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Long Dan Xie Gan Wan

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I can only attest to Log Dan Xie Gan Wan working extremely well for near-outbreaks.

I started seeing an acupuncturist a few months ago for other issues and as part of the treatment he gave me Long Dan.

I was taking it for anger issues and anytime I felt my emotions taking over like that, I took it.

Along with that I noticed that all of a sudden I didn't have any more outbreaks, when up until then I had had them very frequently.

I decided to look up the medication in conjunction with herpes and found this most interesting information:


I wanted to post this on here in case it can help someone else as well, I have been nothing but astonished by this.

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One thing I wanted to add to this - this has really made a big difference with how I feel about outbreaks.

I used to be pretty hopeless about getting them under control, but since I've discovered how well this works it's given me quite a bit of hope

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My doctor prescribed those for me, too (naturopath). Unfortunately, I didn't notice a difference while taking them.

I really think each person has different biochemistry and something unique will work for everybody.

I have had good luck with taking turmeric powder in water twice a day and drinking reishi mushroom tea (which is YUCK bitter but really helps).

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • WilsoInAus
      No it’s not a fact at all. How can it be a correlation if it happens no more than chance? Remember 70-80% of people using PW have herpes.
    • BeautyLover321
      Hello! Thanks so much for your reply. I was told (and believe) I have HSV 2. They told me that on the phone; it was confirmed through swab. I have never taken a blood test or been tested for it otherwise. I've read mixed reviews about HSV1 providing protection-- because some studies seem to allude that it does. If this is true- it makes sense because I never had chicken pox or HSV1 in my entire life so I think it explains why I caught HSV2 from a one night experience (just my luck and just my own theory) Although I still experience twitching in my body -- I feel happy that the valtrex every other day suppresses it. But I do wonder, because I'm experiencing such reduced symptoms; if my shedding is reduced too. I doubt it but just a thought.  Anyways - I can live with condoms but I don't want to.. so I'm hoping for some guidance
    • MikeHerp
      This is no great surprise that HSV is pushed back in ExcisionBio's pipeline.  I'd be surprised if it isn't pushed back again. The chart they put out is painfully uninformative.  Sloppy.  And that's a red flag in and of itself. My guess is that those arrows are progress rather than efficiency, but it's not completely clear.  But if a scientific company can't get this chart right, then I really wonder what other mistakes they are making. I don't have a ton of confidence in this.  But we'll see.  I'm glad that it seems they are trying to do something.  I think CRISPR could be a solution to HSV (some kind of solution).  But I question whether it will be ExcisionBio that makes it in the end.  
    • MikeHerp
      Good to know.  I don't think this is a listed company, but from what I've read, they've gotten decent funding.  Around $70 million.  Most of that probably won't go to HSV research, but it's good they have some money. By comparison, ExcisionBio has raised $10 million.
    • MikeHerp
      The fact that Admedus is farming this out, kind of tells you it's a long shot at best.  It's good that it hasn't been abandoned.  But I'm doubtful much will come of this.  But maybe new knowledge about what doesn't work will come, and that's always helpful.

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