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Taking a bath?

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Is herpes transmittable through water? Can I take a bath with someone who does not have H, as long as there is no genital skin contact?

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I was really surprised at this answer actually. It was from WebMD

Dear Anonymous Bather: You seem to have been successfully precautionary about bathing together, and marriage at large, since the virus infection has not spread to your wife of 12 years. Some items to consider which might help you are: 42?C is not an ideal temperature for the virus, so your bath water, while not a virus killer, does not promote its survival. However, that is only +5? above normal body temperature where HSV survives. The information suggests that you are not likely a shedder which makes your son?s safety more optimistic under the conditions you described. Avoidance of skin-skin contact enhances the safety factor for your son, but it does not protect him completely. Prudence might be a reason to consult your doctor about why you might be having more frequent episodes than you have experienced in the past. The fact that you have an HSV infection poses some risk to your family of cross-infection. You could alter your household bathing habits and lower the risk to your son further or you could continue what is probably an immensely familialy intimate experience with the realization that some risk of infectiousness may be there.

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under another area on this site I posted something I found it is again:

"To infect people, the herpes simplex viruses (both 1 and 2) must access the body through broken skin or a mucous membrane such as inside the mouth or on the genital area. Each virus can be carried in bodily fluids (such saliva, semen, fluid in the female genital tract) or in fluid from herpes sores. The risk for infection is highest with direct contact of blisters or sores during an outbreak."

Also, on another website (

it says "Herpes simplex virus type 2 can be passed in the urine or genital discharge of an infected person."

In both cases, people who are infected can have no symptoms of an active infection, and can unknowingly spread the infection to another person.

so, theres a lot to it highly likely...maybe not but still possible i think. If the other person has cuts, or anything they may be able to get it that way, but some people will argue its impossible but it makes you wonder...follow your gut instincts and decided with the other person if they feel ok with it.

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    • Lilibet
      @Prettypony I think it's just how it is. You're doing everything you can. I now have a weird tingly, itchy feeling  
    • Whoreallyknows
      @Bpp, I feel ya. And that's what I went with, the flu....though I was so upset I was vomiting quite often...I'm sure that helped. I completely agree with that I'm healing physically I am finally able to do some work at my job instead of feeling like I'm going to die, that probably has to do with me being able to eat again finally. I'm trying to trudge through and bring myself to a state of mind where, if I have no blisters I will be okay living with this. As you know, it's just so damn hard when you're in so much pain all you can do is literally exist. I could do nothing else during that time except sit in agonizing pain. I'm terrified for the next one...with what I'll do at work. I hope you're doing well today!
    • Whoreallyknows
      @Jeremy Spokein, that was all really nice to hear. I'm a week in officially and...I'm getting a little better. I'm trying to look at it as a skin condition.  I also hope and pray that they come up with something shortly! I hope I can get to your mindset here soon...especially with my birthday at the end of this week. I'm such a social person and I've cut everyone off this last week bc I didn't want to tell them and I think that's killing me too. Anyways, thanks so much for that! It was truly nice to hear.
    • mushroom27
      hsv2  a full blood test.
    • crookbristi
      Hello everyone! I say that with an exclamation point mostly because that's just what I'm used to.. I'm not excited to be here but I am glad I've found this site... Where do I even start? Man, this is tough and I'm trying not to be an emotional wreck.  Last week I noticed a lump on my labia, it actually was the second one I noticed. The first was a couple of weeks ago but I was camping and by the time I got home, it had gone away. Anyways, back to last week and noticing this spot. I panicked but had to go on a business trip. I told myself it wasn't anything to worry about.  But then it started itching and I must have scratched it inadvertently while sleeping because the next morning I woke up, took a look and noticed I had three tiny little pimple like bumps. To say I freaked is putting in mildly. However, I had to shut the feelings down because I was away on business and was dealing with an unwanted pregnancy with a pending appointment to terminate it within a few days.  At that moment, I decided to deal with the emotions of terminating my pregnancy and getting through the business trip.   Last Friday, I just couldn't handle it anymore so I called my Primary Care and scheduled an appointment. Yesterday, I went it and she looked at the lump, which had now turned into a small lesion, and told me she believed it is a mild case of herpes. She didn't swab as the lesion was a week old and she didn't feel it was necessary and didn't want to reopen the sore.  She told me that, while she isn't doing the test at this point, that she is almost positive it is herpes. She believes the stress I am going through with terminating the pregnancy, psychically, emotionally, and mentally, led to the small outbreak.  She said it's one of the mildest cases she has ever come across and does not believe I should start any treatment at this time.  She also believes, based on my medical history and my health, its very possible I never have another outbreak. She told me, if I do experience one, to call the office immediately so they can swab and test me to be 100% sure.  On my slip to check out, she wrote Vaginosis and that was it.  I'm so lost. The person I believe infected me is also the person that I found myself pregnant by.  After telling him about the pregnancy, he stopped speaking to me.  The other part of this is, I'm not even sure it was him. God, I feel like such a !*@* even saying that out loud. I have been in a very casual/open relationship with another man that lives out of town for almost two years; we see each other every other month or so when he's around. The thought of now living with this for the rest of my life scares the shit out of me.  I'm not even sure how to tell an outbreak is about to start because what I've been experiencing the last few weeks was mostly due to the pregnancy.  I did not have a low grade fever, some itching but I've always had that, no swollen glands, some back ache but again something I've dealt with during PMS, just the small lumps. I have to say again, that I'm so lost. I want to run away and hide. I desperately want to deny this is happening and fade away. I keep telling myself that this is such a common disease. That the stigma attached to it is worse that what is actually happening. That I need to stay positive and keep the stress down so that it doesn't incite another outbreak. But MAN! How do you not feel shame and hurt and all of the other things?  I feel like a terrible person, like a !*@* and that somehow I deserve this because of my choices. And getting over that is going to be very difficult.  Thanks for reading and listening to me. I'm so scared of the judgement I will face but it helps getting that out. 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey well done and very important that you did that! You can be very confident that this combined IgG test has detected an oral HSV-1 infection only. You have no reason to suspect HSV-2 is present.
    • SheIsBlue
      Lady, as you may already know, lots of things cause infections, such as medications, hormone imbalance, allergies, and stress.  It might not be the sex but your body reacting to something else.  Or even a combination of things.  Maybe you are allergic to the condoms you are using.  Stop taking everything for several months and when you do something differently, you can determine if your body has a reaction to it.  Hope this helps.
    • elnino
    • Prettyconfused123
      @WilsoInAus I was finally able to get a printout and all it said was herpes 1 and/or 2 IgG antibodies detected
    • Lisajd
      @Jules31 is right.  I pointed the finger at the guy who possibly gave it to me and he said he was clean as did every other guy that I have been with.  I'm quite sure that very few people will admit to passing on herpes and if most people don't ever get tested for herpes and I have no symptoms it wouldn't even occur to them that they have it so of course will not admit to anything.   I think if I knew I would just be angry and it still wouldn't change it.  Gotta let sh1t go sometimes
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