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What is the one worst thing about your Herpes?


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What is the one worst thing about your Herpes?

The physical pain?

social stigma?


less sex / no sex?


trusting others?

less confidence?

fear of infecting others?

fear of infecting yourself more?

fear of immune system problems later in life?

fear that people will find out that you have herpes?


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The worst thing for me is the OCD I have developed since contracting herpes. I was always a bit of a germ phobia person, but nothing major, once I got herpes simplex 2, this fear was heightened. Extra washing/cleaning, etc. But then when I had my baby, I was overwhelmed with the need to perpetually wash my hands anytime before I touched the baby or the his belongings, bottles, etc. I was nursing at the time too, so this made it even more manic. I would bundle the baby up, not let him touch my skin (except the parts he had to.) It was crazy. Since I weaned him a while back, I have noticed that I am a bit more mellow (yet no less enthusiastic) about the handwashing.

I would assume this all stems from fear of passing it onto the baby. It is obviously psychosomatic. So fear of passing it onto another human being. I can DEAL with the pain and the outbreaks, hell even the Stigma. But the thought of transmitting it to someone else, especially accidently to such an innocent, would be devastating to me.

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Easy - permanence.

I could cope with ALL of the shit that this brings if it had an end point.

If I had a car with a fault I'd either get it repaired or get a new one. I can't get a new body.

I'm a do-er and a problem-solver and there's f**k all I can do about this. And it kills me - the helplessness. So yeah, it's the permanence of it.

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I totally agree with tothefuture...Permanence...knowing that I am stuck with this s*** for the rest of my life makes me want to scream. Not so much for myself in having to deal with the symptoms (mine are very minor), but knowing that I have to re-tale the tale every fricken time I date someone for the rest of my life makes me angry. I am in a relationship right now, but I think it is quickly going down hill. (He has known about it for the last nine months when I found out, but he refuses to deal with the issue and we are not having sex.) Knowing that I am going to have to tell more men in the future really pisses me the hell off! can you tell I'm a little agitated today?? lol

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hands down the permanence.........its never going away. Like the above posts.....I am a problem solver and no matter how hard, emotionally trying, or difficult situation there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.......an ending point to every situation EXCEPT for this....there is no end...

2nd fear infecting someone and not even be willing to risk infecting someone else if i did find someone who would accept me in the future.

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I am still in the early shock phase of herpes so I am sure much more thought on this topic will come into my mind in the years ahead. The permanence issue is what I have so far dreaded the most, but now I am thinking that the limitations I now have on building a family might be the worst. Dating, finding a wife, holding my wife, having a child, holding that child, kissing that child, all seem impossible now. I would gladly give up the later years of my life to the complications of herpes if I could spend the earlier years raising a happy family free from the restrictions of this disease.

I have always been health conscious and I've been very serious about fixing my health issues in recent years, so when herpes came up I can't forgive myself for being so stupid as to catch it. I was so focused on improving my mental and physical health and confidence and because of one stupid act all of that seems like a joke now. I'll have flu-like symptoms and OB's and stigma to deal with for the rest of my life.

Also, it seems like the good people get stuck with herpes while the bastards go around carefree infecting others like they have no responsibility for it.

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permenance for me..

im 25, and no body other then my current partner and ex partner know about my little indiscretion..

im stuck with this stigma for the rest of my life.......

if they had a cure, i pay anything, or do anything for it....

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for sure all those are tough aspects, permanence being at the top...what scares me is that i don't know much about what's happening to my body...i may even be doing things that are making my condition worse without knowing it...and believe me, worse is something i don't need right now...

the fact that doctors don't seem to know (or want to know) much about HSV ... doesn't help my frantic state...

work was really tough today...i felt like crying a few times...and i had no patience for stupid questions and comments...i was not my Sunny1self... i almost felt like staying home...but then i can't do that for too long and who know how long this will last...how do people live with this and work?!

not knowing...that's placing a lot of stress on me right now...icon11.gif Sunny1

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First stage, shock, shame, afraid infecting more areas of myself--wear contacts; not with anyone else;

second stage, recurrence--permanence, depressed, busy dealing with obs:confused: , made myself into a lab rat, trying different remedies to find cure/relief, lucky me finally ran into this forum, I can't say enough how much I appreciated the help and support received;

third stage, well, just start to realise, no bf/sex for more than a year, looking into how to step out, not infect others but still have a relationship:roll: may still take a while to be back in the field...

