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face cold sore with upper lip swollen (2x normal size)

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I had a cold sore on my face/lip a couple days back, that overnight added lip swelling on area around the cold sore. Corner of lip is swollen to 2x it's normal size.

Went to regular doctor and he diagnosed as herpes, and asked if I've been kissing anyone new lately. I'm having a tough time with this diagnosis, since no I haven't been kissing anyone. Wife and I are happily married for 18 years, both christian, and not looking.

In past, I have experienced canker sores (inside mouth) occasionally, and a dental assistant from way back called it a 'herpes sore' which kind of shocked me at the time.

Do you experts agree that this lip swelling in addition to the cold sore are likely Herpes or could they have misdiagnosed this? I also have been a little run down, with allergies, and also experienced swollen neck glands recently.

I've been reading lots online and the swelling like I'm seeing doesn't show up in facial pictures. Having a tough time with believing this is what I actually have. My wife gets regular cold sores from time to time, but we never labeled it Herpes. Is it possible we both have this virus, and just now it exploded into this swollen lip symptom? Other ideas?

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Coldsore and fever blister is the "nice way" of saying you have herpes simplex 1. Most people in the WORLD have herpes simplex 1 and you can get it from kissing your wife, your mother, your friend, your is fairly easy to spread it, probably in part because people for so many years have not associated coldsores with herpes. They are one in the same.

If you have had coldsores in the past, then you have had herpes simplex 1 for a long time. Why it is so swollen this time is hard to say, sometimes they can just be extremely virulent for no real reason. If this is your first cold sore/herpe outbreak, then that would explain why it is so bad/swollen/puffy.

Coldsores have often been called "fever" blisters because many times we tend to get an outbreak during a flu....and with the immune system wore down fighting another virus or bacteria, then the herpes virus is like YAHOOOOO!!! time to party, and folks tend to get higher outbreaks then.

Stress can cause you to have outbreaks. Something amuck in your diet can cause outbreaks. Caffeine, nuts, lack of exercise ....all these things can trigger an outbreak. Try to figure out if you have changed anything recently, maybe in your diet or something, that could have caused this outbreak.

I would also take some extra vitamins right now. C, b complex and some lysine can help. keep it good and clean with basic old hydrogen peroxide. Should help dry it out. Don't kiss anyone else....grandma, kids, neighbor....wife already has coldsores, so chances are you have already passed it onto one another, no biggie. After you touch the sore, be sure to wash your hands really welll so not to spread the infection to your eyes.

Other than that....all I can say is that the lip swelling is just from the herpes/coldsore. And that the two are one in the same. Try some nice ice on the swelling too, that might help.

Canker sores are NOT coldsores/herpes and not related at all. However you CAN get coldsores on the inside of your mouth and on your tongue. Rare, but does happen.

hope this information helps. I am sorry you have been so misinformed over the years, but this seems typical with medical/health professionals. THEY don't even know what the heck they are talking about, how can WE learn anything from them?!?! And I think kids should be taught in school (health class!) about herpes...perhaps this too would help in the prevention of the spread of the virus.

Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon. Do the ice and the hydrogen peroxide to clean it. Then once it starts to dry out, put a nice ointment on your lips like caramex. I love that junk!

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Thanks for the reply. The doctor prescribed Valtrex pills, which I have taken for almost 48 hrs. Swelling coming down finally. Wife was calling me the elephant boy the other day. I tried ice before even going to the doctor, but that didn't seem to help. I have also been using caramex on it also. Some of your other ideas, I read on websites (vitamins, aminos). I'll have to get some of those. Hopefully I won't have this swelling like that again. Didn't want to leave the house!

I guess I should have went off on the doctor, based on his snide comments, based on how many people get this from whatever source. Seemed like he was looking down his nose at me in quite a judging way. I also didn't ask enough questions in the doctor's office about how long these Valtrex pills would take to affect the swelling. At 6 pills for $30 ($5 each), I would have thought it would work fairly quickly. Maybe I should invest in this company.

