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Surface to lip transmission?

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Hello everyone, just a couple of quick questions.

I went to a party last night with a few friends and there was a lot of friendly, pot loving hippies around. Well I was asked to join a circle and took the chance, typically I'm really good about burning the end of the peace pipe to avoid any chance of it but I forgot last night to do so. Nobody had any sores, and my friend says she knows the people and has shared pipes with them before, but I'm the paranoid type so I thought I may ask you guys.

So I guess my questions are:

How long can herpes survive on a surface? IE: Pipe

If nobody had any visual symptoms, whats the chance anything was contracted or not?

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Sorry but you did not get herpes from sharing a pipe. The ONLY way you can get herpes is from skin to skin contact. So unless you kissed someone or had oral sex with someone you did not get it last night.

Have you ever been tested? 80% of adults have herpes in one form or another, so chances are you do have it already.

Good luck!


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