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Just an illusion

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Your all just an illusion to cause me confusion. Cause in real life you don't even exist. Try to trick me into thinking I'm not all alone in this, which is just a wish that I wish was true, but some things in life are just to good to be true. Cus there is no you. There's just me and him, and he really wants to win. Him is the devil and he lives in my ear, he's begging me to share. I don't mean disclose, I mean nobody has to know. Nothing wrong with banging a hoe. Time to move on to the next, but I'm forever haunted by my ex. Not to complex, but rather simplex one from one night of fun. Time to wrap it up. You see what I just did there? Of course not, no one else is really here.

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    • herpdeherpherp
      Thanks Lisajd. I have what looks like some very tiny cuts and one very tiny lump but it's not painful.. I guess I'll wait and see.. maybe get the blood test in a month or so.
    • WilsoInAus4
      Hi and welcome @G.anonymous. The first thing to note is that your past partner is essentially right. Having a first outbreak is nearly always related to sexual activity in the preceding week or two. At this stage you should leave the thought that he is a possible source to one side. As for your current partner, you do need to check he has had the right test. This will be IgG HSV-1 and IgG HSV-2. Does his test result have these on them? That will then leave the very real possibility of a misdiagnosis. Yeast, bacteria and other viruses can mimic herpes and be misdiagnosed (and vice versa).
    • G.anonymous
      To start off with my story let me tell you a little bit more about myself. Im a 20 year old very attractive young lady and I've only had two partners in my life sexually. And they were both extremely clean.  The first one was very highly sexually active, had multiple partners and always got tested every month. The last Time I had sex with him was six months ago. A month ago I had sex with my new partner who happens to be my current boyfriend. A week and a half later I had a very bad infection so I went to an std specialist. She immediately told me that I got herpes. I believed her since it looked exactly like it and I had every single symptom, that's why I didn't get tested. I immediately told my boyfriend and he felt like shit since he hasn't got tested after his last partner ( last time he slept with her was 4 months ago) so he went and got checked and got back the results just yesterday.... They were negative! I was shocked and immediately talked to my previous partner and explained to him the situation I'm in. He told me that he got tested recently and he was clean from everything... Then I asked him if I can see his results... He flipped on me and told me how offensive that is and that it's been a long time since me and him had sex together. Then he explained that he currently doesn't have the results on him and they didn't send it via email.... Something is odd about this and I feel like shit about myself  
    • BoatyMcBoatface
      Wow you have guts for me it could only be 1 of 3 people, but I strongly think it was a particular one because days after seeing him I got the flu and the other guys it could have been I saw 8 months earlier with no symptoms so... But I never had the courage to write those emails of, "Hey...could you have herpes by any chance?" The guy I think who gave it to me, I wrote him an email about something else and he never responded and I was so emotionally hurt over that to begin with. If he ever writes to me again I will bring it up though.
    • GSMJ
      I almost put the ointment or take the meds just to make sure cause besides HSV2, I have shingles too.
    • Sarahbby28
      Without anything at all I had a bump went in one day don't think was outbreak though 
    • GSMJ
      The problem is I'm the one worried sick, he seemed fine with it. He says I chose to stay. He is being all positive about it because we haven't got him tested for it yet but I just know that it is HSV2.  How much is your dose of acyclovir that you take in a day? I have the 800mg ones. 
    • GSMJ
      I just found out I transmitted it to my boyfriend today. I'm feeling so horrible but he seems okay with it, he doesn't even show any concerns nor emotions about it. He took my acyclovir ointment and put some on his sores and ate my antiviral medication. I'm very worried at his reaction. I don't know if he is really feeling okay or just pretending. He said I chose to stay and I'm responsible for this, not you. 
    • GSMJ
      a few days? with ointment on the sore, 5 days more or less? If i take the medication, it will be gone in 3 days max. however, i think it depends on how your body respond to it. 
    • GSMJ
      I wasn't on antiviral at all. My doctor says to take it only when I get that tingling feeling. Whenever a blister 'almost' fully formed, only then i'll take them. 
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