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Journal of Drugs and Dermatology - Dynamiclear Study

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In the news this month, our major contributor DYNAMICLEAR was published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology as being equally as effective as topical acyclovir but requires only a single application. It was tested on HSV-1 and HSV-2 and was shown to help speed healing of both.


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    • Tippyty
      That was along time ago. If u are not having one now u should be fine. And u both have herpes. How often u get a outbreak just depends. Everyone is different. I'm glad u stayed together. How long have u to dated and how long have u had it.
    • @lw@ys
      They just haven't removed that link that is all.
    • Mode
      I got genital herpes outbreak last february and it healed in March. I actually got it from my recent boyfriend. We are still together and think of having sex again, is my herpes going to reoccur?
    • Amex
      Thanks for the advice, I surely will go to doctor, bit I'm pretty sure  that this one is cold stores because they also start to appear around my mouth too, i've got now in 2 different zones of the left face and in my left eyebrow also, I'will wait like 2 ore 3 days if this think will get away himself if not I'm obligated to do a visit a doctor.
    • xuhler
      if you're experiencing digestive issues just lower the dose and increase it slowly. you maybe experiencing herxeimers reaction. i think OLE is safe to use longterm
    • xuhler
      Thanks that helps a lot!
    • West end gal
      I've read that in many cases, people never have another outbreak of ghsv1...and if they do it's much more mild. I'm staying hopeful...
    • JBnATL
      Are you certain that what you have on your eyebrows is this virus? Typically this virus likes warm moist places like your mouth, not your eyebrows.  Also, while it is rare to spread this virus to different places on your body almost every occurrence of that is within the first year of acquiring the virus.  So if you have had it a while the chances of it spreading to your eyebrows is remote. Go to a doctor and know for sure. JB
    • xuhler
      olive leaf extract works like a charm. or this mix of herbs
    • JBnATL
      I have never seen an exact ration mentioned but here is a link to a list of foods that shows their lysine/arginine ratios: I hope that helps. JB
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