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Third outbreak

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I was diagnosed with hsv2 a little over two months ago; since then I've had two outbreaks, including the initial one. After the second I started suppressive therapy and had no outbreaks since. About a month ago, I (stupidly) decided to up my dosage, taking 500mg twice daily instead of the once a day that my doctor prescribed because I was afraid maybe the 500mg wasn't sufficient. Anyway, at the end of October that left me without any for the last few days and my insurance wouldn't pay for a new prescription until the first. I believe I took my last dose this past Friday. Well, I figured I'd only have to go until Tuesday without the Valtrex and I should be okay. I take 1500mg of lysine daily along with zinc and vitaminc. Well, that wasn't enough. Yesterday morning I felt really bad, had terrible bodyaches all day. I thought maybe my period was coming, even though it's a little early. Then last night I noticed that I have an outbreak. I'm not sure if I should still take the Lysine because I doubt it's doing much. Fortunately, I was able to pick up my prescription yesterday.:(

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Our bodies have different reactions to medicines like lysine etc. What worked for me might not be as effective for you. I found lysine helpful in the past. Aside from taking in suppressive medicines, have a nice balanced diet, exercise your mind and body. You would be surprised to know that stress can be a very big factor why outbreaks are triggered. I have been under a program that taught me that having healthy mind can be enough.

Anyway, you should consult a doctor to ask for alternative solutions.

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Since my diagnosis, and after my first depressive weekend, i have embarked on getting healthy.

I take suppressive therapy, 200mg aciclovir 3 times a day, and a multi vitamin

plus in addition to this I try to eat lots of healthy foods, and avoid highly processed foods. I have started exercising on a regular basis, and getting fit. Its not about the weight loss, or looking good, its about making sure my body is in a good way to fight off any outbreaks.

I have oral HSV1 I have had since childhood, and I have not had a sore for about 6 years. but was recently diagnosed with G HSV2. I am trying to look at it the same way, its just like the oral version, it may be a pain, but eventually my body will manage it itself, though its likely to take years. I have been on suppressive therapy for the last2 months, and missed the odd dose here and there with no i'll effect, and have not had an outbreak since. I did however have initially the prodrome symptoms for about 3 weeks, which made me think i should up my dose (which i did too) but thankfully I managed to stretch what was left till i could renew my script.

I now just take the prescribed dose, and think that now I am getting healthy I hopefully won't have another outbreak till I come off the therapy next year and see how i go. :)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • lali
      I notice in the morning several white bumps and inflammation. An 1h or 2 after and the usual burning sensation, stomach cramps, and vaginal discharge. I took a second dose of valacyclovir during lunch (i take it daily before going to bed but dose up to twice a day if i have an ob) and tonight the symptoms are already gone. No more white bumps, maybe some tiny open sores that i cant really see and some inflammation. How the hell is this possible? Can my herpes ob heal that fast? Does it happen to anybody else? I read they usually last 2 to 3 days. 
    • Mike2026
      I had unprotected sex about 3 days ago and I got a single bump that has no fluid, but has a yellow tint to it when I shine a flashlight on it. I shaved recently before the unprotected sex and had some irritation prior. Is this yellow coloration associated with herpes? Please let me know if you guys think this is herpes? Thanks
    • Cas9
      Are you sure it's not related to diet and subsequent weight gain since you got hsv?
    • blurneworder
      I mentioned in a post that I have a burning sensation on my mouth. Dermatologist keeps trying to say it's Fordyce spot, but cannot give me a solid explanation as to why my lips burns and how my girlfriend developed the exact same symptoms.  I find it unlikely that two people both have flu-like symptoms, tingling on the lips, and they both got it at the same time.
    • blurneworder
      You literally never kiss your partner?

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