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I would have to say physical pain. I have experienced some very strange pains since being diagnosed with hsv2. The back pain alone is a killer! Enough to make you cry.

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I know about the back pain. Things that I have learned that helped me:

1. The antiviral meds if you can take them such as Valtrex or Acyclovir.

2. Thermacare wraps - they come in several different sizes and last for hours.

3. The vitamin supplements recommended on this site such as lysine, vitamin c with bioflavanoids and calcium, magnesium, vitamin's d, e and b complex.

4. Drink lots of water. SERIOUSLY. Try to drink 6 or more 16 oz glasses a day.

5. Ibuprofen and Relefen are anti-inflamatories and if you take them every 4-6 hours consistently it may help.

6. Avoid stress and emotions such as sorrow and despair.

7. Epsom salt baths (they sooth the muscles).

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permanence; this has def. changed my life, and not for the better. knowing that i will have to share this information with possible future partners, totally stinks. how do you know you can trust this person and if it doesnt work out that they will not spill the beans???

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The permanence for sure. I hate not knowing...there are so many symptoms that I experience all the time and I don't know if they are related or not. I agree with the rest of you; if this had an end in sight I would be able to tackle it head on. But, since I know it will be with me for the rest of my life I have been left feeling a little defeated. I wish I knew that I would be one of those people who, later on down the road could be lucky enough to not have outbreaks anymore, but I don't know that. I look forward to the day when I can eat a Reese's or a piece of chocolate cake or shave and not have to worry. Hopefully one day I can experience that and not have to be on suppressive meds! But, you never know...

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    • tbc122
      https://imgur.com/a/cVi8yJY 2 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex. Few days later I wake up with a stinging sensation in my urethra. I don't have any blisters, lesions or redness, my penis looks completely normal from the outside, but the stinging in my urethra is always there. Urinating doesn't make the pain worse. From the research I've done and how my body feels I'm pretty sure I caught genital hsv1. To make matters worse I think I transmitted it to my eyelid by touching my infected penis and then my eyelid which did develop a blister. Can anyone look at my lower eyelid and tell me if it looks anything like herpes?  I forgot to add that the blister is painless, but my eye is a bit watery. Other than that it's fine and my eyesight is good. Considering how this all developed in a matter of a week after I had unprotected sex it can't be much else than herpes..
    • SuperSnap
      Hey I see that they also sell the pill form in 100 mg and 500 mg form. Do you think this is as affective? They have the regular and extract version of the pill. Which would you think is the right one to get? And how many pills per day to get the same effect of say 16 seeds?
    • Ric12321
      it's actually because of bareback bj...
    • scurrred
      I had an IGG test  and the ranges were out of range and high  HSV 1 was 42 and HSV 2 was 19 so I guess it was accurate but the problem now is I can't figure out when or who I got it from. In 2018 to 2019 when I was with my ex I was STD tested but not sure if herpes was included but my ex was supposed to get tested but refused. I experienced some trauma with him and didn't date until a year and a half later so I'm confused. The guy I dated after the ex who didn't want to be tested I told them a week ago about my results he was trying to be there for me and understanding,I told him to get tested but to request a herpes blood test , because he had no noticeable lesions or bumps ever is what he said and I never noticed any on him now he has shut down all his social media and I can't reach him. Hoping he's okay, I feel bad because in 2018 I did have what I was told it was an abrasion that tingled but at my doctor the day I was tested they told me it wasn't herpes but I think it was only a visible diagnosis. I keep having it reoccur from time to time 
    • CHT
      Hello "FeelingLost".... your fears and concerns are understandable but, nothing you've described regarding the sexual encounter would cause you to contract herpes.... further, your symptoms are not herpes related.  Best of all, your doctor is correct, your results don't show any herpes here.  You can relax.... definitely have your GP take a look at things and see what might be causing the symptoms but, again, none of them are typical herpes related.  I wish you the best in terms of talking to your wife about this encounter.... hopefully she will understand and you both can work through this amicably.  We all make mistakes.... be careful not to beat yourself up too hard over this.... you can become so racked with guilt that you start imagining physical symptoms.  Best of luck.... and take care..... come back to the site if you have questions.
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