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Journal of Drugs and Dermatology - Dynamiclear Study

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In the news this month, our major contributor DYNAMICLEAR was published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology as being equally as effective as topical acyclovir but requires only a single application. It was tested on HSV-1 and HSV-2 and was shown to help speed healing of both.


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    • LillianPanos
      I know (((
    • oneday
      I don't come on here to read two people arguing about American politics! I want to read about Crispr and people's opinions on that! If you want to discuss political perspectives please find an appropriate forum applicable to that area of discussion. The rest of us would like to stick to the forum topic. 
    • LillianPanos
      Hey stop the politics!
    • dont quit!
    • Lisajd
      I would suggest its the iud.  It is likely due to the change in your hormones as a result of this because I know there are women who get outbreaks around period time and take St John's Wort but you need to be careful about taking that if your on other medication. . I would certainly be getting a blood test to confirm your herpes.  just because it's on your genitals doesn't mean it's Hsv2.  But please try not to stress too much because that will contribute also.  
    • JBnATL
      The tax cuts during the Reagan administration actually were so successful in generating new taxable income that the proceeds that the federal government received via taxation actually doubled.   Unfortunately Reagan had to work with a democrat controlled congress so he had to accept a radical increase in federal spending to get his programs approved. Reagan also won the cold war and tens of millions of people in eastern Europe are now living in freedom because of the strength of Reagan.   In regards to US debt.  Obama has increased the US debt more than ALL 43 Presidents that has preceded him.  Hillary will only add to this debt so we need to move in another direction. If you want to talk about illegal arms and Iran I would be happy to talk about the arms Obama/Clinton has provided to ISIS and the ransom paid to Iran for our hostages. JB   
    • LucyLevi
      Hi Hayitsmay You will not have caught herpes in this way and please rest assured. The thing that is worse than herpes is fear of herpes and this is what you seem to have. I know it is hard to relax but please try to rest safely in the knowledge that this will not be herpes. The questions you ask are perfectly understandable and justified ... there are many many myths about herpes and how you can catch it. The truth is that you catch it from skin to skin contact and misinformation in the public domain is what causes the confusion. Now go and have lovely evening  safe in the knowledge you have no need to worry about herpes. People here are the real experts (as I have discovered) and I trust their judgment fully Take care  Lucy
    • boricacid
      No. You can't get it.  You don't have it!  Don't be scared.  You are fine.
    • JBnATL
      Interesting, there is a KKK Grand Dragon who is backing Clinton   I would rather a successful businessman run this country that an old and tired politician who knows little about regular life outside of the DC beltway. JB
    • hayitsmay
      So even though I had the boil or cyst thing during the potential exposure, it won't make me more susceptible to getting genital herpes? I just need that clarification, because I guess you can classify that is broken skin right? I'm sorry I'm just really scared, I don't know what I would do if I got herpes down there and for such a stupid mistake 
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