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untreated herpes

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In all of the literature I've read about herpes, I've not seen anything about what happens to you if left untreated. I've had herpes for 9 years now, and for the past 7 I've not had any type of treatment ie: medications. Since I do not have medical insurance, I'm unable to see a doctor. I feel fine, but who knows what may be going on inside of me. Does anyone out there know what the effects of nontreatment is? I'm very curious to know.

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Whatever's happening on the outside of you is USUALLY a good indication of what's going on inside. In your situation you seem to imply that it's a mild case of HSV, and besides some folks complaining of fatigue or aches in whatever appendage or area the virus settles in when dormant, it appears to have no internal effects. Few people seek out internal therapy, and even then it's only suppressive. So to sumarize my rambling, your internals should be fine.

If I've learned one thing, good diet and lots of excercise helps prevent outbreaks, especially if you can't afford topical or internal treatments.

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I agree.

I have HSV-2 for about 8 years now. In the beginning I was taking zovirax, but when I did it I felt very weak and almost felt like fainting. I've talked to a Alternative medicine (holistic) doctor who is also MD, and a Chinese herb specialist, and they both said that it's better not to take it, if I don't have real severe outbreak or any kind of other severe symptom. When we have outbreak, that's the time our body need to be strong the most to fight with the virus. But if we take zovirax or those other anti-viral medicine, it also kills good things in our body that we need to fight off herpes virus with. In other words, when our immune system need to be strong the most, taking anti-viral medicine makes immune system weak.

So I stopped taking it. Instead of that, I've been trying to be careful about my diet, and take some vitamins, to keep my immune system strong. I get outbreak from time to time especially when I get stressed out, but not taking any medication didn't worsen my symptom. And I was reading posts in this forum, I think I'm gonna start to do some exercise everyday.


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    • Seeker1960
      @Chrisfoo Your test is positve for HSV1 but if you have symptoms you have to wait 12-16 weeks before you can get a positive blood test. So if you took the test too early it won't be accurate. Good luck
    • Terrell
      You only have hsv1
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      What a crock title.  For something so far away from market, let alone with such questionable feasibility, this is what gets people's hopes. Journalists ought to know better.
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      I'm curious to see what Halfords opinion is regarding this vaccine being that it's replication defective. He would probably say, it's a step in the right direction. The complicated thing about HIV is that mutates like there is no tomorrow.
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      No lo he estudiado a fondo por que desconozco sus metodos pero el virus es muy astuto no sólo se esconde en los nervios también evade el sistema imunetario si llegara a funcionar sería una cura funcional., pero tiene sus pros y contras en personas con sistema inmunitario debilitado como las personas con vih cáncer deabetes volvería a a brotar el virus como el herpes zóster, lo más ideal sería suprimir el virus que deje de replicarse y atacar el virus en las nervios donde se encuentra escondido, y sobre ser líder no es que quiera serlo y si yo tuviera ese apoyo de una asociación o de una página como de este margen me encantaría tratar de hacer algo y presionar al sector salud y al gobierno, si estoy suscrito aquí es porque donde vivo no hay una comunidad y un apoyo como la de esta página y en mi propia opinión  parece que nadie quiere ser curado tanta gente viviendo con esta enfermedad que se me hace increíble que no allá un movimiento para buscar una cura para la oms sólo somos una estadística, 
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      Y como sabes que la vacuna de Halford no va funcionar? Tu tambien eres un hombre de ciencia? Lo has estudiado a fondo? Que cura propones en lugar del trayecto del dr. Halford? Me parece que eres un verdadero lider. Sugiero que tu mismo inicias el movimiento para presionar a los gobiernos! Espero mucho de ti!    
    • PurpleandGray
      I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I to have been single for a long time and had this happen to me! It dies feel like a huge setback but I'm keeping the faith for right now. Great advice Kabali04. I had one more question to add to your post, what about the sores on your thighs? I don't have any sores on my genitals or mouth but do have a few lesions on my thighs. Is there any way at all to protect furture partners from these lesions? I'm worried about even cuddling with someone  
    • Chrisfoo
      Can some one explain this to me  please and thank you . 
    • Sean123
      I think with the case for this HIV vaccine, the scientist here uses HIV killed whole virus which he plans on injecting into people at high risk of catching HIV for a prophylactic response. But yes, I think a live HIV vaccine can be done as well. Vaxxer is right;live vaccines have been used throughout history  for diseases just as dangerous and even more dangerous than HIV. So the question is, why not continue to go down the same path that has been successful for a very long time?
    • Kabali04
      Hi, Don't have unprotected sex during sores. Take antivirals that will help. If you follow above steps chances of transmission is very low as women passing to men is half chance the other way.  Good luck.!!! 
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