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Wondering if anyone can help me, new to this!

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Ok i am slightly confused. Sorry if this is too much information but am confused as to what's happening to me...

Over a week ago i began to experience a very dry vagina and the skin cracked and bled. I had just finished a course of antibiotics so assumed that this was a yeast infection. However my vagina (actual genitals as opposed to the vulva) began to swell and become very very painful and sore. I also had flu like symptoms- sore throat, the chills, achy tender feeling, nausea. A couple of days later i noticed that painful lumps- very large around the size of a pound coin- were forming. They were hard and sore.

I felt awful- i went off my food and i was in so much pain. I'm only 19 and have never been in such pain, although it didn't hurt to pee thankfully.

A few days on i began to notice some ulcers appearing on these lumps and inside my labia minora- I then became convinced that i had herpes after googling furiously. I also began experiencing a heavy yellowish discharge and i was in even more pain, this time it did hurt to use the toilet.

After reading this forum (and becoming so desperate for the pain to stop i no longer felt embarrassed) i felt strong enough to call the Dr and book an emergency appointment. She saw me and said it did look like herpes but took a culture of one of the ulcers just to make sure. she prescribed acylovir for a course of 5 days.

Anyway, just come to the end of my course. I had not had much time to examine myself recently as i have had ALOT going on very suddenly but i had been feeling alot better, all flu symptoms had gone, return of my appetite and gradually less pain- although still not able to walk any great distance.

However i have just checked and the swelling has completely gone, however the area between my vagina and anus is raw and bleeding. This is sore but not causing huge discomfort and i also noticed one lone large whitehead looking pimple on an arse cheek. which is odd seeing as originally the problems were around the genitals and these are now completely fine- with no ulcers at all.

I also have just checked my email. My dr has told me that my test for 'chlymida etc' was clear but the lab found a staph infection. There was no mention of herpes.

Do you think i have herpes? Or was this the staph infection all along? The only thing bugging me is that whitehead pimple thing as it looks like the typical 'herpes' illustration they show... although it is alone and not at all painful.

very confused. SO SORRY FOR THE LENGTH OF THIS POST. Hugely grateful of anyone who bothered to read it all.

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My best advice would be calling your doctor or re vistiting his or her office...and getting all the answers you need.

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its great that you went to the doctor right away. was he or she supportive? i would also suggest going back to the doc. So, the sores were cultured and they were negative for herpes? When you go back, see if theres anything they can give you for the itchy/raw/bleeding feeling. That sounds very painful. Also, yellow discharge can usually mean something else (was it discharge from the sores or vagina?) Just to be sure you've checked for everything. You also may want to check for a yeast infection on top of all of this if you haven't already, I know that for me personally I can't take antibiotics without getting one. Hope this helps and feel better!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • WilsoInAus
      No it’s not a fact at all. How can it be a correlation if it happens no more than chance? Remember 70-80% of people using PW have herpes.
    • BeautyLover321
      Hello! Thanks so much for your reply. I was told (and believe) I have HSV 2. They told me that on the phone; it was confirmed through swab. I have never taken a blood test or been tested for it otherwise. I've read mixed reviews about HSV1 providing protection-- because some studies seem to allude that it does. If this is true- it makes sense because I never had chicken pox or HSV1 in my entire life so I think it explains why I caught HSV2 from a one night experience (just my luck and just my own theory) Although I still experience twitching in my body -- I feel happy that the valtrex every other day suppresses it. But I do wonder, because I'm experiencing such reduced symptoms; if my shedding is reduced too. I doubt it but just a thought.  Anyways - I can live with condoms but I don't want to.. so I'm hoping for some guidance
    • MikeHerp
      This is no great surprise that HSV is pushed back in ExcisionBio's pipeline.  I'd be surprised if it isn't pushed back again. The chart they put out is painfully uninformative.  Sloppy.  And that's a red flag in and of itself. My guess is that those arrows are progress rather than efficiency, but it's not completely clear.  But if a scientific company can't get this chart right, then I really wonder what other mistakes they are making. I don't have a ton of confidence in this.  But we'll see.  I'm glad that it seems they are trying to do something.  I think CRISPR could be a solution to HSV (some kind of solution).  But I question whether it will be ExcisionBio that makes it in the end.  
    • MikeHerp
      Good to know.  I don't think this is a listed company, but from what I've read, they've gotten decent funding.  Around $70 million.  Most of that probably won't go to HSV research, but it's good they have some money. By comparison, ExcisionBio has raised $10 million.
    • MikeHerp
      The fact that Admedus is farming this out, kind of tells you it's a long shot at best.  It's good that it hasn't been abandoned.  But I'm doubtful much will come of this.  But maybe new knowledge about what doesn't work will come, and that's always helpful.

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