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Rashes On Scrotum - Possibly Herpes Or Not?

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I have red skin rashes on the bottom/behind part of my scrotum. There’s no bumpy spot/any zit in the rashes, just plain pinky red skin areas, as if it was irritated skin areas. There are like 5 of them, close one to another. It appeared about 2 weeks ago and it didn’t get any better for few days until I visited a dermatologist at Saturday (9 days ago). I thought it was herpes but the dermatologist said it wasn’t herpes considering the pinky red areas never hurted , and there’s no bumpy spot at all (except glands that I've been having since years), and I have been tested at 18 weeks after my latest sexual encounter and all IGG tests (for both HSV 1 and 2) came back negative. Now it’s been total 5 months and 2 weeks after that latest sexual contact and I’ve never had this kind of red pinky areas before. I also have been tested clean for all other STDs such as hepatitis B/C, HIV, syphilis, etc.

The dermatologist prescribed me a mixed cream of benison M and fuladic. If you don’t know what are they, check these links out:

mims . com/Indonesia/drug/info/Benoson%20M/Benoson%20M%20cream

mims . com/Indonesia/drug/info/Fuladic/

apparently benoson M is for fungal treatment?

he also prescribed me lameson for oral use:

mims . com/Indonesia/drug/info/Lameson/Lameson%20tab

And here are some pics of what it looked like:

tinypic . com/9schdy.jpg

tinypic . com/2h356vc.jpg

As you can see above, there were some “peeled off skin” on the redness area back in Saturday/Sunday but after 4 days using the cream those redness areas disappeared completely. I stopped using it and 2 days it came back, precisely at those spots. I tried to not using the cream for a day and it didn’t get any better so I can confirm it’s not usual skin irritation (because usual skin irritation would definitely look better after a day)

if you check the above links (regarding drug indication and contraindication) there is one thing that really caught my attention. The oral drug, lameson, has these contraindications:

TB, systemic fungal infection, herpes simplex, DM, varicella, osteoporosis.

Does it mean IF I USE this lameson and what I have is actually herpes simplex, it should make it worse? because when I consumed this drug and it made my condition better, i can safely say I don't have herpes considering it is written as "contraindication" there?

an update,

today i visited the same dermatologist who prescribed me mixed cream of benoson M and fuladic, and he confirmed it's dermatitis on my scrotum and yes it has fungal infection, that's why the previous cream worked before it reappeared.

However, i still have a doubt it could be herpes. I was tested at 18 weeks after latest sexual encounter and was clean for both HSV1 and 2 (IGG and IGM tests) and also those red parts never hurted. They do itch sometimes but when I mean sometimes like once every 4-5 hours or so and the itch just disappear in 10-20 minutes. Also the itch location is totally random on the scrotum (so not always on those red areas)

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