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Just an illusion

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Your all just an illusion to cause me confusion. Cause in real life you don't even exist. Try to trick me into thinking I'm not all alone in this, which is just a wish that I wish was true, but some things in life are just to good to be true. Cus there is no you. There's just me and him, and he really wants to win. Him is the devil and he lives in my ear, he's begging me to share. I don't mean disclose, I mean nobody has to know. Nothing wrong with banging a hoe. Time to move on to the next, but I'm forever haunted by my ex. Not to complex, but rather simplex one from one night of fun. Time to wrap it up. You see what I just did there? Of course not, no one else is really here.

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    • coffeeunicorncandy
      I have had a few outbreaks after my first original OB. I don't think any of my ex boyfriends actually had HSV-1.  If I had known the risks, I would have insisted on using dental dams....or just not have oral sex, I'm not too crazy about it.
    • VVK
      To supplement Wilso's explanation, "Per episode" could be used as a very rough ballpark estimate of how likely the average person would be to get infected in any given sexual encounter. Taking an example value of 1 in 5'000, that would mean that out of 5000 sexual encounters, 1 of them would be expected to lead to infection. While I would like to think that the risk would be as low as 1 in 10'000, ultimately with the large error margins in the available data that number could range anywhere from 1 in 1'000 to 1 in 10'000. Not everybody is going to be average either. Some will get to that 1 sexual encounter sooner than others.
    • WilsoInAus
      I know it is disappointing to have been infected and I hope that you are like many women with genital HSV-1; no more outbreaks, no more issues and are able to completely forget you even have it. I am curious though as most guys you have been with and received oral sex from have oral HSV-1. What would you have done differently? Give up oral sex?
    • WilsoInAus
      Per episode means each sexual encounter! Generally I divide the annual percentage by 100 (an assumed number of sexual episodes in a year) and take a reciprocal to express it as 1 in 5,000 or whatever the number is which is easier to interpret than 0.02%.
    • thebear123
      Hi, I've been searching around this section of these forums and haven't quite find what I was looking for. I'm a male and was wondering if anyone else on has GHSV1 within their urethra only. If so, what are your triggers or signs of outbreaks? What do your outbreaks look like within your urethra? Thank you!  
    • throwawaynyc
      i believe he has enough participants for the therapeutic, discordant couples he may need
    • stronghands87
      Does he still need people for trials or is that over with?
    • stronghands87
      You know I never thought about it like that, but now that you put it this way I'm like wow.
    • Lisajd
      Can you please explain per episode jn simple terms.  I think i understand but clarity would be good.  Once you agree on data a simple summary would be good to see
    • VVK
      With respect to the 23 million figure, I believe that was from the WHO source using 2003 data. Perhaps some of that could be HSV-1 misdiagnosed as HSV-2. Point taken. I was just reading some more on this and a more recent paper using numbers from 2012 suggests 140 million new HSV-1 infections of which 85% (or 100 million) may be genital HSV-1. I'm curious as to why they used 85%. Take a look here if interested: If we can get a good figure of new genital HSV-1 infections per year then we could settle this for sure. But if it is between 23 and 100 million then that's a roughly 5-fold difference so could be 1-5% per annum (so between 1 in 2'000 and 1 in 10'000 per episode). I think the range sounds about right and that it's closer to 1% than it is to 5%.
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