested in spring). This was a recent exposure. The ex had an outbreak on his genitalia so I got tested. No symptoms but positive for hsv 1 now so how do I know if it's cold sores or gHSV1 
    • hopeing
      If you've never had any symptom I expect you prob have HSV1 from childhood and not genitally.
    • Soconfused2
      I have hsv1, i got off of birth control about  9 months ago, so i dont think this can still be hormonal acne. Why is this happening too meee. Its just getting worse overtime and ive had this happening for a good 3 weeks now just getting worse and worse. They are mostly on my cheek area, but i will get occasional single pimples around hairline or forehead . This is the worst its been! Anyone else have had this issue ? Its gross
    • IcantThinkofaName
      yeah, I got HSV from him and HPV . I'm pretty sure the HPV is from him too but no way to be 100%. I have never tested positive for that before though. The coincidence is too much.   How to trust somebody?? I really don't need any more gifts.
    • Mackie82
      Since he has given your H then I advise you to make sure that  he's not giving New gift this time  ( another lovely virus) otherwise have sex as you like but not with ob's. I say that because it happened with so many people and I don't want to mane any. Thanks 
    • Mantis
      I'm so confused! My IgM was positive yesterday and today I found out the IgG test came back that I am negative for HSV2 but showed evidence of IgG for HSV 1 (she said I needed to retest in 3 months).  I've never had ANY symptoms ever. So do I tell people I have genital herpes or do I tell them I just have cold sores virus?  I have no way of know if I have it on my mouth or below! What do I do??? 
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