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I cannot find the original thread ( it was a guy who gave his statistics on internet dating on Positive SIngles) he was candid and thought it was a good idea for women to try.

Put a pic ( as he said be creative) and see what happens.

I have been a serial internet dates off and on. But a specific site for STD was very different for me and I decided to do it. Meeting men overall and then having the talk is not easy.

So if we both have herpes..we both know what each other is going thru.

I certainly hope this doesnt make men that they can get sex easily ( I read off someone's post).

SO...I put up a pic ( made it creative) was comfortable enough to add more pic's after a day.

I got contacted within 2 days, 7 men who are interested. Some to chat which is nice and others who want to meet up for coffee/brunch.

Like all date's lets see where this goes..but I think to get feedback this quickly made me feel good.

Also..this website is FREE. Pictures, emails and winks. I think its the men that must pay.

So if they are paying for their membership..they must be somewhat interested in meeting ( intentions are another story).

I will meet up for brunch with one. 2 other guys we should be meeting up soon ( casual/day coffee).

I REALLY feel that I put myself out there to do this and I hope to have a good time and see where this goes.

I been so out of the loop for dating. I know I deserve to have a fun/date/boyfriend whatever.. but at times Herpes makes ME feel..oh thats for other people not me. Just wait till I have the talk..lets see if they stick around.

I would drive myself crazy with that kind of thinking.

SO not true. You disclose.Be upfront honest ( armed with all info), dont be emotional and let the person make the choice. Thats it.



Im not endorsing PS yet:cool: will keep you posted

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Good luck!

There are several h dating sites out there. I hope this works for you.

Come to the "Chat Room", there you will find many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their support.

Good luck!


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Your good..! Thanks.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • lali
      I notice in the morning several white bumps and inflammation. An 1h or 2 after and the usual burning sensation, stomach cramps, and vaginal discharge. I took a second dose of valacyclovir during lunch (i take it daily before going to bed but dose up to twice a day if i have an ob) and tonight the symptoms are already gone. No more white bumps, maybe some tiny open sores that i cant really see and some inflammation. How the hell is this possible? Can my herpes ob heal that fast? Does it happen to anybody else? I read they usually last 2 to 3 days. 
    • Mike2026
      I had unprotected sex about 3 days ago and I got a single bump that has no fluid, but has a yellow tint to it when I shine a flashlight on it. I shaved recently before the unprotected sex and had some irritation prior. Is this yellow coloration associated with herpes? Please let me know if you guys think this is herpes? Thanks
    • Cas9
      Are you sure it's not related to diet and subsequent weight gain since you got hsv?
    • blurneworder
      I mentioned in a post that I have a burning sensation on my mouth. Dermatologist keeps trying to say it's Fordyce spot, but cannot give me a solid explanation as to why my lips burns and how my girlfriend developed the exact same symptoms.  I find it unlikely that two people both have flu-like symptoms, tingling on the lips, and they both got it at the same time.
    • blurneworder
      You literally never kiss your partner?

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