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Just an illusion

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Your all just an illusion to cause me confusion. Cause in real life you don't even exist. Try to trick me into thinking I'm not all alone in this, which is just a wish that I wish was true, but some things in life are just to good to be true. Cus there is no you. There's just me and him, and he really wants to win. Him is the devil and he lives in my ear, he's begging me to share. I don't mean disclose, I mean nobody has to know. Nothing wrong with banging a hoe. Time to move on to the next, but I'm forever haunted by my ex. Not to complex, but rather simplex one from one night of fun. Time to wrap it up. You see what I just did there? Of course not, no one else is really here.

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    • crisper
      LillianPanos emailed them. They said years away...finally we can see the light cracking through the endless tunnel. 
    • Maybe1day
      I know its just a patent application, but man that would be a dream come true "RNA guided eradication of herpesvirus simplex.." how about eradication of herpes simplex virus in first human patient, now that would be a news headline i would cry if i ever saw.. a man can dream.. Applicants:TEMPLE UNIVERSITY-OF THE COMMONWEALTH SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION [US/US]; Broad & Montgomery Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19122 (US) Inventors:ROEHM, Pamela, C.; (US).
      KHALILI, Kamel; (US).
      SHEKARABI, Sayed, Masoud; (US).
      WOLLEBO, Hassen; (US) Agent:ZACHARIADES, Nicholas, A.; (US) Priority Data: 62/103,354 14.01.2015 US 62/238,288 07.10.2015 US Title(EN) RNA GUIDED ERADICATION OF HERPES SIMPLEX TYPE I AND OTHER RELATED HERPESVIRUSES
    • fixme1
      Itll go the same route as GSK's. already been tried
    • Honeybee_
      Thank you, and yes I've done some research, learning more and more about it. I'm currently in the process of accepting it. Screw that guy, he isn't worth the hurt. 
    • Honeybee_
      It was a swab test. 
    • Heart1
      Do not worry, hsv1 cannot turn into hsv2! They are two different strains.
    • prayingforpeace
      Hang in there..i'm 46, newly infected 9 weeks ago..still having back to back outbreaks but psychologically feeling better about everything since finding this site and educating myself.
    • prayingforpeace
      AKs don't usually comes up that quickly and are more gritty rather than flaky...almost looks eczematous, you could try a little OTC hydrocortisone cream for a few days and see if it improves.  ps i work in derm
    • SadGirl1017
      Hello there. I have a few questions for you guys, but first I need to give you some background... October 2015: I had unprotected sex with my parter. Shortly after, I found out that he had been sleeping with other women. Within a few weeks, I developed some strange symptoms- burning urination, fatigue, chills, headache, cramps, vaginal pain/discomfort, tailbone pain. The pain felt almost like a bruise, although I had not fallen. I had no blisters or bumps. I had an STD test and everything came back negative. I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with a UTI. The symptoms seemed to ease with antibiotics. February 2016: similar symptoms returned- I was not as tired this time and had no chills.  I had a little discharge this time and some rectal itching too. I went to Planned Parenthood this time and had a pelvic exam and requested a herpes test. Since I had no bumps to swab, they refused to test me.  I was assured that I didn't have herpes and was diagnosed with a yeast infection.  March 2016: Symptoms eased with yeast infection treatment, except for the tailbone pain. I went back to my primary care doctor about the pain.  She found one tiny fissure at the very top of my butt crack that she said was dry skin and from sitting a lot. She assured me that it was non-herpetic and very common. Out of frustration of my doctors not texting me, I found a company online that would test for me. They sent me to a local lab for a blood draw.  After a week or so of waiting, the results came in... HSV2 negative and HSV1 positive with a level of 1.21. This was a relief, and not really a surprise since I thought I had had cold sores on my mouth before. Eventually the tailbone pain went away.  September 2016: Here I am with strange symptoms again. Vaginal discomfort, some burning during urination, cramping, discharge, a day of feeling "blah," some discharge, and I had two tiny bumps just inside my bikini line. I went back to my PCP again, and had a wet prep and urine test done. I showed her my bumps and she said they were ingrown hairs and nothing to worry about. This time, I tested positive for Bacterial Vaginosis. She gave me a prescription to treat that and sent me on my way.  The day after my appointment, I started having tailbone pain again.    Here are my questions: 1) Is it possible to have HSV1 orally and genitally?  2) Does HSV cause other types of infections, such as BV, yeast, or UTIs?  3) Does HSV cause tailbone pain?  4) Are there conditions that I could have mistaken my cold sores for in the past and am just now developing GHSV1?  5) Have any of you experienced similar symptoms?    Thanks in advance for your help Also, I should mention that I had no bumps or blisters or anything until this episode, which my doctor says are ingrown hairs.
    • Maybe1day
      @Brokenforever Not sure where I read it, but I saw somewhere how curing herpes was compared to getting mankind to the moon, and it went something like, "the rocket science has been proven, now we need the engineering to make it happen".. had a good ring to it
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