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    • Prettypony
      I can't help you with much but I did want to give you some sort of reply, so you know someone is reading this. I'm sure you will receive all the answers to all 3 of your questions as soon as our fellow herpsters get online. I do know that it is recommended to take a suppressive dose of antivirals continuously while you are in a relationship with anyone who is negative to decrease her risk of contracting hsv. So yes,  you should continue taking antivirals after the month is up. I am not sure of the suppressive dose for acyclovir is though. I am also in a relationship with someone who is negative. I do not take antivirals, and that is a choice we decided to make. I do take olive leaf extract,  lysine,  vit b12, vit c, and a vit b50 complex.  I have chosen to go for a more natural approach to reduce viral shedding, outbreaks, and transmission. That being said, female to male transmission is less then male to female. So, I do think you continuing to take a suppressive dose of acyclovir is a good choice. However,  that's something you should decide on with your gf. Hope I helped....somewhat
    • Terrell
      Yes initially protection was a must until my girlfriend wanted to conceive I was on antivirals, olive leaf, and lysine plus I haven't seen an outbreak visually or physically I clearly understand immune response and functionality and this virus based on data given by CDC ad experts. HOWEVER, in my situation something is undoubtedly wrong or formulated I'm not bitter nor a pity party however I've been deceived mever trust this virus or doctors. 3 Doctors told me I didn't have herpes so I finally DEMANDED a culture and the doctors stated " you are asking for trouble you don't need a culture" well I received a call a week latter that they grew the hsv2 and just wear protection when I experience sex. 
    • faithandhope55
      My gynecologist is the one who tested me and diagnosed my HSV2.  Which type of doctor do most of you see for treatment?  Would it be the gyn, primary care doctor or an infectious disease doctor?  
    • Prettypony
    • Hester
      You were on antivirals.  We're you using condoms as well?  I hate this damn virus!!
    • crookbristi
      For me, it's not OCD and but something that makes me feel better.  It's really just a matter of using a disinfectant wipe over the toilet seat and handle after I'm done.  If I forget, I forget and definitely not something I let myself stress over. Yammy, read the facts on transmission.. I think its important for you to find a routine that gives you some ease of mind without letting it control you   
    • So. Florida
      Hello All!  I'm 60 and am in the first few days of my official OB.  23 years ago I was in a relationship that toward the end he cheated and got violent toward me.  During the stress of breaking up/moving out I developed what I called a large pimple at the top of my butt cheek that I showed to my PCP.  He assured me it WAS NOT Herpes but just stress.  He put me on Prozac and here I am 23 yrs later.  I never had any other lumps, bumps or breakouts.  Recently, I had oral sex with the guy I've been dating for 4 mnths (our 1st intimate encounter) and 2 days later I have a cluster ob the size of a quarter on my tailbone.  I have an appt with my OBGYN tomorrow to confirm what I already know.  I've cried, I've yelled and I'm confused.  Why after 23 years?  I feel like I might as well close up shop and never hope for any type of relationship at this point in my life....I feel so "damaged".
    • Clearme
      Why all the f- bombs and name calling? There's no plagarizing just info sharing! I even referenced the Authors mulitple times. Look you even used that recent article(crap as you put it) to help someone understand another form of delivery! I bet that hurt. Just say thanks for the info and leg work and move'll feel much better! Einstein. ..I like it!!!!!
    • Lotofquestions32
      Thank you free73, when the rash comes back I will get a proper dermatologist diagnosis. You know the thing with doctors here... They will see a positive igm and for them you have both types, no matter if is unusual to have both types igm positive and always igg negative.  Thank you all.
    • dont quit!
      Yes those are valid concerns. I believe you had posted a link and or mentioned this before as well. I pay attention to your posts, haha. Being that HSV is a large virus and it's tightly woven DNA can indeed be a delay. Unfortunately for us, I see HSV as a genius of a virus. Very intelligent with billions of years of evolution on its side.  My apologies if I pestered you for feedback. I can tell you have been down/disenchanted with the cure process.  I just wanted to see if you had substance to your pessimism about Crispr. With that being said, I believe Crispr will find a way to edge out HSV. But I'm not sure if the Cullen approach is our answer. Anything can happen in science, it's basically all trial and error. Boooo!
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