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Irish Spring Soap

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ok im having an outbreak... i think.

If anyone has read any of my posts im never 100% sure if im having an OB.

So last tuesday i was tingling and itchy down there.

Im still having issues. over a week later. Normally it lasts 2-3 days max then goes away. But now im bleading a little and im not due for my period for another week and a half. I have no sores though?

So i read a few thinks on the forum (never google lol) and maybe im having an internal OB?

IDK but this is what i do know, i showerd monday with irish spring, tuesday it began. Wednesday i was at my sister and used her Dove (which is what i normally use cause its liquid) and i felt a little better

Thursday i used Irish Spring and it got bad again, but i didnt realize the conection yet. So i was washing with irish spring till yesturday and i havent used it today and i feel slightly better down there.

I used to use irish spring before i was diagnosed, but i noticed it made my skin dry. Has anyone ever had issues with this soap?

When i use Dove i almost never had a OB. Buying some when i get paid tomorrow cause im poor lol

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You might be allergic to Irish spring soap. A friend of mine stayed at a hotel and used the bar soap there just to clean her genital area. She freaked out because she broke out in a rash and bumps. After some questioning we figured out that she used a different soap for her body and that was why she only broke out on her genitals. Not sure if you are but it is something to think about.

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    • So. Florida
      Hello All!  I'm 60 and am in the first few days of my official OB.  23 years ago I was in a relationship that toward the end he cheated and got violent toward me.  During the stress of breaking up/moving out I developed what I called a large pimple at the top of my butt cheek that I showed to my PCP.  He assured me it WAS NOT Herpes but just stress.  He put me on Prozac and here I am 23 yrs later.  I never had any other lumps, bumps or breakouts.  Recently, I had oral sex with the guy I've been dating for 4 mnths (our 1st intimate encounter) and 2 days later I have a cluster ob the size of a quarter on my tailbone.  I have an appt with my OBGYN tomorrow to confirm what I already know.  I've cried, I've yelled and I'm confused.  Why after 23 years?  I feel like I might as well close up shop and never hope for any type of relationship at this point in my life....I feel so "damaged".
    • Clearme
      Why all the f- bombs and name calling? There's no plagarizing just info sharing! I even referenced the Authors mulitple times. Look you even used that recent article(crap as you put it) to help someone understand another form of delivery! I bet that hurt. Just say thanks for the info and leg work and move'll feel much better! Einstein. ..I like it!!!!!
    • Lotofquestions32
      Thank you free73, when the rash comes back I will get a proper dermatologist diagnosis. You know the thing with doctors here... They will see a positive igm and for them you have both types, no matter if is unusual to have both types igm positive and always igg negative.  Thank you all.
    • dont quit!
      Yes those are valid concerns. I believe you had posted a link and or mentioned this before as well. I pay attention to your posts, haha. Being that HSV is a large virus and it's tightly woven DNA can indeed be a delay. Unfortunately for us, I see HSV as a genius of a virus. Very intelligent with billions of years of evolution on its side.  My apologies if I pestered you for feedback. I can tell you have been down/disenchanted with the cure process.  I just wanted to see if you had substance to your pessimism about Crispr. With that being said, I believe Crispr will find a way to edge out HSV. But I'm not sure if the Cullen approach is our answer. Anything can happen in science, it's basically all trial and error. Boooo!
    • LillianPanos
      So happy we have some humor abd passion here! 
    • dont quit!
      10-15 years away. 10 if it works and everything goes smoothly.  "If CRISPR is is it administered? Like a vaccine and epidural? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I don't know anything about health science technology" I'm not sure, they have really nailed down the administration aspect of the therapy. At first,i was thinking it was given via epidural but Einstein here has an article that states that they may use abrasion administration. Personally I could care less but cost wise the latter administration would be more cost effective.  
    • edcoop
      Hi All,  Need some expert advise – I contacted genital HSV2 on April 2016 (alcohol make you do stupid things). Even using a condom I contacted G-HSV2. Two days later the ONS, I had burning and tingling sensation which refuse to go off and I went to see a doctor after a month in May and doc ordered a blood test. The blood test came positive for HSV2 – IGG > 12 (anything above 1.9 is considered positive). Even this stage I don’t get the classic OBs. Instead I have constant prodome like burning, tingling on penile shaft & testicle (right side). Initial doc game in antiviral Valcyclovir for a week and send me off. It didn’t help at all. So I went back, and this time he gave me Acyclovir for a week (200mg every 4 hours) and this sort of helped. After a week, the prodome feeling came back along with UTI symptoms (burns inside the penile shaft & feels hard in the urethra region). So the doc gave me anti-biotic & anti-fungal course of 1 week to clear it off. It helped a bit but the problem still persists. I have tried to go the natural way – load up on Vit C, Olive leaf extract, Oil of Oregano, Vit B, Lysine & Bovine Colostrum. But nothing helps.. L So finally, I did a follow-up check-up with the doc and he gave me Acyclovir for a month and asked me to give it a try and see if it helps. But he wasn’t sure of the dosage. So he recommended me 200mg every 4 hours for 1 month. This sounded a bit tough to do, so I asked him to reconfirm is it every 4 hours.. He called up his colleague and later changed it to 400mg every 12 hours. My major concern is I recently went into a serious relationship and my gf doesn’t have HSV and I want to ensure I don’t pass it to her. And my question to you guys are (I’ve asked doctors the same question and here doctors are not so upto date on HSV and my last doc didn’t know the difference between HSV1 &2. so ya.. ) 1.     Does anyone take Acyclovir as a daily suppressant anti-viral and what is the dosage your doctor recommended? 2.     Since I don’t have OBs should I continue after this 1-month or should I stop – keep in mind, my main aim is not to spread this to my gf. 3.     Since I have constant prodome feeling – any chance to know when will be the viral shedding so I can stay away from sex? Thank you so much for reading and replying to this.. 
    • dont quit!
      There is no way to know the real me online, Einstein. I'm not being *tough, I'm being straight forward with you. Apparently you don't know how to read, I've told you already most of what you posted has been discussed and or been reviewed already. Why would I lie? To back up my argument? Yeah right, but believe what you are going to believe, I could care less. You act like that June article was written by yourself. Get real dude. Plagiarizing and vomiting all this crap. Smh.
    • My Ria
      You dont need to be a clean freak.  This will turn this into obsessive compulsive behavior.  You cannot catch it that way.  Skin to skin contact So towels are not an issue?
    • dont quit!
      Crispr is a whole new ballgame. Halford is old school, go with what works approach i.e. live vaccines. I'm cautiously optimistic about Crispr. If it doesn't work for HSV, I'm sure it will work for other diseases.
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