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First signs of HSV2 in June went to doctor and although no blood test to back it up. I have now had an outbreak each month and currently have one and know without a doubt I have it. A doctor prescribed me acyclar (something like that) and will be filling it but is a little too late for this episode. I joined this community because not a single person in my life knows. I feel shameful or embarrased. I am a young single mom in a small town recently ending a 7 year relationship and had two hook ups with "friends" and one of them gave it to me. I confronted one who I had the symptoms of shortly after and he denied although he admits he does get cold sores I was embarrased and went back later and said it was a side effect from latex condoms so he wouldnt tell people.

On top of trying to get my life back together I didnt expect to contract something like this. Now how will I move on? At least this infection does prevent me from being premiscuous which is something I wish I would have done sooner to hold my moral values because I strive to up hold Christian choices in my life and I messed up. Its easy to beat myself up but would like a larger family a husband one day and feel now I have totally limited my life....any positive word will help let me know if you have been here and were able to meet someone that accepted you are a carrier of HSV2 thanks

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Hang in there. It's really common to feel bummed about the situation. In fact, for most people, the psychological effects are much worse than the physical effects. And all of those things that you hope for are still within reach. When you find someone who realizes all that you have to offer, he won't back away because of something so minor. There is a chance you could be with someone and never transmit the virus if you are careful.

My advice is to focus on all the good in life. It sounds like you feel guilty about catching hsv, but don't beat yourself up too much. An estimated 1 out of 4 or 5 people have it. You're certainly not alone. Chances are you know others who have it and either don't know or don't talk about it. In time you'll feel better about this, I promise.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • cubensiis
      Activated charcoal does NOT soubd safe to consume.
    • cubensiis
      I have dmso and applied it to my face and it literay burned the fxxx out of my cheek. Do you water it down? 
    • cubensiis
      Pomegranete seems to work for me so far, neem for a few others!
    • Quest
      I finally found the lady who was using it for her 15 year old daughter. It is on fbook do you have an account? Can you make a fake one? The pictures were amazing. @Divon I found her and you can get her exact instructions if you wish. Up to you. I can add you as a friend put you in the group and lead you to the exact post. (her eyes were affected) you or I can pm each other. let us know when you get an update. 
    • Amethyst
      I am taking the same medication, and I have noticed that on occasion, it does come back, not as horrible as when it first began happening, but like little patches, small areas. I'd just refill my prescription, take as directed, and it'd go away. I took my last pill today, and I have been talking vitamins every day. Did not know about elderberry, I've been taking tumeric, B12, echinacea, vitamin C, lysine, cranberry and anything else that helps promote immune health as well as skin. 

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