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How did I catch it and could I of spread it

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Been diagnosed with hsv2 and trying work out were it came from,

Could I of had it around the mouth area "never had a cold soar so don't think I carry the hsv1 virus" and then spread it to my partner though oral sex who then gave it back to me though normal sex in the groin area?

We have been apart for a a while and were only back together for a few days when she got a couple of small sours took about 3/4 day to clear up, she has had nothing like it before, the next day I had what I believe was my first outbreak had about 5 sours that took about 3 week to clear me glands were up as well. Never had any thing like it before and since the had one more outbreak about a month after, I believe! I did not get the soar but glands came up a bit and a fizzy feeling at the pubic line area which is what I had last time and my mouth area is sometimes a bit tingle during the 2 outbreaks as well, that what makes me wonder about the mouth

My girl friend has been fine since

Or could it of just been laying dormant in one of us for 6 month ago when we broke up for a bit?

I know I will not get a definite answer

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its unlikely you will have got it that way, as normally in the mouth area its hsv 1 so when spread to the groin area from the mouth its hsv1 there as well, so unless you had hsv 2 in the mouth area you cant spread hsv 2 to the groin that way(rare to spread it yourself that way anyway), hsv doesnt change the type it is, when i was diagnosed my dr told me that normally you get symptoms about 5 to 10 days after you get infected with it, there are people in which they have had it for a while but their symptoms are mild so they dont know they have it, your glands going up suggest that its was your first outbreak as people normally get cold/flu like symptoms the first time, there are exceptions(like anything), sorry i cant be more help

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