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I Don't Know What to Feel...?

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Okay, so I have HSV-2. I got it about ten days ago now. I under alot of stress right now ( for me anyways) . I am a student and finals are a week away. I'm broke, owe everyone money, im balancing a part time job, just starting to get into a new relationship and then BAM this happens.

I know im taking well. I have a positive outlook on life and i persevere.This isn't the first thing to make me "different" or affect my life in an unfortunate way. But in the storm off all the ciaos i need some advice on something. I have no one else to talk to. I havent told anyone except my boyfriend. But he is what this is about.

Him and I used to work together. I was actually his boss. (LOL!) we worked together for 7 months and became really good friends. I would talk to him about my loser dates I went on and I would try and give him advice to win over tha ladies. I never really thought of him in a romantic way, partially cause i was so wraped up in other men that I never paid attention. We talked and txted on a weekly basis. We played on the company sports teams together and while we were at a company gathering one of our co workers blurted out " Heeeyyyyy you guys should start dating" I kinda shrugged it off. but after that day it was in the back of my mind.

Couple of months past and I had gone to school and he got a new job, but we remained in contact. We got closer, and closer. I was pleased at where things were heading. He can make me laugh like no other and he knows all my secrets. I thought I was heading down the right path this time.

We spent a lovely weekend together. I couldnt of asked for anything more. Until four days later when I got a text saying he needed to get something off his chest. He called and told me he had HSV2. I didnt know what hit me. I was speechless. I didnt know what to. The next hour I was numb. The next I was angry. Worried, and Distraught.

Now, ten days later, I still run through those emotion. Im so angry with him. why didnt he tell me BEFORE he had sex with me!! He is apparently asymptomatic and has at it for three years. im sorry but that is not something that you just FORGET about. I mean okay, im in the wrong too. He is the only man I have been with that I havent had the std talk before we have sex. I dont know why i didnt ,i guess I TRUSTED him. and u would think at the age of 29, he would have a brain! I guess not. Why does HE get to choose this for me! I asked him what he was thinking, and all i get is an "I dont know" it drives me mad. He is sorry, he apologized a million times. He told me he understands if I stop talking to him. He think doesnt deserve me and that he feels like he is the worst person in the world. He should feel that way! I care about him to much and I dont want him to feel this way. The only thing i got outta him was that every girl he has been with has just turned around a left him because of it. he is ashamed of it and He said he didnt want to loose me. And because he was asymptomatic for so long he didnt think he was contagious. HE THOUGHT WRONG.

He is the only one I can talk to about this so it i nice having him by my side. But am I ridiculous for even considering to forgive him for this? this is HUGE. Life Changing. I told him my concerns and he says to me is he will do whatever it takes for how ever long it takes to make this better. He cried when I told him I had it But sometimes I feel like It shows me how irresponsible he is, how disrespectful he is and dont you think it show that he doesnt give a dam n. And sometimes I feel like everything is going to be okay and we will get though this together.

Sometimes I am known not to think clearly. Is forgiving him even an option? Or should I just move on. Moving on isnt going to be as easy as it was before. I cant bear to have the herpes talk with someone else. But why would he do this to me?

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Don't feel obligated to stay with this man just because he infected you. In my opinion staying with him shouldn't be an option.

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He did it to you for the same reason that he will continue doing bad things to you if you let him, he is immature and not responsible for his own actions. Get out now before he trashes your credit or something really awful! The other girls who left him (because he lied about exposing them to an STD) were right to do so. I understand his fear of talking about it - but where will that end? What if you have kids someday and he loses one of them at the grocery store, and then just thinks no one will notice if he does not mention it? That's improbable and extreme...but I've heard the "I don't know" defense before, and it never changes! He needs to grow up and become a man before he is ready for a relationship, and if you stay with him right now, all you will end up doing is trying (and failing) to raise him.

My cold hearted b*tch advice for you is to use him right now to support you until you get over your diagnosis and start to feel better - but don't get too attached and get the hell out of there as soon as you think you are ready. Having herpes does not mean you have to settle for anything. You are still the same person you were before, and the world is still full of potential mates for you. People who will treat you better than this guy, I promise.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Activated charcoal does NOT soubd safe to consume.
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      I have dmso and applied it to my face and it literay burned the fxxx out of my cheek. Do you water it down? 
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      Pomegranete seems to work for me so far, neem for a few others!
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      I finally found the lady who was using it for her 15 year old daughter. It is on fbook do you have an account? Can you make a fake one? The pictures were amazing. @Divon I found her and you can get her exact instructions if you wish. Up to you. I can add you as a friend put you in the group and lead you to the exact post. (her eyes were affected) you or I can pm each other. let us know when you get an update. 
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      I am taking the same medication, and I have noticed that on occasion, it does come back, not as horrible as when it first began happening, but like little patches, small areas. I'd just refill my prescription, take as directed, and it'd go away. I took my last pill today, and I have been talking vitamins every day. Did not know about elderberry, I've been taking tumeric, B12, echinacea, vitamin C, lysine, cranberry and anything else that helps promote immune health as well as skin. 

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