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Cold Sore / Herpes Treatment Reviews

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Has anyone else used treatments meant for cold sores to treat their HSV-2 breakouts?

I've been using Zapster lately and wanted to hear if anybody else has tried similar products. I'm really happy with it, definitely feels like it works as my breakouts seem to go away a lot faster! I'd like to look for some other cheaper alternatives if anyone knows other stuff although the price isn't that bad.

BTW, the ingredients of the products on their site list: tea tree oil, retinyl palmitate, royal jelly, coconut oil, aloe vera, and some other oils.

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    • betterdayssoon
      Thank you for the information! I have some questions for you, if you can take some time to answer, it would be greatly appreciated. 

      Yes, I was planning on getting the Western Blot if my 18 week IGg is negative. How did you take yours? My clinic cannot order the test for me they said.

      The person I was with has HSV2 but is getting retested to see weather she has type 1 too since I received a blowjob. She has said that she has never had an outbreak on her mouth, so probably not type 1. 

      30%  don't show in tests? where are you going that number?

      I have heard of the ABVIC test. Any idea when it will come out?

      I have seen two doctors and both said that they would be surprised if it was herpes. I saw one 3 times and the other 6 times. I have not had a classic outbreak to swab, but I had lots of redness and irritation in the genital area and every other symptom out there. I made my Dr. prescribe me Acyclovir 5.5 weeks in, I took for for 4.5 weeks, never really seemed to help. But it is only 400mg, I realized everyone is taking 1000mg Valtrex, so a few times at night when I feel my legs burning I will take 2 pills at once. I wake up fine, but than again I usually do. Also my Dr. prescribed me Gabapentin and that gives me great sleep.  

      Has anyone ever heard of antivirals like Acyclovir skewing or prolonging positive test results?
    • Sarahbby28
      Where is 100 day number from ?
    • dont quit!
      Stay positive and don't think too long. As the saying goes, you think long, you think wrong! You will mature and learn from this. Just within this last year my best friend has a brain lesion that essentially has him in a vegetable state and my sister is battling breast cancer. On top of that my son is going through some health issues as well. So stay up, research and educate yourself. Everything is going to be ok. Also this disease isn't something I would wish on my worst enemy but there are far more effed up situations. I work in a hospital and I see them everyday. It's hard but continue fighting!
    • WilsoInAus4
      Yes I said that above. The point is that it may only be 2 or 3 of those days out of 15 for example when you can actually infected someone due to enough copies of the virus being present.
    • dont quit!
      Trials from beginning to end cost close to 1 billion dollars and if phases pass and go by smoothly then with a lot of luck we may have this within 7-8 years. That's if it works and everything goes perfect! Yes, I know it sucks but that is a very realistic scenario. I mean it's the FDA, a government agency that is naturally going to twiddle their thumbs. Let's just hope Trump doesn't get elected into office and start slashing government funding and or gets us in WW3. 
    • Sarahbby28
      i thought for type 1 it's only present about 15 days 
    • WilsoInAus4
      Yes it is. The main issue is that there are more days in a year when the virus is present, I think up to 100 days a year. Again, the majority of these are extremely unlikely to infect.
    • Sarahbby28
      Is that even with type 2
    • Terrell
    • WilsoInAus4
      Each copy of the virus has a tiny chance of getting through the skin's defences and infecting a nerve cell. With too few copies of the virus, the probability of all them failing to reach a nerve cell is very high.
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