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Infection after C-section?

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You can refer to my previous post here =>

I had spoken to the on-call doctor and he said it sounds more fungal than anything, which is common during the post partum period. I've been using an OTC anti-fungal cream and it's cleared up about 90%.

I'm 14 days post partum now. My doctor used staples (which were removed before I was discharged) and steri-strips were put on the incision. They were on there, prior to today.

This afternoon, I noticed a blood spot on my underwear from my incision and I had my boyfriend take a look at it. It was, in fact, bleeding and he saw several whitehead/blister-like bumps (they look more reddish to me) with pus right under my incision.

I went in to see my doctor, and he said it doesn't really look like an infection like he thought it was. He said they look more like canker sores/fever blisters and that it may be viral. He also mentioned the possibility of MRSA. Also made a comment about how the skin seemed to be a little torn up, and it could be from the steri-strips. He actually seemed kind of stumped about it. He took the steri-strips off (which hurt like hell) and took a culture to send to the lab. In the meantime, he gave me a prescription for antibiotics and wants me to wash the area with soap and water. He took off the steri-strips and it's really sensitive/tender now, and I've had more blood spots since.

I'm just curious if this could be related to herpes. I've only ever had hsv in my genitals (and it's type 1) and my incision has been covered up, so I'm not sure.

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    • hopeful Rylee
      Do you have obs on your face? I've always suffered from acne..even as a teen. Now of course any bump on my face or body is Supect. Is there a way to know?
    • OhFuckMyDickHurts
      USA (FDA) is the slowest country in the world in approving new drugs.  FDA demands numerous and (arguably unnecessary) costly safety studies, etc. Reps in Congress have tried to reform the FDA only to get push back from lobbyists. Basically bringing a new drug to market is slowed to a crawl. A person on lifetime antivirals is worth $100,000's+/- $30,000. Gene therapy right now I believe is only approved for one drug and its something like $1 million to get it, plus you can only ever get the shot once in a lifetime because your body will get messed up on any second use of the vector.   
    • JBnATL
      I have met many women on here over the years who wax and have never had a problem. Good luck! JB
    • LillianPanos
      I saw new dr gyno yesterday she suggested only takibg during ob. Thankfully I have 2 other prescriptions out there. I m seeing her for another issue going to bring her data kn taking all the time when jn discordant relationship.  Will dump her one I resolve the other issue. Not sure this answer ur ?  
    • JBnATL
      Have you been to a doctor regarding this?   There is a specialist you can pay to ask questions to.  Her name is Terri Warren and she specializes in this virus.  You can find her at Good luck! JB
    • LillianPanos
      Just prior a wk or so to my ob on genitals.  My eyelids were peeling not sure if this was fron the herpes...
    • Beachguy
      Could it be a new strain or exposure? If it were me I would check go to the doctor to have your immune system checked sinced its unusual.
    • K_Sock
      Was doctor Tyrell in the room during all  of these sexual occasions? As I'm sure the answer is no, human error (I.e; lieing) already makes her perception irrelevant.. Of course, we know that hsv-1 sheds less from the genital location, but we also know that transmission is binary in that it either gets transmitted or it doesn't on every single encounter. Further, a good relationship in this day and age should include oral sex, so clearly there is going to be alot of opportunity for cross-location transmission in the course of the relationship...  
    • JBnATL
      I have been on this website over 7 years and have never met anyone who had that.  From what I read, almost all instances of ocular herpes is a result of hsv1 not hsv2.  Oral herpes resides in the trigeminal ganglia nerve system which covers most of your head including your eyes, so the virus can pop up anywhere that nerve system goes. After having chatted with thousands of Herpsters here over the years, I know that spreading this to other parts of your body including your eyes is a common concern, but I have never met anyone who has done so. There is a key word search function on this website so you could search for that term and see if anyone has ever posted about it in the past 16 years. Good luck! JB
    • wb1242
      Hi. I'm a 54 year old guy.. I've had HSV2 for years, though only recently confirmed with testing.  For may years my HSV was largely dormant, with only minor and infrequent outbreaks.  Lately, however, they have gotten out of control with significantly increased frequency and severity.  It seems as if I'm now in an outbreak about as much as I'm not, and this is becoming a significant issue for me.. In the last year or so, I've made significant changes in an attempt to improve the quality of my life.   quit smoking, started exercising, and began dealing with longstanding hormonal issues. I started testosterone replacement therapy, as well as therapy for my thyroid, adrenal, and RT3 issues.  Currently I'm on T3-only thyroid and hydrocortisone.  I also supplement iron, c, d3, dhea, zinc, selenium, and a multivitamin. In the last few months, I've started working out in the gym regularly, and have been making fairly good gains in lean muscle mass and fat reduction.  I've been having a protein shake in the morning for months now (Optimum Nutrition Gold) which is supposed to have a good balance of lysine to arginine. I keep hearing conflicting opinions about protein powders in general, with the consensus seeming to be that as long as there's enough lysine to complement the additional arginine, they shouldn't be a problem.  Nevertheless, I've been supplementing additional lysine.  I'm now adding about 3 grams of lysine to each shake.  I've also recently added Creatine-HCL supplementation, and an Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein shake before bed, also with a 3 gram teaspoon of lysine (bulk supplements L-Lysine HCL). Are the protein shakes likely a problem even with the additional lysine? In my research, I cam across a number of highly positive references to zinc sulfate for treatment and prevention of outbreaks.  I've been using a 4% ziinc sulfate solution for months. Needless to say, I haven't experienced the miraculous results of many of the study participants. It either doesn't work for me or I'd be even worse off with it.. I haven't experienced increased colds or flu, so I don't have any reason to suspect my immune system is affected. It seems as if the HSV is fighting back against my efforts to improve myself and my life.. Not sure what else to add.. Any insights into what may be aggravating my HSV are greatly appreciated.  
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