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9 volt battery to kill herpes?

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I read on another forum that someone used a 9 volt battery to stop oral herpes sores. I guess it is like Hulda Clark's electronic "zapper" that uses different frequencies to kill different pathogens like herpes virus.

So I tried using it on my genital herpes sore. 9 volt battery, wire leads, and aluminum foil contacts. Water on contacts improves conduction. Sometimes the pain is unbearable and I have to stop to rest. You know the feeling when you put a 9 volt battery on your tongue? I figure anything that hurts that bad has to be working to kill the virus, and since the virus lives in the nerves the pain might be from the nerves themselves being shocked. Supposedly there is no way to get to the nerves, but maybe electricity does.

I switched to a battery jack that I can select from 1.5, 3, 6, 9, and 12 volts so I can vary the intensity.

I am new to herpes so I don't know what to expect, or how long the sores last so I cant compare by experience. Trying everything I can think of - internal and topical, plus the 9 volt thing.

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It's hard to imagine how you can specifically kill only the herpes virus dna hidden in your nerve cells with ellectricity shocks. I thinks you have better chances to kill yourself that way.

You have better chances serving as a guinea-pig for the early tests of Dr. Alfred Alwin's vaccine which seems most promising as he confirmed to me personnaly. He is a doctor and teacher at the UNiversity of

It's hard for me too, thinking it runs free in me too. But we must continue to hope for a breakthrough. Stay healthy and it will be easier for your system, as your immunity system will be stronger. It will thus help you combat the virus.

Keep hope!


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    • cherryblossom91
      I'm so like... idk. Shocked? Unsure the blood work is right..   My journey has been so sketchy and unsure. I initially went to an urgent care July 24th with a lesion, I was told it wasn't herpes. They took a swab and sent me home with antibiotics (not antivirals). A couple days later they said I was in the clear, the next day they said they couldn't tell..  days after they said I was positive for GHSV 1. Lesion cleared up in 4 days. 8/23 I got blood work done, today they (my primary GYN) called me to tell me that my blood work was negative.. range was like .09  I told her my swab was positive but given urgent care's sketchiness she was disregarded it. They even did the newest type specific test and said I was in the clear.. I protested and told her that the virus may be dormant or what have you and she laughed and reassured me I was in the clear. I've disclosed to people close to me when I was "diagnosed" cried every night etc. Eventually accepted that I had it and now I don't have  it? Idk.. a part of me does believe it because urgent care didn't know what they were doing in the first place.. so I guess I should be happy?
    • cantdoit
      Hsv 2 IGG is a low positive and could be a false positive. Either get tested again 12-16 weeks after last exposure or get a western blot. Google Terri Warren who is an expert on everything herpes and check out the question answers. She talks a lot about false positive readings. For you I hope you are. 
    • Scared12345
      Is it safe to take constantly or should we take breaks so it doesnt stop working for us?
    • Scared12345
      I take the drops ....2 a day but its the 1:1 potency. The cheaper one intake about 4 or 5
    • Hester
      Ok lolaaa, I've been thinking about this situation.  Before I got H, I always thought coldsores were gross too. Was glad I didn't get them!  Never thought I'd be w a man who got them. Met a guy and had chemistry. Fell for him. Was with him for 2 years before I saw him w a cold sore. By then I was in love and didn't care. (Also didn't know it could be passed asymptomatically...oops. ended up getting G-HSV1. Oh well, it WAS my choice to stay with him.)   This is what I would do if I were you. Once the sore is past the open stage and healing, but still noticeable,  fix yourself up pretty and see him. He will see it and you can non-chalantly say "oh it's just a cold sore I had last week."  Don't make a big deal about it. See what he says. Be prepared with facts to ease his mind. See what happens. 
    • Cierra23
      So as some of you may have read I was recently diagnosed with HSV-2 and am still sort of processing everything. I found out I had through a blood test. I have never showed any symptoms of it or experienced an outbreak. My gyno told me I am probably just an asymptomatic carrier && I may never see any signs of H. My dermo told me to not even worry about it. But I am worried about it. I just want to know as much as I can so that I can be safe and do my best not to spread it and to prevent any and all future outbreaks. So here are what the results say ;  HSV 1 IgG, Type Spec : <0.91 index HSV 2 IgG, Type Spec : 1.59 index H 0.00-0.90 index Negative : <0.91 Equivocal : 0.91 - 1.09 Positive : >1.09  Please help me understand what this means.
    • LucyLevi
      Hi Hay If you tell him what you have said here then he can make an informed decision and if he wants to go ahead then he knows that if he gets a sore (highly unlikely as you take valtrex and have no cold sore) then he is responsible if he gets one (again remember this is low risk).  He may also have antibodies for HSV1 in which case there is no problem at all. Take care and try to relax as the stress is worse than the reality... Lucy
    • hayitsmay
      My boyfriend wants me to give him a blowjob but I'm really hesitant because I get cold sores, as of right now I don't have one and I'm also taking valtrex daily but I'm still scared because I have a terrible fear I'll infect him... I do however have a sore inside my mouth(not a coldsore) but it's only because I bite the inside of my mouth when I get nervous, it's a bad habit lol I'm not aware of his herpes status so I don't know how to go about this... Any advice?
    • SureWhyNot
      You are worth it and the benefits speak for themselves! We must stop thinking as sheeple and expect others to care for us while we do whatever we want to the one system that is unique to each of us and only we can care for! We are the ones who suffer if we falter.
    • boricacid
      Yeah, it's so funny how people think/feel.  My boyfriend used to mock people openly who had it.  He then contracted it from me, and had to become tolerant and educated.  You never know what life is going to throw at ignorant people.   You're awesome for trying to break the stigma.  I'm with you in spirit.  
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