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what is the most accurate test to take to find diagnosis of hsv? bloodwork? culture?

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hello everyone,

im a 23 f who found out a week ago from my doctor that "i may or may not have hsv2". i came to the doctors for a regular checkup, and decided to get tested for everything. i lost my virginity this past may with my first boyfriend. lucky me, now i might have hsv2. i dont want to focus on who to blame, bc it just frustrates me and makes me upset. the thing is i am a little confused. the doctor told me to come in again to take another blood test. but ive read that blood work may not be as accurate? my initial bloodwork came out equivocal for hsv2. i asked what that means and he said "well, you may or may not have hsv2" positive would have been above 1.15, negative would have been below .09. my index was 1.10. does anyone have similar stories to this?

so now im going in tomorrow to do more tests to see if i really have hsv. i just want to make sure i ask for the right test. can anyone please advise me on this?

the first day i found out i was a bit in disbelief. my bf said he got tested, i didnt sleep with anyone else until him.. unless can you get hsv2 by having dry sex with underwear on? anyways, i was in disbelief. 2nd day i told my bf and we consoled each other. 3rd day i felt alone and did a lot of research. 4th day i bawled my eyes out. i felt so alone, i felt dirty, i felt lost, i felt cheated. 5th day i learned to forgive and accept things. life still goes on. i worry more when my first outbreak might be. reading stories seems like its horrible.

can anyone share their first outbreak please? were you able to work? did you have a fever? what did you do to make yourself feel better? i havent seen any symptoms, other than the potential razor bumps. i do shave down there, and its a little itchy and it burns a little. but dont razor bumps do those?

any advice on bettering myself? what to eat, how often to exercise, what to take, any creams, etc. any advice honestly would be great.

also, i cant help but hope that my bloodwork was just 1.10 and that i dont have hsv2. has anyone had similar stories to mine? i will take another test to officially find out soon... keep you all posted!

trying to stay positive,

Nony :)

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The most accurate test is the Western Blot blood test, but it is expensive.

And yes you can get genital herpes while dry humping wearing underwear. Look up Sacral Ganglia nerve system. That is the path the virus takes to the epidermis. You can transmit the virus anywhere in that area and it all isn't covered by underwear unless you were wearing long johns.

Read all you can about this and you will feel a lot better. It really is a very common, mostly harmless virus. Had you ever had mono, chicken pox or a cold sore? If so, you already had herpes.

Come to the "Chat Room", there you will find many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their support.

Good luck!


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • ManagingIllness
      Who knows if I have had further testing since whatever post I made however long ago. Oh that's right, I know, and you don't, you ignorant fuck.
    • blurneworder
      I’m also in the same boat. The skin below my pelvic glands is red and rash-like or little red bumps show up for a day or two. Constant itching down there and on my scrotum. The entrance to my anus is itchy all day. Every doctor that has looked at it has seen nothing to be concerned about. Tingling on my lip, tingling in my left arm and hand, tingling in left foot. Tingling in my left thigh, full pain in head of penis. Girl I was seeing also has itchiness in her vag and the lip tingles. I get little cuts on my penis for no reason. Never been swabbed or taken theWestern Blot. So far, after 5 months since suspected contact, I’m IGG negative. this all happened soon after having sex multiple time with someone.
    • HC-Support-Team
      This is coming very soon.  The chat we had was great but crashed the site each time.  We've researched lots of options and hopefully we are close. Thanks for your patience! Shenda
    • Nella bean
      Sorry forgot to mention, she has had nothing as far as an outbreaks in 2 years.
    • Nella bean
      Hi guys, I have been making myself crazy googling. So i decided to ask people who know. My 28 year old daughter just told me that she has hvs1 for the last 4 years. She had a swab test days after first outbreak, it came back positive. She was also having a psoriasis outbreak. 6 months in a blood test came back negative, 1 year in another blood test negative. My daughter also suffers with psoriasis and ibs with is linked to the psoriasis.  There is also genital psoriasis that looks like the herpes virus. So does she have it or not...I looked up so much on google but things are conflicting to say the least. I am hoping to get some insight here. Thank you all!!!

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