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i fall under the sun sign of cancer, which makes me pretty insecure, loyal, loving, deep thinking and crave for a family of my own. this horribal disease has taken away my only chance of happiness.

i got herpes from a girlfriend (i think). i was with her for 2 years, i 1st found out i had it after 6 months of seeing her. the thing is... i was under suspision that something was wrong with her...... she always had a discharge, her vaginal area was often red and she carried zovirax in her purse. i sent her to the clinic several times, but she kept sayin she didnt have anything. it seemed pretty obvious to me that she did. and i dont think i could ever 4give her for not telling me.

i adored this girl while i was with her, and wen i found out about my herpes, i tried to reason with it and acept it so long as we were gonna b 2gether. she talked about starting a family, the 1 thing that means the most 2 me. my childhood wasnt the best, and i dint get the love i needed. i crave to give a child the life i never had, the only family i have is my mother, im an only child from single parent bought up in poverty, and have suffered abuse mentally,never met my dad, and had to see pyschologist as a child. the girl has now left me and moved back to her native country, and left me with this

recently, i have met a 20 year old girl who is so compatable with me, she is a christian and beleives in no sex b4 marriage, and she hasnt been married,( work it out, begins with a V). how can i tell this girl, she has become very attached to me, and dosnt deserve her 1st time to be with a desease ridden scum bag like me, but i find it so hard to let go of her. i am dreading the day that i have to tell her, and know that my world is gonna come crashing down on me. as a cancerian, i have a pathelogical fear of rejection, and am falling into heavy depression

my doctor didnt explain anything to me, and talked down to me with arogance. i feel like a social outcast

the statistics say 1 in 4 people haver this, but how comes ive never met 1?

ive looked on std dating sites, and there r hardly any members, which i find quite odd concidering 25% of the population has it

i consider myself to be a nice guy, i treat people with respect, i nuture all the people that r close to me, i would do anything 4 my loved 1s.

i dont like the idea of pumping myself with synthetic drugs

i must of been a real arsehole in my past life

rant over, sorry if i offended any 1, but my mental state is quite irational

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please DO NOT BE SELFISH....tell her.....she has a right to know....and let her make her own decision about it. She is so young...and a virgin....put her feelings into play, not just your own. She has a right to know......before ANYTHING sexual happens.... just thought I'd put that idea in your head...

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Tell Her

You have to tell her.

Do not undermine this disease. It can lead to HSV meningtis and HSV encephalitis.

It is serious. If you do your research it can lead to more serious diseases in future - not to mention complication to a newborn child.

HSV meningitis: HSV can occasionally trigger aseptic (viral) meningitis. Patients usually complain of a severe headache, neck stiffness, nausea, fever, and a dislike of bright lights. Unlike meningitis caused by a bacterial infection there is usually no skin rash.

HSV encephalitis: A very rare manifestation of HSV is encephalitis in which the brain tissue itself becomes infected by the virus. There are very few warning signs, but patients with encephalitis tend to become confused and drowsy. The condition is often fatal, and even when treated rapidly often causes long-term neurological problems including memory loss and epilepsy.


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You've both missed the point entirely. He said he does intend to tell her and was agonising over the prospect. And as far as meningitis and encephalitis go, yes I'm aware there's been cases but PLEASE if you're going to put such info on here, back it up with (truthful) statistics. Otherwise it's scaremongering as far as I'm concerned. People have died of the flu for god's sake. Things have to be put into perspective.

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If you plan on asking her to marry, then you have to tell her. If she loves you and realizes that your considering her, then I bet things will be fine. If she can't deal with this now, then it's something she can learn to accept later. Hopefully she'll realize that she's in love with you, and a virus can't change this...

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You are not a disease ridden scumbag!!! This virus has not ruined any chance of happiness!!! There are plenty of people on this site who have happy, fulfilling relationships, kids, the works!

Give her the chance to decide for herself. You may be underestimating her and also overestimating the impact of this virus on a relationship.

As for Karma...If you truely believe in Karma - you create your Karma for your next life now. ;) You can't help what you did in a past life but you can live a good life now and make yourself and others happy in this life whilst creating good Karma for your next.

Don't get me wrong. I'm no Pollyanna! I have shed tears today over this virus and my life but hey, I don't have cancer. One of Australia's great runners died today of breast cancer and leaves behind young kids. It puts it all into perspective.

I told a guy I've been dating today and his reaction "oh thank GOD! I was worried you have cancer! Half the bloody population have herpes you know"

Rambling post sorry but it's past my bed time :)

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    • Naturalady
      You could try getting Genferon suppositories that you buy from Russia. They are used boost interleukins and someone I know was using them and it was helping a lot with her neuritis. She gets it from genital HSV1 and doesn't get outbreaks, just the tingling, itching, nerve pain. She is planning on also using the Herpavac vaccine next from Russia. Ever since she got the chickenpox vaccine she hasn't had any outbreaks, just this neuritis/neuralgia.   For me, I've been taking LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) which modulates my immune system and has greatly reduced my daily symptoms. During the day I get practically no symptoms for last 2 weeks, but in the evenings I get some mild irritation. LDN is a prescription which I get from a naturopath. It is much safer than the antivirals and can have many benefits. I am now taking 2mg a day. I started at 0.5mg. I will keep increasing it slowly until hopefully all my symptoms disappear. Some have said this has happened for them who have hsv1 and it also benefits hsv2, like me. Check out this website to learn more. ldnresearchtrust.org
    • Bldyhell
      Hey bud, check out the herpes cure web site on Reddit. I’d be interested in connecting with you. I am u/bldyhell send me a message will you? https://www.reddit.com/r/HerpesCureResearch/
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      if anything it’s very atypical.       
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