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    • Williy
      Hi    From my symptoms I think I catched HSV2, it’s located in my tactical and bladder. With days I start to feel pain and tingling in my kidneys. The question is do you guys it is from the HSV or not ?   thank you
    • Cas9
      Essentially ZERO
    • JonWallace
      I had hives 3 days after hooking up with girl in bar.  Used condom but had chaffing in butt crack and this showed up at Day 5. Similar spot on side.    does this look like HSV2?   Something else ?  
    • BTE
      Valtrex is a great antiviral. It can get into those hard to reach places that the other two can’t. I took 1000mg a day four years and then stopped. Huge mistake. When I had an outbreak I started back up and had to stop because I became allergic to it. I was devastated. It was by far the worst outbreak of my life. Valtrex is very hard on the kidneys. Later I learned I have a kidney disease (not caused by medications) and that basically why my body was rejecting it. If you’re taking it and want to switch I’d get a professional opinion. My doctor said sometimes when you stop a medication like an antiviral your body will sometimes reject it. I’m definitely not switching to fam. Staying on acyclovir as long as I can. Praying that a vaccine will be available in a few years. 
    • BTE
      I have the Acyclovir ointment. It works okay on the mouth area. I’ve never crushed up pills and made a topical solution. But my experiment with TeeTree oil mixed with a carrier oils like jojoba oil seems to work well, especially on the mouth. 
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