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Infection after C-section?

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You can refer to my previous post here =>

I had spoken to the on-call doctor and he said it sounds more fungal than anything, which is common during the post partum period. I've been using an OTC anti-fungal cream and it's cleared up about 90%.

I'm 14 days post partum now. My doctor used staples (which were removed before I was discharged) and steri-strips were put on the incision. They were on there, prior to today.

This afternoon, I noticed a blood spot on my underwear from my incision and I had my boyfriend take a look at it. It was, in fact, bleeding and he saw several whitehead/blister-like bumps (they look more reddish to me) with pus right under my incision.

I went in to see my doctor, and he said it doesn't really look like an infection like he thought it was. He said they look more like canker sores/fever blisters and that it may be viral. He also mentioned the possibility of MRSA. Also made a comment about how the skin seemed to be a little torn up, and it could be from the steri-strips. He actually seemed kind of stumped about it. He took the steri-strips off (which hurt like hell) and took a culture to send to the lab. In the meantime, he gave me a prescription for antibiotics and wants me to wash the area with soap and water. He took off the steri-strips and it's really sensitive/tender now, and I've had more blood spots since.

I'm just curious if this could be related to herpes. I've only ever had hsv in my genitals (and it's type 1) and my incision has been covered up, so I'm not sure.

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