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Something I wrote today...Non H related...

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Why being in a relationship is like the Wizard of Oz.

You will often get caught in an (emotional) tornado, like Dorothy's House.

Things will often (seemingly) fall out of the sky on you, like the house on the Witch of the East.

You will find yourself on a golden path for a while, like the Yellow Brick Road, where everything seems bright and shiny.

There will be people telling you what what path they think you need to follow, like the Munchkins, or Glinda,with your best interests at heart.

You will find unexpected treasures like the ruby slippers.

There will occasionally be people who try to take those treasures away from you, Like the Wicked Witch of the West.

There will be obstacles in your path, like the flying monkeys.

Sometimes you will just want to lie down and not think, like in the poppy fields.

Life will throw things at you, like the apple trees.

There will be times when you need friends to support you like Dorothy has Toto and her entourage.

Sometimes you'll need your family, like Dorothy.

Sometimes things will be not what they seem, like the Wizard.

And most important:

You have to be adventurous, like Dorothy.

You need to have brains, like the Scarecrow.

You need to have heart, like the Tin Man.

You need to have courage, like the Cowardly Lion.

You will discover that some of what you thought you were looking for or needed you had all the time, if you look within, like the companions do with the Wizard.

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Well thanks! I wanted to make it a little cynical too, but had my reasons not to...Thanks, I haven't gotten flowers in AGES!

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Very nice!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • cubensiis
      Activated charcoal does NOT soubd safe to consume.
    • cubensiis
      I have dmso and applied it to my face and it literay burned the fxxx out of my cheek. Do you water it down? 
    • cubensiis
      Pomegranete seems to work for me so far, neem for a few others!
    • Quest
      I finally found the lady who was using it for her 15 year old daughter. It is on fbook do you have an account? Can you make a fake one? The pictures were amazing. @Divon I found her and you can get her exact instructions if you wish. Up to you. I can add you as a friend put you in the group and lead you to the exact post. (her eyes were affected) you or I can pm each other. let us know when you get an update. 
    • Amethyst
      I am taking the same medication, and I have noticed that on occasion, it does come back, not as horrible as when it first began happening, but like little patches, small areas. I'd just refill my prescription, take as directed, and it'd go away. I took my last pill today, and I have been talking vitamins every day. Did not know about elderberry, I've been taking tumeric, B12, echinacea, vitamin C, lysine, cranberry and anything else that helps promote immune health as well as skin. 

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