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Newly diagnosed f/22

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Hi all

I am 22 and diagnosed last week with HSV-2. I first discovered a cut along my labia and just thought it was due to rough sex. By about the second day after noticing it I was in so much pain that i could not go to work :(

After the doctors appointment I sat in my car and cried for about an hour!! I am going to miss out on an overseas holiday with friends because I am still having my first OB. I am in so much pain that I cOuldnt think of anything worse than being away from home feeling like this.

The guy I had slept with Prior to my OB is a good friend so I felt comfortable informing him of my diagnosis. He had also discovered a lesion on his penis within days of our sexual contact. He hasn't been tested yet but says he is pretty sure it's herpes :( we are unsure of which one of us had it first and passed it on but I am not concerned about that fact because it isn't going to change the fact I have it now. He is overseas at the moment and I just wish he was here for some comfort and support... Chatting online about this topic is not the same with someone you care about.

I am so very lucky to have a super supportive family and a couple of close friends I can tell. I am feeling okay about it all now just very sad about my trip and the loss of money.

I am getting through my OB slowly but surely. It is absolute hell when I go to the toilet and I absolutely dread it :( I have trouble sleeping too and have lost my appetite along with 4 kgs.

I feel like once I get through this first OB I will be okay. I am going to try suppressive therapy and hoping I will be able to avoid this horrendous pain and suffering or at least cross my fingers that another OB won't be as painful.

This website has been great for me to read everyone's experiences because although I have people to talk to its nicer to discuss with people who know exactly what your going through!

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