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Infection after C-section?

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You can refer to my previous post here =>

I had spoken to the on-call doctor and he said it sounds more fungal than anything, which is common during the post partum period. I've been using an OTC anti-fungal cream and it's cleared up about 90%.

I'm 14 days post partum now. My doctor used staples (which were removed before I was discharged) and steri-strips were put on the incision. They were on there, prior to today.

This afternoon, I noticed a blood spot on my underwear from my incision and I had my boyfriend take a look at it. It was, in fact, bleeding and he saw several whitehead/blister-like bumps (they look more reddish to me) with pus right under my incision.

I went in to see my doctor, and he said it doesn't really look like an infection like he thought it was. He said they look more like canker sores/fever blisters and that it may be viral. He also mentioned the possibility of MRSA. Also made a comment about how the skin seemed to be a little torn up, and it could be from the steri-strips. He actually seemed kind of stumped about it. He took the steri-strips off (which hurt like hell) and took a culture to send to the lab. In the meantime, he gave me a prescription for antibiotics and wants me to wash the area with soap and water. He took off the steri-strips and it's really sensitive/tender now, and I've had more blood spots since.

I'm just curious if this could be related to herpes. I've only ever had hsv in my genitals (and it's type 1) and my incision has been covered up, so I'm not sure.

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    • Livenhappy
      Is it possible to find a different dr?  The dr. should have taken a swab and tested for the type of herpes you have.  Your boyfriend needs to specifically ask to be tested for the virus.  Regular blood tests don't detect it, the test has to be specifically asked for.  Also, having sex may or may not cause an outbreak. No one can predict when they will occur. I have them infrequently usually brought on by very high stress levels, not by having sex.  Enjoy your sex life.  After 28 years, I now consider this a skin condition.  Sounds like you have a supportive boyfriend which helps. In most cases, outbreaks lessen over time. Read information from a reputable website. I like The info there is not conjecture, nor made up bs that others may be telling you. Good luck. 
    • Mode
      He never had any sores, as in never. The ob gyne looked upon my genitals and told me that it is herpes. That is the only information that I know.. and also, the ob told me that if I am going to have sex again with the same person, the outbreak will come back. My boyfriend got tested too, blood test.. and he was told that he does not have any infection. I told my doctor about the test that my boyfriend undergone but she told me that herpes virus cannot be diagnosed in blood testing. I am confused. 
    • Lisajd
      If your husband is prepared to take the risk then I think that you should stop focusing on the thought of being contagious.  Remembering that the risk from women to men is quite low and you can take precautions..  but if you are having anxiety and itching that can be viral shedding so it would be worth you trying to look at how you can get that under control because then that will reduce your risk.  
    • Lisajd
      Well you need to establish whether it's type 1 or type 2 because just because it's on your genitals does not necessarily mean it is hsv2.  This is important in terms of transmission risks.  How did u test initially by swab or blood test  Your boyfriend should also get tested then that way you both know what you are dealing with in terms of risks and precautions.  If he has had cold sores and did oral sex on you then it is most likely to be hsv1 genital
    • Lisajd
      Unless you were having an outbreak that amount of contact would unlikely transmit to her.  I think both of you need to relax and stop over thinking. If you are worried about transmission use condoms and take meds
    • SureWhyNot
      Not everything that is wrong with us is caused by HSV but whatever is wrong could allow the HSV to manifest itself instead of staying dormant. When our system is off balance something will take over and show itself. If you are having a lot of stomach problems that may be telling you your microbiome is off, this is one of the keys to healthy body function.  There could be so many reasons for your imbalance. My ND has been chasing mine for 3yrs now because I was thrown so far off balance he had to work on layers of problems to get to the underlying root cause. My journey was gluten sensitivity, FODMAP, SIBO down to Histamine Intolerance. All of these things were forcing HSV to the surface so it looked like the problem was HSV but in fact these problems were forcing the HSV out of hiding. If you look up each of these conditions you may find your symptoms in there as well to give you a direction to start to help yourself. Of course we will always find ourselves in a list of symptoms so do not self diagnose just use them as a guide to make simple changes in your food and possibly environment to see if your body reacts well or not to this. We do not realize that something like scented candles can do us so much harm if we are off balance. We do not know what chemicals are in some everyday items that tv tells us is so good for us. Think about the chemicals you expose your body to each day. What goes on the skin goes into the body so you may be using something that is wrong for you. HSV can be an indicator not the cause.  
    • thebear123
      I must add, since the end of June, I've had two moments where I've experienced tingling in the tip of my penis. The first time, it was a shooting pain. I looked into my urethra when I was erect and saw a very obvious abrasion but it did not resemble an ulcer. It was quite red. the second time was the other night. It was a very minor tingle that lasted a few seconds. A day after the second experience, I was about to have sex with my gf, but my erect penis accidentally touched her left labia (there was pre cum from my penis contacted her as well). she felt tingling in different parts of her vagina that lasted for several minutes the day after. do you think I possibly have her hsv? 
    • Free73
      I can get stomach aches and nausea, but not vomiting. HSV doesn't affect the feet, so it's not that
    • crazypuglady
      @Terrell Thank you for your response. I have read up a bit on it and am really interested in its benefits. I am going to try and give my body a chance to fight it and if nothing improves I would definitely consider it.
    • Mode
      My boyfriend is the only person whom I had a sexual intercouse with so I pressumed that I got the herpes from him. When I went to the doctor with my mom last Feb, the OB Gyne only told us that it was herpes, she did not state if it is 2 or 1. Although, it was on the genital area. I was taking medicines before when I still had the outbreak. But after the lesions and sores healed, the doctor required to stop taking medicines. 
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