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just got my blood test results back...

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I was expecting to get a positive result for at least one type, but it turns out I have both types which pretty much put me in a depressing state. I've never had any visible cold sore near my mouth so to find out I have HSV-1 is shocking, but then again 80% of the population has it. The thing that really gets me is that HSV-1 has been linked to Alzheimer's which is a scary thought. I hope they come out with a cure in my lifetime.

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I really hope so too. I have had genital herpes for years and while I know now how to manage it, I would really like to be totally worry-free for the rest of my years. A lot of people really don't realize they have it since the sores can be mistaken as a pimple or something else.

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It's finally possible to cure people of this virus. Yes, it may be another 10 years before a cure/drug is on the market, but people need to stop down playing this virus saying, "It's only a minor skin problem." It's not even considered a skin disease, IT'S NOT A SKIN DISEASE. IT'S A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE AND LIVES WITHIN THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. No fucking virus lives in your body for years without causing damage. It's linked to many serious illnesses and one them being Alzhiemers disease. HSV1 is the number one cause of infectious blindness world-wide. It's dangerous to newborns if not managed properly. There are researches saying it's linked to prostate cancer in men. It's increases your risk for acquring HIV without or without symptoms of HSV. Genital herpes diagnosis causes signficant psychological issues. It's dangerous and causes severe outbreaks in people who's immune systems are compromised. This virus needs to be addressed before our next generation of children are all infected with this crappy virus.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • LWestCoast
    • BPKU
      Ok. That's true. I would def. use protection but i was just thinking I should say something. I haven't made an decisions yet so nothing has happened. And also thanks for your response.
    • Xmk224
      Im thinking alot of one night stands are usually ppl you dont know. So i assume alot of ppl take the risk and have protected sex or even unprotected sex knowing they will never see thst person ever again. Especially if the transmission rate is low while using protection
    • BPKU
      I mean by that same logic anybody would be crazy to have sex with us ever  lol ppl we end up in relationships with are at risk the most aren't they? Since that would mean regular sex...  I'm asking to see if anybody has ACTUALLY disclosed to a one night stand because I've read on other sites that ppl have done it but most are blogs like the one here https://www.emilydepasse.com/eldsoul/2018/3/25/ask-emily-dating-with-herpes where basically the writer is responding to a question vs me actually having the ability to talk to the person who actually has the experience 
    • 2kroc
      http://www.eligiblemagazine.com/2013/03/14/lube-up-with-coconut-oil/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10813049 https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/avoid-secondary-herpes-infections-with-coconut-oil/   Coconut Oil has been shown to contain alot of antiviral properties. Herpes simply cannot survive in it, however I'm curious at how effective it is at preventing herpes transmission during sex, and if it'd make you near invincible. Herpes during sex is transmitted through skin to skin friction which coconut oil significant reduces.  Also if the virus were to leave the carrier's body it would get caught up in the layer of oil and killed. But how fast? Also, The lube drys out as you rub against each other, so you'd have to keep re-applying every so often.   Depending on the intensity of the sex, the coconut oil will get thoroughly rubbed into the persons skin layers, which'd mean the virus undoubtedly be on the persons skin and flesh. But, Theoretically, The virus should be dead/inactive due to being surrounded by the anti viral coconut oil, so it wouldn't even be able to crawl into their body to infect.   We need to get a bunch of lab mice or monkey, Infect 2 with herpes (Control and Test groups) , cover the test group in coconut oil, and let them have sex. If the test group shows less herpes transmission rates than that means that Coconut oil decreases STD TRANSMISSION!   Why hasn't this been done yet? Even if it didn't reduce transmission by 100%, 50% would lower std rates significantly.

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