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Herpes attack Spinal Cord?

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Hello! I was diagnosed with HSV 1 in Oct. 1999. I had one OB and then nothing until May 2007. From then on till Mar. 2011 I had an OB maybe 1-2 times a year usually if I got sick. Then in March 2011 I woke up with shooting pain going down the left side of my neck to my shoulder. A few hours later I could no longer move my left arm and loss all sensation of the right side of my body, shoulder to my toes. I can no longer feel heat/cold or pain on the right side of my body. Intially all the doctors thought MS. I had MRI brain scans, MRI of my entire spinal cord, as well as a spinal tap. The only thing they found was a lesion in my spinal cord up by my neck. All test came back normal, which is good. Even tests the herpes virus in my spinal cord which came back negative as well. Since then I have gone to PT and regained all movement and mostly all my strenght back in my arm. I still can't feel anything on the right side and don't expect to get it back. I have had probably 6 OB since this has occured. 2 back to back this month. I have back pain all the time and is worse during OBs.

I order some Lysine supplements and changed my diet. I currently take valacyclovir but really doesn't seem to help. Hope the Lysine will help me.

Has anyone experienced this? The doctors don't know what caused this and I'm currently undiagnosed. I feel strongly that it has something to do with my HSV. I try not to get depressed but my life since this has happen in March has been an emotional roller coaster. I know it could be way worse.

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I experienced something very similar that started about 3 years ago. Although i still had use of my right arm...it was very weak and I could barely raise it to shoulder height. Turned out I have a degenerative disc condition in my neck and the subsequent muscle spasms it was causing in my neck was causing a nerve on the right side (base of skull to right shoulder) to get pinched. Very painful...couldnt even turn my head when it flared up. It still flares sometimes but nowhere nearly as bad as in the beginning. I dont believe Herpes is a factor.

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    • MikeIke
      Postherpetic neuralgia 15% of the time is hsv1. It lives in your nerve ganglia. I don't see why that's so far fetched when it is well supported by research. 
    • Jas14
      I have HSV & foot nerve pain. I am 100% sure it's from HSV. My Infectious Disease Dr, very well known in NJ, said it is a possibility, he is not ruling it out. There are many strains of HSV & the one I have affected my feet.  I take L-Lysine, Daily Complete Vitamins & Vitamin B-12. My heart goes out to you. I will pray you find relief. Keep your head up & think positive. Sending hugs. Keep us posted
    • Rockster
      The chance of getting some HPV-Strain in life (as a person that is not abstinent) is literally about 99% i read. 
      And in 90% of cases the virus is gone after 2 years. And the chance of cancer is looooots smaller than 10% - you just go get your pap smears, so if something happens they know right away and they can treat it. Getting a positive pap smear at some point in life is super-common as a woman. 
    • nydb1
      I'd like to thank everyone for their input. Let's please keep things civil. I am going to continue with Acyclovir, until I feel my symptoms disappear. If they do not subside, I plan on consulting a physician again.
    • Rockster
      So... this would be a revolutionary simple Solution, to an extreme problem: transmitting and getting STD's where condoms don't help.  And people don't give a fuck and noone answers.    Now we just have to find out if it works.  - Does it hinder herpes transmissions (and perhaps also other stuff like hpv) - What is the cost (per sex) - What is the practicality

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