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Journal of Drugs and Dermatology - Dynamiclear Study

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In the news this month, our major contributor DYNAMICLEAR was published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology as being equally as effective as topical acyclovir but requires only a single application. It was tested on HSV-1 and HSV-2 and was shown to help speed healing of both.


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    • WillToLive77
      Hey everyone, So, I had some really aggressive sex with this one guy and realized after that I had a tear on the enterance on my vagina, so I went to the doctor because I am so paranoid about STDs. She looked at it and said, "Oh, that's just a microtear. I am 99% sure that's not herpes, but I insisted on the swab test, which apparently came back postive. They put me on Valtrex and I was fine. Now, I haven't had an outbreak since (about 5 or 6 months). After looking up the lab they send tests out to (since I got it done at some random clinic), I saw that they had a really low rating and TONS of people were getting false positives for all sorts of tests. I just called the clinic and am awaiting my actual test results, because they were so vague on the phone when they told me. They literally said, "Yeah... so we found some herpes virus." There's a part of me that really doesn't believe it, but I'm accepting it as if it is true, because what else am I to do? That being said, I have been through such severe depression with this. In reality, I know it's just a stupid virus that isn't actually  putting me at any real medical risk. I try to remind myself of this all the time. However, I am so embarrassed, and I am terrified to date because I think of how I will have to tell them. I'm so afraid that no one will want to be with me, no one will want to have sex with me. I am so terrified that I will never be loved. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like this.   Please share any stories or support you have. I feel so alone, ugly, and worthless. Thanks everyone.   ** Just got my copy of the lab results. It says... Specimen Quality: Adequete HSV Culture: Isolated
    • K_Sock
      Sorry, you would say 'yes' to the disclosure of VZV? That too can serious physical problems.. Say 'yes' to the disclosure of EBV? That can cause cancers and has links to MS! But if 80% (the WHO actually says 66%..) have oral HSV-1 than it already is a don't ask/don't tell situation.. That is, I'd kissed well over 20 girls before getting it and no one has ever disclosed to me even though several statistically should have and at least one should have had it and known (tbh, I actually believe none of them had it...).  The stats are very important here really as a 66%+ prevalence of HSV-1 would suggest it's a complete and utter non-issue...and something that just really can't be avoided.. Everyone on this site knows that whilst transmission is always possible, it can be avoided for years with the right precautions... Interesting about your tests including it...but most don't. Least not in Canada. 
    • honey_6974
      Kiel is about an 8 hour drive from me. I could collect this stuff and ship it if it would genuinely help people. That said, I'm not sure the product is available to buy in bulk.
    • Disc0rdant
      Pretty.  I like your thinking.  You need to both get tested anyway to protect each other.  Since he has a 60-80% chance of having hsv1, I wouldnt freak.  But disclosure is important.  I think disclosure is what builds trust with a lover, too.
    • Disc0rdant
      See.  I say yes to disclosure because of the possible physical problems you can cause.  My first gf after divorce I disclosed my hsv1 status along with the fact that up to 80 percent of the populace has it and the risk factors.  That was the night that we were together first.  We agreed to get tested.  We did and she tested negative for everything.  She was a bit paranoid of hsv1 but I understood.  There is alzheimer's risk...  There are things we don't know about all of these viruses but one thing I believe is hsv increases hiv transmission rates. I think if it is no big deal, disclosure is important.   Also.  It is part of the standard STI panel @ and every one I have taken(the 200 dollar ones) I don't think it should be a don't ask/don't tell situation although the law does not require it.
    • K_Sock
      I get what you're saying, but nonetheless HSV antivirals were actually created because people wanted them...because it can hurt like hell... Many of us are very thankful they exist. Yes, it is definitely also true that the pharmaceuticals did add to the stigma (stigma is expressed even by Shakespeare...) by manipulating fear in order to better sell their drugs..  So, I wouldn't say HSV is a non-issue...but maybe it's made out to be more of an issue than it is...       
    • kickass
      Well said. Pharmaceutical commercials, and stigma brought on by the medical industry are the reason why it's the big issue for the masses. I took a previous girlfriend to an STD clinic, for more information, and to get further testing for both of us. The nurse (nurse 1)whom she got, put her into fear mode, stating that she would DEFINITELY catch this virus, that it's a big problem because she knows someone with it, and all this while looking at me in somewhat of disgust. The nurse (nurse 2) that I got, explained how minor of an issue herpes is, and that as long as there's no outbreak, we could have normal sex. I had my gf listen to nurse 2, as she was getting scared from nurse 1. So why the F***, would someone in their right mind, want to disclose this information by "doing the right thing", and educating that person by the professionals themselves? Nurse 2 also went on to explain that there are case studies of sexual partners, one with HIV, whom have not spread the virus after 15 years of unprotected sex. A great documentary on this called "House of Numbers". It shows you how the medical industry is not always so straight up, and that they work with the pharmaceutical companies to make a profit, and feed you drugs that will actually kill you.
    • K_Sock
      @AthleticismGuy123 Nothing you describe is tell-tale HSV... Best to see a doctor for a swab and/or blood test.. Best of luck.
    • kickass
      Hi all, I was introduced to this little bug 20 years ago. The most important aspect in this field is how you see yourself in relationship to this virus. Getting past what society's brainwashed, hive mind thinks, is the biggest challenge. When you see how overly dramatized, and exaggerated that marketing, and even some health professionals can make a deal out of, it can be difficult not to buy into the stigma in the beginning.
      Some people that catch this virus may barely be affected, others seem to just go on without much thought. It depends on how you see yourself, and your relationship to what others think. Most people that struggle with this are in the latter camp, and, with a bit of reprogramming to shut up the inner critics, you can laugh at the stereotypical propaganda put forth my the media and marketing agents who stand to profit in the face of your fears.
    • K_Sock
      The 'world' disagrees that testing for HSV is important - this is clearly evidenced by it's lack of inclusion in routine tests. Disclosure is essentially just honesty and respect - so, yes it's definitely important. Ya, shingles can be a bitch and I know some people who have had battles with it for almost a year. Should someone with VZV disclose to a prospective partner who might not have VZV given the extreme suffering possible? ...I'd say no to disclosure for the reason above... but that very same reason is a logical argument for not disclosing HSV also (I suppose there are some distinctions to be made on location and type...i.e; genital HSV-2 does not affect the majority of people). Just to clarify, I am speaking logically...I have oral HSV-1 and I have always disclosed...never has the girl i've disclosed to had oral HSV-1 already either... No judgement at all.. Everyone should have an absolute right to make the decision that is right for them..  Health (physical & mental) is obviously very important..  
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