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Cold Sore / Herpes Treatment Reviews

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Has anyone else used treatments meant for cold sores to treat their HSV-2 breakouts?

I've been using Zapster lately and wanted to hear if anybody else has tried similar products. I'm really happy with it, definitely feels like it works as my breakouts seem to go away a lot faster! I'd like to look for some other cheaper alternatives if anyone knows other stuff although the price isn't that bad.

BTW, the ingredients of the products on their site list: tea tree oil, retinyl palmitate, royal jelly, coconut oil, aloe vera, and some other oils.

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    • Nora1987
      My child had it on her face which there are so many different types of rashes that are similar to hsv.. I've done too much research myself that I've literally convinced myself of this.. So that makes it even harder to trust any doctor.. I keep reading that if she had hsv, she would be very sick by now though.. But I don't even know what to believe anymore, especially when it keeps talking about undiagnosed cases and the morbidity associated with it
    • EbonyStrife
      Valtrex made my hair fall out. I stopped taking it due to how much hair I was loosing.   
    • Lisajd
      Sugges you do some research so you understand risks and precautions. It would be wise to refrain from masturbating and day spas with blisters.  Otherwise there is no reason not to. Your outbreak will take longer to heal without anti virals. Keep the sores dry.  
    • Lisajd
      @Blondii dont be afraid of dating.  You know the stats and it is very common.  You are young.  Go enjoy life and worry about dating later when boys grow up and become men.  
    • Lisajd
      Someone else thought her child had hsv on its legs.  It was something else.  Babies get other rashes but if you are concerned check with a baby dr
    • Amymae2016
      They started out as flesh colored areas that were raised, I thought they were blisters and then have since then turned into that picture but not severe and only on the labia. It reminds me of the naturally occurring ob process that I've experienced. She has had this since Sunday. It doesn't look like any diaper rash I've ever seen. My daughter had loose stools and wasn't feeling well a bit beforehand and she honestly cries often. Which they said could be colic. IDK. I feel like we're at a loss here. I wish they'd do some type of testing. There is no fluid to test, so clearly a culture won't help here. 
    • Nora1987
      So I totally agree with your statements about doctors being dissmissive because I felt like I was in the same situation.. And this is rare and not everyone would look the same.. And the area would of needed to be swabbed right away within 24-48 hours.. The concern with my child was on the face.. Which I believe was more outbreaks on top of each other, but never as severe as the first one I thought.. They never actually swabbed the areas because they never believed they were vesicles.. Does your daughter have actual vesicles? Like with fluid inside them? Does your child do anything different? And by the way it's the WORST feeling to even think of the possibility.. But everyone states that babies with hsv would be very sick by now.. I don't even know what to believe anymore.. 
    • Amymae2016
      I hope someone can answer your questions. I called the doctor again today and requested a culture, he told me if they're still there call Monday. So, like you I feel very concerned. It doesn't look like a rash, but an ob and is only on her labia. Is this where your daughter gets them? How were you able to get them to test her? I'm being dismissed in my opinion as its just a rash. I have found one picture online of an infant with hsv2 that looks like my daughters sores but the picture has a larger area of ob. Is this what your daughters looks like and is located too? I personally was misdiagnosed with razor burn by a lady at Planned Parenthood... Who sees stds all the time. So the likelihood of a pediatrician being wrong is pretty high as it is uncommon to see.
    • @lw@ys
      Thank you for not reposting it.
    • cryptkeeper
      @Blondii Yeah I don't know about any of that. Based on your symptoms though it does sound like a hsv outbreak. It would be good to know which one you have though. Hsv 1 or 2 since the shedding rates vary as well as the chance of outbreaks. 
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