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Just an illusion

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Your all just an illusion to cause me confusion. Cause in real life you don't even exist. Try to trick me into thinking I'm not all alone in this, which is just a wish that I wish was true, but some things in life are just to good to be true. Cus there is no you. There's just me and him, and he really wants to win. Him is the devil and he lives in my ear, he's begging me to share. I don't mean disclose, I mean nobody has to know. Nothing wrong with banging a hoe. Time to move on to the next, but I'm forever haunted by my ex. Not to complex, but rather simplex one from one night of fun. Time to wrap it up. You see what I just did there? Of course not, no one else is really here.

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    • Blahdittilyblah
      I think to a lot of people who already have HSV shedding is a major issue. A lot of individuals do not have symptoms of HSV and do not endure OB's therefore these individuals major concern is the shedding of the virus. If there was a way to reduce shedding to nothing or nothing that can infect another individual then those who are HSV+ could lead a more normal life. A preventative vaccine is great but reality is not everyone is going to get vaccinated even if it's available. So the best bet would be to effectively reduce shedding to where it's no longer an issue of transmission. 
    • StayingUpbeat
      I'm not familiar enough with the therapeutic application of this technology but zinc oxide tetrapods are basically an industrial compound that can be ordered from all kinds of places: I would guess the manufacturer is dissolving it in something to make it a cream but if that's the only change I don't see why going through all of these steps would be necessary. Don't be surprised, however, when this makes no difference (or makes outbreaks worse like zinc sulfate ).
    • honey_6974
      This is a very smart way of looking at the problem. I hadn't thought about it this way until you mentioned it. It's a tree falling in the woods kind of thing. If everyone contracted HSV but nobody experienced symptoms, did the disease every really exist? I hope everyone who is suffering manages to read what you wrote.
    • LucyLevi
      Hi Adie Welcome to where the news is! Lucy x 
    • Malcolm
      If the vaccine can eliminate the symptoms, then it should render HSV as trivial as all the various HPV strains, ZVZ, and CMV infections which we pass on routinely en masse without a single care. While all are highly contagious, none cause any significant symptoms. Without symptoms, HSV is culturally insignificant and therefore contagiousness isn't so much an issue anyway. Yes, reduced viral shedding would be awesome, but reducing the symptoms eats into the culture that makes shedding a factor in the first place.
    • fixme1
      Looks like aurx were onto something, maby if they had funding non of us would be sitting here. maby teaming up with aurx he might have more help. Its the people out there that suffer that can be the ones to help fund it i guess. cause companys wont, especially pharma ones making anti virals. its a sick world thats pure money driven unfortunatly
    • fixme1
      Cause its the biggest problem hsv shows, no symptoms but the abilitie to infect still. its stealthy and decieving. If shedding is stopped along with obs then its going to stop the spread of hsv as easily. Thats if shedding actually is as common as stastistics say  
    • WillToLive77
      @Blondii So sorry to hear that you're in... well, the same boat as me and just about everyone on here. The guy I'm pretty sure I got it from made me feel really bad after we hooked up and is really a pretty horrible person, so having contracted it from him, makes it feel SO MUCH WORSE, because it wasn't worth it. I'm still trying to get through the whole, why did I do it with him? However, I really feel much more sad and mad with myself than him, even though I took all the necessary precautions. Unfortunately, we dealt with some not-so-great people, but maybe this happened to us for a reason. Maybe it was fates way of pushing us in a direction to start dating better people who are understanding and caring. 
    • adiebear
      See here regarding Halford's response to shedding- and more:  
    • b12castles
      Wouldn't be possible to ask Dr. Halford why he did not include viral shedding and how he plans to address this point? I do not have the background to build a proper email with scientific quotes unfortunately... Moreover, it would be interesting to know how he plans to avoid another AuRx story... I do not understand... does he plan to go out with a phase I based on safety with no additional trials or data (i.e. shedding) and hope for the best? What is his approach, leverage real world patient data in the coming years to build a semi-robust sample to be presented to the various countries and respective ministry of health? I am confused also on the way the phase I study is going to be finalised, will it be solely spontaneously self reported by Halford's patients or will it design differently? Apologies if some questions are noob level...
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