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Does God Have Herpes?


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Keep the faith. Don't let the naysayers bring you down.

I know what I believe and no one on this board, or anywhere else in this world can change that. I've seen people get healed and been healed myself so ya'll are too late for me! ;)

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WOW... what a question! Here is what I've been taught, take it or leave it.

We just have to have faith that He is ABLE and WILLING. Believe me God is ABLE to do ANYTHING. NOTHING is impossible. God is ALWAYS willing to shower love on his children, and this includes healing from EVERY disease. They say that Jesus took 33 strikes when they beat him and there are 33 different categories of disease. And "BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED"

Dear God, I pray please heal my disease.


Keep the faith. Don't let the naysayers bring you down.

I know what I believe and no one on this board, or anywhere else in this world can change that. I've seen people get healed and been healed myself so ya'll are too late for me! ;)

But you have to admit, God sure doesn't like healing those poor women and children 'drinking their urine' in India, Africa, China, South America, North Korea, Post communist Russia, and Haiti. :wink:

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Maybe he thinks that when you die of starvation as a child, you will be stronger as an adult. I am asking: WHERE?

All those words and sentences people put in his mouth, if he exists. This is another question. And Jesus was human, had his own human parents and a wife and children. He found his religion, he had followers, everything is in the history, it's just his real family part is skipped.

I believe in good and evil. And I am no sinner, who gave you the right to call me this word. I am human, I make mistakes, but I am a good human. So please, don't call me a sinner. I might get upset and have another OB. And it's not good for me.:twisted:

I know that Jesus died and he suffered before. But you don't know how much those little kids suffered before they died, how much women suffered when they were raped by legions of soldiers and they died. Do you even care? I do care and it's upsetting me a lot. But believers make it easier to accept, everything is for a reason, they will be stronger when they grow up. THEY WILL NOT GROW UP. They were killed for a reason??? Can you explain what the hellish reason is? Do you know that it's estimated that 50 million people were killed by communists?

How can you explain that?

Thank you.

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did someone on here actually say that!?!? that the "devil " is in our genitalia?!?!?

ha ha ha. great. Now we have THAT to worry about too! (sarcasm thick here)! Herpes...the devil......what next?!?! Jimmy Hoffa?!!? man.....

I think herpes was here with us all along, introduced by MAN himself in his/her need to stick things in their happy holes, or do the sticking. HIV is derived from the apes/monkeys, syphllis from sheep....so who knows where herpes originated from. I would dare say it is even older than hiv/syphllis. No devils....just man. We are our worst enemy. ;-)

You're a smart cookie. Thanx for your humor and introspection!

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    • Jesusislove777
      That’s very good, I take 9 grams of glutamine a day and it has really helped me, I notice a tremendous difference the next day if I miss a day. I hope thing continues to go well for you. Take care,  Much love to you, 
    • Hml
      Stress and lack of sleep are huge triggers
    • Hml
      I just want to be able to stop thinking about it. It is ruining my overall health.  He ruined my life and has now ruined another woman too but she stayed with him. I wanted to warn her but she wouldn't have believed me.  But I'm sure she would now. I just want to move on with my life but I'm afraid I will spend the rest of my life alone. 
    • Kaylie
      Hi, I just want to say I understand what you’re going through. My partner cheated though he still denies it! I used to get cold sores then when he has his first outbreak I got mine and he tried to blame me for giving it to him. I’m 38years old and come from a small town near Watford. I have 2 kids. I feel like when I get asked out or just a guy is remotely interested I just have the big H in the front of my head! I hate him for doing this to me. I get out breaks every month they are painful and in different places each month. I am going to start looking after myself and eating better, no alcohol and see if that helps.    But I do think of my friend, she has it and she met someone in London 11 years ago. She told him and he was fine with it. They have 2 kids now. She got it from a guy she knew had it and she decided to sleep with him. He told her. She knew the consequences.    You’re not alone 
    • TheBlue1
      I focus on trying to heal myself.  I don’t believe that this is permanent.  And I no longer date.  I don’t want the drama nor the stress.  I’ve found that my overall health has improved and I am much more knowledgeable regarding natural antivirals and immune system boosters.  Amino acids play a very large role.  Just breathe.  You’re gonna be ok.  The symptoms do fade away in time.  
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