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Do I have HSV1 or HSV2? Do they look/feel different genitally?

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I got diagnosed today with HSV with the IgM test, which I know has it's problems and can be inaccurate. I know it doesn't necessarily mean I have HSV 2 (it could also be HSV 1 oral or genital), and won't know for sure until I get the IgG test in 2 months.

I do however have some genital symptoms that make me believe I do in fact have some strain of herpes genitally. I have pain in my inner thigh, perineum, inner buttocks and outer labia. However, I have not been able to identify blisters, and my doctor couldn't either. I have my suspicions, but I don't know if I'm just looking at bumps that are part of my normal skin.

So my question is: Does genital HSV1 feel/look different than HSV 2? I just want to know because I know if you have HSV1 genitally it's not as intense and contagious....

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I have hsv1 genitally... In my experience I have had 1 outbreak in 6 months.. My jest OB was horrific worst pain ever.. My doctor said my next could be in 2 yrs 10 yrs or never.. It really depends on the person and the immune system.

From my knowledge: Hsv1 oral prefers to be on the face therefore hsv1 is more frequent ob's when oral... Hsv2 prefers to be genital, therefore more frequent ob's genitally... When switched vise versa hsv1 genital and hsv 2 oral,, the OBs are not at frequent but I am thinking they r the same thing (cold sores/ blisters/ abdominal and thigh pain etc) the 1 and 2 just say where they came from... It's not like if I have hsv1 genitally and sleep with someone else with hsv1 genitally that I will get MORE herpes lol.. As far as I know hsv2 seems to have more frequent OBs which in turn sores take longer to heal and may seem like the ob's last longer or are more intense. As for hsv1 genital not being easily spread... It definitely isnt as easy but that is only because with less frequent OBs u have less sores and shedding is decreased. It is still spread through oral sex though and as someone with hsv1 genital i would still take proper precautions. Hope this helps ... This site was awesome for info on the types and transmittable rates.. Check it out

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From my understanding, HSV2 is supposed to cause more severe genital outbreaks than HSV1 genital. However, everyone is different and herpes is a tricky virus. There is no way to tell just by looking at an outbreak (or in your case, feeling it) if a person has HSV1 or 2. What made you get a IgM test in the first place?

Until you get your IgG test, there is no way to know if you have herpes or not. I would abstain from sex until you get your test, and try not to stress.

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    • cantdoit
      @fixme1Correct. He is creating a preventative. Sure could've used that about six months ago. What I'm praying for is a cure for the already infected. I want this thing out of me. 
    • edcoop
      Hi all,  Any fellow hsv2 suffers experience constant prodome (tingling in penile region) and pain in (right) testicle also feels hot/warm there ?  Not sure if this is herp related or something else?  Any advice ? 
    • SureWhyNot
      I directly relate my sciatica to an impending OB as that is the only time I have a problem. If I am fighting the OB the sciatica will stick around until either the OB flares up or disappears. Makes sense as that is the area where the virus hides out. I have learned from my own experiences if my body is stressed because it is working on another issue the HSV will become the predominant problem. I used to believe HSV was the root of the problems. Now I understand it is the indicator that my chemistry is off balance or dealing with something else. Good reason to keep myself on track to keep my body in a position to fight back so I don't have to. HSV is my health barometer! It sounds like your body is dealing very well with the HSV under normal conditions. Nasty to get poison ivy with such similar symptoms to HSV you get a double whammy! I truly Hope that resolves quickly for you!
    • LucyLevi
      Hopefully if it comes out in one country it will get licenced for use in other places too? I think the main thing is that someone somewhere develops the capability as that's the starting place.  Can someone just clarify for me: Is this for use for HSV1 initially?  If so will that be both oral and genital? Thanks Lucy 
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      Yea, but... this is in Germany. How does that help us here in the USA?
    • CraigL82
      It's great to have this site to ask these personal question though! i hope it has rested your mind Hayitsmay, I have always been cautious about passing my friendly H on from a dirty towel. It makes me panic if a friend needs a shower and wants to borrow a towel, I start worrying in case I never washed then at a high enough temperature to kill the H virus. These posts have helped me on my understanding, thanks WilsonInAus
    • Paul1976
      I'm from the UK 
    • Lisajd
      Put it this way the way people contract genital herpes is thru sex or oral sex ie a person with a cold sore give you oral sex and infected you with genital herpes.  You can however contractor infections through contaminated toilet
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      hey all! I will b in BKK next week. Do any of you know - we need doctor's prescription to buy Acyclovir 400 or we can buy it over the counter ? Also, any pharmacy you can recommend.. I will b staying  in Sukhumvit area.  so anywhere nearby will be great. 
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      Hes developing a preventative vaccine too isnt he. That will effectively stop the spread. If that is achieved then it will be like many other vaccines we get to stop us getting.illness which is what will irradicate hsv 
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