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Scared as Hell!

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Ok, I know I should not sleep around, but I did - Two days agao, I slept with a woman I did not know and now I'm paranoid and scared that I may have herpes. I have a small red spot on the shaft of my penis and I'm worried that it is the begining of my first herpes outbreak. The spot is about the size of a pin-head. It does not hurt or feel any differnt than the rest of the skin around it, but it is definately red. I don't have any other symptoms, like flu or swollen glands. I'm so scared that I'm shaking.

I know that I'll have to wait and see what develops, but if anyone can help me out that would be great. If I'm ok, I'm still going to take this as a wake up call for two things - first that I have to stop sleeping around and second that I need help for alcohol abuse which is what gets me into the sleeping around situations.

Please advise if this sounds like herpes.

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Guest Anonymous


If Im not mistaken, herpes doesnt develope that quick. Moreover herpes blisters and bums are often painful. You should go see a doctor ASAP, because herpes its better detected on its early stages.

Regarding your alcohol abuse, I recommend you contact you local AA program, and ask yourself if you are an alcoholic.


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Guest Anonymous

Thanks for your reply

Thank you Lorerito for your reply - While I don't consider myself out of the woods yet, the red spot has not gotten any worse (or beter) and I still do not have pain or other symptoms. I'm 80% sure, it's just my paranoia that's causing this, but I'm still not at ease.

Regarding the alcohol abuse - I know I need to address it. AA is just not for me as I'm not even sure if I belive in God (god??) and AA seems really religous. I know I have an issue with the stuff and I know I have to address it. It's just so hard as I have a sales job that requires me to be out with co-workers and clients often after hours. Anyway, I don't want to take this forum too far off topic, but I do think that alcohol plays a fairly significant role in STD transmission - I'm not saying that to dismiss my own accountability with this as I know it's up to me to behave. It's weird though - I'm a normal, good looking(ish) guy who is for the most part happy, but I find it difficult to stop drinking once I start and I often feel like I need to start. I've had 4 beers and two glasses of red wine tonight with some "friends". OK that's enough - Best wishes to all who read this and all those on this site who are dealing with a life of herpes.

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Hi, I couldn't help dropping a note.

And I don't really think Alcohol problem is off topic here....

AA (Alcohol Anonymous) is not a religious group, as you know. Yes, some people there are religious and expressing things in their own way, but getting you involved in a certain kind of religion is definitely not their purpose. It's really up to YOU, that you learn from their words and teaching.

I've attended to a NA (Narcotic Anonymous) meeting for a good friend of mine who used to be a drug addict. I was truly amazed. Their words were so uplifting, and encouraging. And most importantly, they all went through the same painful experiences. We can learn so much from people who have the same experience.

I'm not a religious person at all, either. You don't have to take speaker's words literally. You translate them into your own words!

I don't drink, I never smoked, or I never did any kind of drug, either. But I related to what they talked about strongly. I felt that the source of our problems is the same. It's "Insecurity". I was insecure, so I was desperately wishing that someone would define me and make me worthy. But I realized that nobody can make me worthy. I am the only one who can make me worthy. Facing the source of my problem changed my whole attitude toward everything in life. Even herpes.

Well anyway....

Just wanted to share the story.

And even if you don't consider yourself as an alcoholic, I believe that if you attend to AA meeting, you're gonna find something there..


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Guest Anonymous

Thanks Faith...

..for your comments. I'm still reluctant, but I will attend at least one AA meetng as there is really nothing to lose in doing so. As for my herpes scare, it seem that it was just that a scare as nothing more has developed. It was, howvever a good scare as I am inching toward taking steps to address the alcohol issue.

Best wishes to all who use this site.

Be Well!

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You're welcome.

Take your time. Attend the meeting whenver you're ready. Because it's for you, for yourself. :-)

You may not like the first meeting group you go to. Just like anything else, there are people and groups that you feel comfortable with, and you don't feel comfortable with. If you don't like the first one, don't get discouraged. Try few more. There are different AA or NA meeting groups everywhere around you (at least here in the U.S.).

Many of our life problems are only reflection of our "inside". Once we face ourselves and get to know ourselves, solving the outside problems becomes so much easier.

And guess what? I learned all these important things for me to live my life, from someone who used to be alcoholic ( when I met him I was having a very difficult time with so many problems including herpes).

By the time you solve your alcohol problem, you will solve most of your problems which you notice now and which you don't notice now.... I bet. :wink:

Best wishes...


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