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Waiting and Scared

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Well, here is the story. I had a weird red blotch on the peak of my lip (I think they call it a cupids bow). Said red blotch was sore, like when a pimple in that area appears, and then developed a piece of dry skin on, which I of course picked off.

Now a 'friend' of mine, who knows that I am very health conscious, began teasing me about it and of course my mind kicked into overdrive. I began squeezing the damn thing and prodding it (as humans do). It got bigger and slightly redder, however no blister appeared and the only 'discharge' that expelled was due to my habits. Finally I woke up one morning and it was hot, like when your ears get infected. I prodded a little more and only clear liquid came out, followed by blood. I had a hot shower and it felt better. Upon closer examination, there is a 'hole' in the center of the area similar to when a white head busts. Its been less than a week and it is almost entirely healed up. I am still taking all the precautions concerning the cold sore, such as warning my partner not to kiss me just in case. I felt it was the responsible thing to do.

Now, for those who know what a cold sore feels like, does this sound like what you get? I consider your opinions to be informed as you have to deal with cold sores and have direct experience. Thus, in your opinion, do you think it is a cold sore? Thank you for taking the time to read...I have been to two doctors. The first said she was 80% sure it was not a cold sore and did not offer a blood test. I saw a different one and am now waiting and scared.

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All the picking and prodding you did would make it hard to know what it was by looking. It sounds to me like you caused a secondary infection by messing with it.

At any rate, nobody here can really give you a good answer. All you can do is wait for your test results, which I know is the hard part.


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You are right, waiting is always the rough part.

My father gets cold sores and when I saw my parents today they said it was healing too fast to be a cold sore, that they usually take quite awhile to be at the stage mine is. Dad's takes around 2-3 weeks to heal up. I told the person I was seeing that it maybe herpes and that we could not kiss until it heals up. While, I am fairly positive with the conversations I have had that it is a secondary infection (aka an over picked pimple) I am a highly careful individual and do not want to pass it along to him. He teased me about it and stuck around for a good 2 hours after I mentioned it but I am afraid this will end things...right when it was going well. :(

Thank you for responding, I find it easier to talk to strangers as opposed to friends. No judgement!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • cubensiis
      Activated charcoal does NOT soubd safe to consume.
    • cubensiis
      I have dmso and applied it to my face and it literay burned the fxxx out of my cheek. Do you water it down? 
    • cubensiis
      Pomegranete seems to work for me so far, neem for a few others!
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      I finally found the lady who was using it for her 15 year old daughter. It is on fbook do you have an account? Can you make a fake one? The pictures were amazing. @Divon I found her and you can get her exact instructions if you wish. Up to you. I can add you as a friend put you in the group and lead you to the exact post. (her eyes were affected) you or I can pm each other. let us know when you get an update. 
    • Amethyst
      I am taking the same medication, and I have noticed that on occasion, it does come back, not as horrible as when it first began happening, but like little patches, small areas. I'd just refill my prescription, take as directed, and it'd go away. I took my last pill today, and I have been talking vitamins every day. Did not know about elderberry, I've been taking tumeric, B12, echinacea, vitamin C, lysine, cranberry and anything else that helps promote immune health as well as skin. 

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