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9 volt battery to kill herpes?

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I read on another forum that someone used a 9 volt battery to stop oral herpes sores. I guess it is like Hulda Clark's electronic "zapper" that uses different frequencies to kill different pathogens like herpes virus.

So I tried using it on my genital herpes sore. 9 volt battery, wire leads, and aluminum foil contacts. Water on contacts improves conduction. Sometimes the pain is unbearable and I have to stop to rest. You know the feeling when you put a 9 volt battery on your tongue? I figure anything that hurts that bad has to be working to kill the virus, and since the virus lives in the nerves the pain might be from the nerves themselves being shocked. Supposedly there is no way to get to the nerves, but maybe electricity does.

I switched to a battery jack that I can select from 1.5, 3, 6, 9, and 12 volts so I can vary the intensity.

I am new to herpes so I don't know what to expect, or how long the sores last so I cant compare by experience. Trying everything I can think of - internal and topical, plus the 9 volt thing.

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It's hard to imagine how you can specifically kill only the herpes virus dna hidden in your nerve cells with ellectricity shocks. I thinks you have better chances to kill yourself that way.

You have better chances serving as a guinea-pig for the early tests of Dr. Alfred Alwin's vaccine which seems most promising as he confirmed to me personnaly. He is a doctor and teacher at the UNiversity of

It's hard for me too, thinking it runs free in me too. But we must continue to hope for a breakthrough. Stay healthy and it will be easier for your system, as your immunity system will be stronger. It will thus help you combat the virus.

Keep hope!


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    • Free73
      If she gets cold sores, then she has herpes as well. I get that society has differing levels of the need to disclose for HSV1 and 2, but they are the same virus, just different location of preference. So when she told you she had cold sores (HSV1) it would have been a good time for you to disclose that you possibly have herpes (undiagnosed) in the genital region. If indeed you do have HSV2, then yes there is some evidence that an existing HSV1 infection will provide some protection from contracting HSV2. But without proper diagnosis, you are just guessing at which strain you have. It seems like you feel there is a greater obligation on you to disclose your possible herpes because it may be HSV2 than there is to disclose HSV1. But they are both the same virus. And even though society has labelled HSV2 as the bad herpes and HSV1 as the good herpes because of their site of preference, they are both the same thing.
    • WilsoInAus
      The more you describe it, the more herpes seems pretty much eliminated as a possibility. You are not describing a herpes lesion at all.
    • Lj2099
      I've been having itching with a small lump for a month. It does not look like it's pus filled. I don't have no pain,fever. Just the itchy discomfort.  The itching is not intense. At times it itches a lot and other time It doesn't itch. If I scratch I could see a little blood. I when to my gyn and she said that it might be herpes or ezcema. She said that the skin looks like I have scratch a lot. I have seen picture of herpes online and it looks nothing like what I have.  The doctor took swabs fron the lump and also I got a blood test. I'm just waiting for the results.  I've been in a monogamous marriage for over 20 years. the doctor told me that it's possible to have the virus dormant for many years. I was in shock to hear that. Up to now I didn't know nothing about herpes. I would appreciate any input. Thanks
    • K_Sock
      @finding my way I wouldn't talk about probabilities too much - disclosure is just about honesty so just focus on your experience, how much you love her, and how much you want to protect her. She can do whatever research she wants.. Also, I come from the oral HSV-1 camp (cold sores) and so have a slightly different perspective here...Frankly, as someone with oral HSV-1, genital HSV-1 for me is probably just a matter of time considering I want a relationship with oral sex, kissing and vaginal sex - you can see how genital transmission would be seemingly inevitable. There are a couple of points: 1) Your lady is likewise putting you at risk as you don't have oral hsv. I say this to make it a little more even - not that it's a contest, and not that either of you want to harm the other 2) You have never confirmed that you have HSV-2... You may both have HSV-1...  ABOVE ALL ELSE, love conquers all and you will both be fine.  
    • Lj2099
      Thank You both for your input.
    • Blahdittilyblah
      Great news glad it went well. 
    • Free73
      Are you sure that there is no fungal infection going on at the same time too? Aloe vera will help to soothe. Can you get Tea Tree Oil where you are? I haven't used it personally because mine responds to Valtrex very quickly, but a lot of people seem to swear by Tea Tree Oil and it's anti viral properties.
    • Seeker1960
      Hi @Cierra23 I am glad that you are asymptomatic so that you don't have to experience the physical issues of this virus. You may have HSV or it could be just a false low positive. Some people go for the Western Blot to try and sort it out. There is also a test on the horizon called ABVIC that should be out this year that may help you get the determination. Hang in there and dont let this eat at you. You are going to be fine. My best friends wife had HSV2 and never got it being married for several years and unprotected sex.  
    • EM424
      Thank you. I have finally found a great team of doctors.  They are finding HSV 1 and HSV 2 is landing anywhere on the body and are treating them all the same. I am trying to work out how to treat the neuropathy and will try the  colostrum.   Keep well. EM
    • Seeker1960
      Hi @EM424  My Western Blot was positive for HSV1 @17 weeks. I took another igg test @ 9 months and finally showed positive for HSV1 with a 2.86 index. I am still negative for HSV2 so the blood tests say. I feel more confident that the tests are finally right. Not 100% but close. I just dont know if HSV2 was missed by the tests. Sorry to here that your neuropathy is still lingering on. I still have daily itching or burning or irritation but has gotten much better . I can only hope that it will continue to diminish. Coming up on a year since being infected so I will se what happens. I am feeling 90% better over all and I am back working a regular schedule at my new job. So I have a lot to be thankful for. I real hope and pray that things will turn around for you also. Hang in there. Try colostrum it helps with the nerves. Take care 
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