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vitamins for cold sores

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do vitamins help anyone who gets cold sores? what do you take and how often? does it help?? is there anything that is fast-acting to help speed up the healing time once a cold sore is out? Thanks for your help! I'm new to the site.

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Vitamins can help your immune system which in turn fights this virus. There are other supplements you can take that go more directly after this virus. Look into taking lysine and kelp. Those both attack the virus.

Good luck!


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I do a lot of intense training for triathlons. When I do, my body gets run down and I tend to get a cold sore. Pretty much every picture of me coming through the finish line is me with a beautiful looking red crusty cold sore. I would load up on lysine to try to fight the virus before a race but it never did anything. I think it was because I needed something to boost my immune system too. I always got a cold sore when my body was run down. I found a product that has both immune system boosting vitamin/minerals and virus fighting ingredients too. I take it a few days before a race and haven't gotten one since. You can check it out online at That is where I get it. I haven't found it in pharmacies yet. My last picture of me crossing the finish line was without a cold sore. It is now on my desk at work in a frame. Good luck.

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I was just recently diagnosed with cold sores, and I have felt so frustrated since I found out! The thought of having these ugly blisters pop up on my lips for everyone to see makes me so stressed!

I have been researching the best vitamins to take, because I don't want to have to depend on meds! I found an herbal supplement online called Prevasure, and the herbs they use have been studied and proven to fight off the herpes virus. I take this stuff twice a day, everyday, as a suppressent. So far, it seems to be working.

I also heard from another guy on this site about a product called cold sores begone. Your only supposed to use it when you feel the tingling sensation, but I always have the tingles, so I use it everyday as a preventative.

I would also suggest taking 2-3,000 mg of Lysine daily.

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    • Tonya
      Hi choosehappy, i agree this website is very helpful and you will meet some very supportive people in the chat room. You will make it through this and just remember that you are not alone. 
    • WilsoInAus
      But @Seeker1960 your real issue is that you are being smite. Carefully consider the following. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you. This is why you are a seeker, a searcher for the way out of the valley of darkness. You know the way, forgiveness is in the journey that shall lift the plague and pestilence, bless you and good luck!
    • Peeved
    • Lisajd
      We have all been where you are so please understand that you will be ok it does take time.  You'll get plenty of support and information from this site but first of all what type do you have exactly and how are you diagnosed. What I would suggest to you is do some research and learn as much as you can about the virus because I really will help and it will help you to understand what you need to do going forward in terms of being able to live a normal life because many people have this and it shouldn't stop me from doing anything that you have always wanted to do. 
    • TravelingTeacher
      Was just diagnosed yesterday and I am on the verge of a complete breakdown. 
    • Beachguy
      Hi, I have been to several doctors including 2 dermatologist to evaluate a rash (Not HSV). This has been very persistent and on my neck for over a month.  The medicine they prescribed help but very slowly. I also recently picked up Terri Warren's ebook and I saw she suggested burow's solution AKA Domeboro Astringent Solution. (Available everywhere OTC) This stuff is amazing after 3 application it reduced the rash over 90 percent. According to the book and medicine it treats HSV, Shingles, and general rashes.  Just wanted to share with everyone and hope if helps anyone. BeachGuy  
    • BoatyMcBoatface
      I think of it like bedbugs in NYC. You will think, "I'm not place is clean. I'll never get bedbubgs." They're everywhere in the city. Subway benches, offices, stores, movie theaters..etc.. I have had them. Several people I know have had them too and there is shame also with mentioning you have them! I remember the only thing I had worry about telling a guy if he stayed over was the bedbugs. It was a little like disclosing an STD lol. Now I would happily trade herpes for bedbugs.
    • herpdeherpherp
      Hi A'lanna, Correct me if I'm wrong here, male readers, but I think men tend to be fixers. When we women come to them upset or with problems, it makes them upset, and they want to make us happy again. So they start suggesting solutions or they try to brighten our mood - if this doesn't work, they get frustrated and feel useless. Whereas we women mostly need/want to talk problems out - we want to vent, express how we feel, and then we feel better, regardless of whether the problem is fixed or not. To men, this looks like we're going round in circles  Perhaps you could try asking him for exactly what you need/want when you feel down? E.g. "could you please listen to me/hug me" and once he's done it, thank him and tell him it helped? Him saying he "always has to lift you up from a bad mood" sounds to me like he cares about you and wants to protect/help you. He feels personally responsible when you're sad. He wants to help, he wants to make you happy, but is frustrated because he doesn't know how. Please disregard if not helpful. Just my two cents from noticing my similar patterns with previous exes. One used to freak out whenever I cried about something. When I told him how helpful it was when he just gave me a hug, or sat and listened, he seemed to feel much better... he just needed to feel useful.
    • crazypuglady
      Thank you so much for your responses! I have been looking into chinese medicine and keen to try it.
    • Free73
      Hi there wb, I am also an avid weight lifter and have genital herpes. I also take Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey. Like you, my outbreaks have been pretty constant over the last 12 months after many years of having few, if any noticeable outbreaks. I'm 43. I would be surprised if it's the protein shakes. The ratio of lysine to arginine in ON's gold standard whey is about 9 grams per 100 grams vs 2 grams per 100 grams. That's a 4:1 ratio of Lysine to Arginine which is very high. The hydrocortisol could be a problem. I have read that oral steroids can suppress the immune system, so perhaps get some more information on that from your doctor. What is your current exercise and training routine? You want to make sure that you are not overtraining. Lifting weights will stress the body. Exercise is good for the immune system, but overdo it and it will supress the immune system. I have been lifting weights for 20 years, but as I've gotten older, I know that my body is struggling to keep up, particularly after contracting herpes. I lift pretty heavy and use a four day split routine. I primarily use free weights and work in a rep range of 4-7, so I am lifting heavy and really taxing the body. I definitely think it plays a role in the frequency of outbreaks, because my training hasn't really slowed down in intensity as I've gotten older, yet the body requires more recovery time as you get older. I also think that because you recently started lifting, it's causing a shock to your body and immune system. Even though you have made these improvements to the quality of your life by starting to exercise and giving up smoking etc., you have introduced a new 'shock' to your body and your immune system is possibly still trying to get used to it. For me, I know that my weight training probably aggravates the herpes and my outbreaks, but it also makes me feel great both physically and mentally and i'm not prepared to give that up simply to lessen the frequency of outbreaks. What I do need to do is give my body more recovery time and get better sleep.
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