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Irish Spring Soap

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ok im having an outbreak... i think.

If anyone has read any of my posts im never 100% sure if im having an OB.

So last tuesday i was tingling and itchy down there.

Im still having issues. over a week later. Normally it lasts 2-3 days max then goes away. But now im bleading a little and im not due for my period for another week and a half. I have no sores though?

So i read a few thinks on the forum (never google lol) and maybe im having an internal OB?

IDK but this is what i do know, i showerd monday with irish spring, tuesday it began. Wednesday i was at my sister and used her Dove (which is what i normally use cause its liquid) and i felt a little better

Thursday i used Irish Spring and it got bad again, but i didnt realize the conection yet. So i was washing with irish spring till yesturday and i havent used it today and i feel slightly better down there.

I used to use irish spring before i was diagnosed, but i noticed it made my skin dry. Has anyone ever had issues with this soap?

When i use Dove i almost never had a OB. Buying some when i get paid tomorrow cause im poor lol

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You might be allergic to Irish spring soap. A friend of mine stayed at a hotel and used the bar soap there just to clean her genital area. She freaked out because she broke out in a rash and bumps. After some questioning we figured out that she used a different soap for her body and that was why she only broke out on her genitals. Not sure if you are but it is something to think about.

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    • Lisajd
      Oh another nast pasty.  Whatever.
    • searching for the truth
      I thank you guys for all your input .  Wilson your logic is well appreciated.  I know this would be a very atypical situation and was trying to find out if anyone else could relate one way or the other.  It is what it is , I just want to know for sure what it is.
    • searching for the truth
      Pcr was on abnormal looking skin it was not blood . Fluid is not needed for pcr only DNA.  Unfortunately I work in the science world (MS in Biochem) using Elisa plates and antibodies etc, so I have a knowledge of how this stuff works .  This little bit a knowledge is bad because I know how test can be wrong and I know very little with regards to herpes in a lab setting.  I know the symptoms are atypical but I know before this individual I had zero issues .  Trust me I have visible skin issues down there , that is why I was able to get a swab but they can be false neg.  i don't want this to hsv at all, as all this site also hoped for but the recurring symptoms have me really worried and just wanting answers
    • Windsor1210
      Thank you!
    • Free73
      I was curious because he mentioned there was no lesion to swab, just broken skin from the area
    • WilsoInAus
      PCR on blood is useless as the negative result is not conclusive. I did interpret this was a swab "from the area". If it is on blood then that point is removed from my list. The more active the sore the better of course and fluid is usually teeming with the virus. However PCR can detect pretty much down to the viral copy! Hence any shedding will be picked up. If someone has an irritated area that is herpes related, it seems unlikely that 3 swabs of the area would be negative.
    • Malcolm
      The plan is to self-administer and any success (or failure) will be shared publicly for reproduction. At this point, I'm thinking a workable combination will be a zinc-finger nuclease (ZFN) delivered via an attenuated HSV vector. ZFN has shown to successfully disrupt latent nucleosomes so that's the path I want to go down (other member's are focusing on CRISPR so that's great). Waiting 5+ years for biotech companies to get this through clinical trials is not good enough. I know (personally) the extent to which HSV sufferers will go to treat the infection, and if that means accessing a community laboratory and reproducing the experiment, they will do it.
    • Free73
      Is PCR on blood accurate for diagnosing Herpes Wilson or does it need to be fluid from a lesion?
    • searching for the truth
      Lillian what's your name on Terri site I would like to see what she told you , my name is Lawrence on her site if you want to see what she told me
    • MiGirl
      I live in a very small town, everyone knows everyone. Because of this I usually refrain from dating anyone from my town. My fear is that I disclose to someone that is less than understanding and feels the need to tell my buisness.  Im usually pretty good about disclosure, and have only had one bad experiance with having the talk. Most people are actually fairly understanding once i tell them my story. However, Ive recently found myself in a very complicated situation with a well known man from my town. He happens to be married, but before anyone puts me through the ringer for seeing a married man, he and his wife have an open marriage.  This is where things get messy. I never intended for he and I to be anything more than friends because of his situation. But things progressed, and rather quickly. It wasnt until afterwards that i realized that we hadnt had the talk. Sometimes its like I almost forget that hsv even exsists in my world. Its been almost 3 yrs since my last OB. But now im freaking out because I know that I need to tell him.  But the thought of having to tell him now...after the fact, is physically making me ill and has even caused a panic attack.  I dont know what to do at this point. He has a wife, and Im sure there are other women that he could possibly be involved with. So ive not only put him at risk, but also anyone else that he is involved with. I feel horrible about this! But, if i tell him, surely he will tell his wife...I think i forgot to mention the fact that she is a bat shit crazy, manipulative, mean and vindictive woman. She would have absolutely no problems telling everyone we know. Anyway, has anyone ever had to deal with a similar situation? Or even just some adivce would be amazing!
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