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what is the most accurate test to take to find diagnosis of hsv? bloodwork? culture?

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hello everyone,

im a 23 f who found out a week ago from my doctor that "i may or may not have hsv2". i came to the doctors for a regular checkup, and decided to get tested for everything. i lost my virginity this past may with my first boyfriend. lucky me, now i might have hsv2. i dont want to focus on who to blame, bc it just frustrates me and makes me upset. the thing is i am a little confused. the doctor told me to come in again to take another blood test. but ive read that blood work may not be as accurate? my initial bloodwork came out equivocal for hsv2. i asked what that means and he said "well, you may or may not have hsv2" positive would have been above 1.15, negative would have been below .09. my index was 1.10. does anyone have similar stories to this?

so now im going in tomorrow to do more tests to see if i really have hsv. i just want to make sure i ask for the right test. can anyone please advise me on this?

the first day i found out i was a bit in disbelief. my bf said he got tested, i didnt sleep with anyone else until him.. unless can you get hsv2 by having dry sex with underwear on? anyways, i was in disbelief. 2nd day i told my bf and we consoled each other. 3rd day i felt alone and did a lot of research. 4th day i bawled my eyes out. i felt so alone, i felt dirty, i felt lost, i felt cheated. 5th day i learned to forgive and accept things. life still goes on. i worry more when my first outbreak might be. reading stories seems like its horrible.

can anyone share their first outbreak please? were you able to work? did you have a fever? what did you do to make yourself feel better? i havent seen any symptoms, other than the potential razor bumps. i do shave down there, and its a little itchy and it burns a little. but dont razor bumps do those?

any advice on bettering myself? what to eat, how often to exercise, what to take, any creams, etc. any advice honestly would be great.

also, i cant help but hope that my bloodwork was just 1.10 and that i dont have hsv2. has anyone had similar stories to mine? i will take another test to officially find out soon... keep you all posted!

trying to stay positive,

Nony :)

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The most accurate test is the Western Blot blood test, but it is expensive.

And yes you can get genital herpes while dry humping wearing underwear. Look up Sacral Ganglia nerve system. That is the path the virus takes to the epidermis. You can transmit the virus anywhere in that area and it all isn't covered by underwear unless you were wearing long johns.

Read all you can about this and you will feel a lot better. It really is a very common, mostly harmless virus. Had you ever had mono, chicken pox or a cold sore? If so, you already had herpes.

Come to the "Chat Room", there you will find many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their support.

Good luck!


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    • North Saranac
      I have not had sexual contact for at least half a year with a partner of more than four years monogamous, one non-protected encounter four years ago different women and then a few more non-protected over ten years ago.   One morning, I woke up after a having bad night time sweats (common) with a bad itch in my pubic region hair on right side about halfway between my penis and belly button. I did not look closely to later that night and noticed a large red rash, but don't believe I looked that closely. At some point I noticed a blister or something and tried to pop it and then walked away, I think being in denial I didn't want to look that closely, so I cant describe symptoms. This was on a Saturday or Sunday. The following Monday I went to work, where I do a physical demanding job al week, I noticed the area that had the rash showed about four areas that were infected (either cut or blistered) and would burn at night time during the week, They were located on my right side, directly where my belt buckle rubs. During the days that work week, my belt buckle would drive and rub in the area ( my buckle is metal square with pointy but not sharpe edges), I tried to pull my pants up and get the belt off the area but that was not always possible. After work that week, I took the weekend and then next two days off of work, the shooting pain evidently stopped and the area after a another week or two looked to be healing.  Week before symptoms: I have been under stress at work and the previous two days before the rash / OB I was working on a boat with another person, we were sharing work equipment and peeing with out washing hands (could he have had it and spread it to me through sharing of phones, equipment if he peed and then touch my phone, then I peed (sorry if stupid question)? My belt could have also been digging into me also, I have been wearing this belt for over a year and never had a problem. Currently, I took a Herpes 1 and 2 test from stdcheck using quest and it came back negative. Symptoms Dec 2/3 test Jan 21, negative results Jan 23. The area in pubic region is still red and appears to be scared but no open sores.   I know it is crazy but with the those symptoms I am still worried. Was that too soon to get a test? Is there any chance of getting if from a co-worker if they have it and touched the same things you did? Would you recommend getting another blood test in 3 months? Thank you for your input.
    • T9000
      Doctors will tell you this, but it's incredibly irresponsible of them, and it's advice that needs to be ignored. You always need to disclose your status before having sex with someone.
    • T9000
      The general public is just really poorly educated when it comes to virology in my opinion. Part of it though is just the fact that there's only so much information a person can remember and care about at one time. However I've always felt like HPV is way more openly discussed than HSV, at least in women's spaces.
    • Forest
      Here is the full science and documentation behind the herpes patent . RNA GUIDED ERADICATION OF HERPES SIMPLEX TYPE I AND OTHER RELATED HERPESVIRUSES   https://patents.justia.com/patent/20180000970   I hope this will help answer your questions.
    • T9000
      The fact that there are so many people contracting hsv-1 genitally from as little as one sexual encounter leads me to believe that it likely more 'tuned' to the genital region than medicine realizes.

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