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Lips Extremely Red and Itchy?

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Hi Everyone,

So far I have not gotten an outbreak of HSV1, I just know that I have it from a blood test (but also don't know if i have had it for a long time or not) anyway, for the past month or so I've noticed my lips have been burning-- which made me think I was about to have an outbreak but nothing ever happened. The burning has been on and off but more constant, like right now, I think because it's getting cold. Anyway, they are extremely red now which hasn't happened, and also very itchy and uncomfortable. Does this happen frequently to people before an outbreak? And would it cause discomfort like this for a whole month? :(

Since I'm a bit paranoid, I have been inspecting like crazy, the only thing I've noticed are very very small white bumps, that once again don't expand or pop or anything.

Am I doomed to get an outbreak or does anyone know if this is unrelated to the virus?

(Also, could it be possible to have gotten both forms of herpes through one (vaginal sex) encounter meaning both forms might be genital--maybe it wouldn't be oral at all, or would the blood antibody test have showed that?

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Have a fairly similar experience. Itchy burning lips, turning red. IDK. The doctors say they don't see anything. Also, had itchy cheeks and burning eyes. Anyway, doctors later diagnosed me as having Rosacea. I do have Herpes vaginally. Just don't know what to think of the burning lips. It lasted for months and I still get it from time to time. At around the same time I started the Rosacea cream and Valtrex for the vagina. So, I don't know which one made things better. IDK. There are days I hope it something different, or think it might be Rosacea and other days it's like "whatelse could it be?" IDK. This has been going on for over a year. If you don't have a blister they can't diagnose it. My lips have white spots on them and that's about it.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • cubensiis
      Activated charcoal does NOT soubd safe to consume.
    • cubensiis
      I have dmso and applied it to my face and it literay burned the fxxx out of my cheek. Do you water it down? 
    • cubensiis
      Pomegranete seems to work for me so far, neem for a few others!
    • Quest
      I finally found the lady who was using it for her 15 year old daughter. It is on fbook do you have an account? Can you make a fake one? The pictures were amazing. @Divon I found her and you can get her exact instructions if you wish. Up to you. I can add you as a friend put you in the group and lead you to the exact post. (her eyes were affected) you or I can pm each other. let us know when you get an update. 
    • Amethyst
      I am taking the same medication, and I have noticed that on occasion, it does come back, not as horrible as when it first began happening, but like little patches, small areas. I'd just refill my prescription, take as directed, and it'd go away. I took my last pill today, and I have been talking vitamins every day. Did not know about elderberry, I've been taking tumeric, B12, echinacea, vitamin C, lysine, cranberry and anything else that helps promote immune health as well as skin. 

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