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Infection after C-section?

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You can refer to my previous post here =>

I had spoken to the on-call doctor and he said it sounds more fungal than anything, which is common during the post partum period. I've been using an OTC anti-fungal cream and it's cleared up about 90%.

I'm 14 days post partum now. My doctor used staples (which were removed before I was discharged) and steri-strips were put on the incision. They were on there, prior to today.

This afternoon, I noticed a blood spot on my underwear from my incision and I had my boyfriend take a look at it. It was, in fact, bleeding and he saw several whitehead/blister-like bumps (they look more reddish to me) with pus right under my incision.

I went in to see my doctor, and he said it doesn't really look like an infection like he thought it was. He said they look more like canker sores/fever blisters and that it may be viral. He also mentioned the possibility of MRSA. Also made a comment about how the skin seemed to be a little torn up, and it could be from the steri-strips. He actually seemed kind of stumped about it. He took the steri-strips off (which hurt like hell) and took a culture to send to the lab. In the meantime, he gave me a prescription for antibiotics and wants me to wash the area with soap and water. He took off the steri-strips and it's really sensitive/tender now, and I've had more blood spots since.

I'm just curious if this could be related to herpes. I've only ever had hsv in my genitals (and it's type 1) and my incision has been covered up, so I'm not sure.

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    • Melissa2016
      So what's the deal with genital herpes 1.I've read alot of stuff online about less outbreaks & less viral shedding.How true is this? I only had this for about 10months how contagious am i? I haven't had an outbreak since my primary one.Just need some info on this. How contagious is this if your not having any outbreaks? 
    • K_Sock
      @Prettypony Glad to hear it  . I wish ya both tons of happiness!
    • K_Sock
      15?! Wow! I guess it should be that easy... Still, i'm assuming most of that 15 did not know definitively that they had HSV, but rather just 'thought' they had had a cold sore at one point... Not every lip sore is actually a cold sore as caused by HSV... Sounds kinda nice...but also a tad manipulative if you're just pretending not to give a shit about herpes... Disclosure is nothing except honesty that should lead to the best decision for both people involved... 
    • Throwaway6759
      Hi, friends. I have GHSV-1. I've had it for about 3 1/2 years and haven't noticed any recurrences until now. This is completely different from my initial outbreak but does this look like it could be a recurrence? I can't see my gyno until Monday and I'm very anxious. This is my labia majora on the right side. I've shaved it and scratched at it to see if it would start hurting or anything so maybe I would know better. It doesn't hurt at all and my skin feels smooth when I run over it
    • OFMDH
      People on valacyclovir verse a control group go from shedding on 13.5% of days down to 2.9%. That is a significant 78% reduction in shedding in subclinical shedding. Genocea got a 66% reduction relative from baseline, a 65% decrease in lesion rate vs baseline and 30 percent of patients (310 in total) remaining lesion free for 12 months post dosing.  One thing we don't know is if there was a sex bias again as was the case with the Phase 3 trial done by GSK and what was happening behind this averaging of data.   
    • LucyLevi
      Hi Winthrow Could be that the high index is why you have so few obs.. sounds like you have built up good resistant through d antibodies Regards Lucy  
    • SureWhyNot
      Simply Brilliant!
    • Lab11
      Hi anon girl. I am 45 and have had h since 21. It was never much of a problem for me as antivirals worked so well for me. I even managed to date a guy for 5 years without telling him. I know that was wrong but I was young and scared and at that time we were told you couldn't pass it on without open sores. The past few years have been tough for me.  The antivirals seem to have stopped working and it seems that if I don't have an outbreak I am burning or itching so my sex life with my boyfriend has been non existent. He is so supportive and understanding but I am so depressed and cry a lot. He doesn't have h that we know of. I am so afraid of giving this to him.  I think I am rambling.  But I think my hormones are what's causing the outbreaks. Well that and the fact that it's all I can think about is my h.  No supplements or meds help. And I'm afraid it will b this way forever.  Yes I'm rambling.   Sorry.   I just wanted to respond to you because I liked your post. Hope to hear back from you.  
    • Mike Donovan
      Thank you, guys! I talked to him, on week ago. I was like "I care about us! Is that why I'm telling you that"  Okay.. I cried. hahaha I was super scare! But he was so cozy, and I showed him that I'm okay living with that, and I didn't wanted him to feel sorry about me, I wanted his love and company. So... We are okay and I hope we date soon! And I believe what hitkid said. When I found out about my herpes, the exams said that I already had it, for a long time. I realized that I was okay all this time, so nothing is changing. I just know myself better.  Again, thanks! And lucky for all of us!
    • Winthrow
      I was first diagnosed almost 2 years ago with HSV2 by taking an IGG test. At that time the results came back 17.8. I just recently took another test during some other routine bloodwork I had done and now have an index value of 23.8. Has anyone else seen or heard numbers this high? I know they essentially don't mean anything, but just curious why they're so high. I rarely have outbreaks and when I do they're pretty mild. I also had them test for HSV1 and that came back negative.
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