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hello i am new. i was diagnosed with genital hsv1 on 11-4-2007. i received this "gift" from my husband who has had it all of his life. his whole family has it and do nothing to prevent spreading it. i was devastated when i was told what i have. i am still having a hard time coping but i am living the best way i can.

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Hi there, welcome to the 'club'. Read all you can about genital herpes and you should feel a lot better. It really is a very common, mostly harmless virus. 80% of adults have it in one form or another.

Also read up on hsv1 genital and you will find that hsv1 does not like to be genital and typically doesn't cause many problems for those who have it. And the good news is, it gets better with time!

Come to the "Chat Room", there you will find many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their support.

Good luck!


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