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Anyone else do this?


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Does anyone else out there keep their valtrex or acyclovir out of the medicine cabinet and hidden - just in case nosy guests come over?

And one more question - At what percentage do you think Herpes will lose the stigma? It's estimated that about 35% of the population has it. It would definitely need to be over half, (and I think we're only a couple of years from 50%, due to the lack of testing and the idea so many people have that as long as they use condoms everything will be "just fine"). Perhaps 80%? Does anyone out there know those people that seem to think we should be put on a island like a bunch of lepors? I can't stand those people and can't wait for them to be infected too. Keep on bangin' folks! everything will be just fine!

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I will hide my meds too (even though I don't take them...they don't work for me.) But it is nobodies business and unfortunately, people ARE nosy.

I think we are already at 50% (or damn near) of the population having hsv2. SO many people are in denial, do not go to the doctor thus, the doctors can not report it. that 35% is only people who have actually given a crap to have their junk checked out, ya know.

Then there are also many people who are poor, do not have access to any type of health clinic , let alone health insurance, who I am sure just suffer silently with herpes.

The worst are the delusional people who KNOW deep within something is amiss with their bodies, can and do have full access to medical treatment and testing but would rather remain in the dark. These are the morons who continue to go around passing this shit on, because they are so self indulgent and in such denial, they only care about THEIR lives and THEIR personal pleasures rather than being responsible for others. I would say there is quite the large number of people like this.

so yeah, I would say we are really close to 50% if not already there. And it will just get worse.....

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i keep my meds in a little storage container - that they would have to go search and pull out, then rummage through. and no body but me knows how to fit each and every single bottle back in that thing and have it close.

or i keep it in my bedroom..

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Me I keep a bottle in my purse that I take with me everywhere just in case my schedule runs late and then a bottle in the medicine cabinet.

I'll admit that the bottle doesn't say anything about herpes on it and I figure if anyone recognizes it they probably have personal experience and they certainly aren't a threat.

The only person I hid it from once is my sister and it's because she is a nurse. I've only told two people that I have this and one of them has it too.

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My first post but I couldn't help respond, I keep mine on my home office desk all of the time, it reminds me to take them, but when anyone comes over to visit I always hide them in the bottom of a drawer....if I feel an OB on the way then I cut one pill out of the strip to take with lunch at work and throw the empty blister pack down a drain but never in a bin at the office.

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i don't hide my pills, as all of our pills are pretty much kept in a big box anyway, because we don't have enough room in our medicine cabinet. (kind of scary when you think about it) however, does anybody out there who has a significant other try to just stay away from them during an ob? i do. i don't want my husband to even kiss me when i have one, and i don't even have it vaginally, i have it anally (i was anally raped), but i just don't want him to touch me, cuz i feel so dirty and gross. i won't even tell him i'm taking my meds. he sometimes finds out and gets upset that i didn't tell him, since he's my husband and wants to know when i'm not feeling good and stuff, but it's just not something i want to talk about, it's not something i wanted to bring into the marriage, even though i know it's not my fault. does anyone else ever do this sort of thing?

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I keep pills with me in a lipstick holder, and I also remove all labels from the pill bottles and I have even wiped the "valtrex" label off of the pills in my purse so that they just look like blue pills. The name comes off easily with a dab of water on a paper towel. I also figure that if someone finds the blue pill and knows what it is they are definitely dealing with the same problem.

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OMG!! because I was told by the doctor that it was nothing to worry about, just the cold sore virus ( I have it on y hand), I've been leaving my tablets in the car, at work, lying about the house. It's only since I came across this forum a couple of days ago I've become totally paranoid, I was even telling people that it was a coldsore on my hand woithout realising the stigma attatched to it.

I've spent all weekend worrying about whether I have it anywhere else but never had symptoms and whether I've spread it to anyone else. I only wish the doctor had explained more about this to me and I didnt have to discover it for myself like this. :(

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Since I'm alone 99% of the time I keep them anywhere but when I'm around others (home) I keep them in my purse.My man knows but I still hide them.

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i keep mine on the very top of my computer desk so i can remember to take them, i really don't care if anyone sees them up there i don't usually have company over at my house my little sister doesn't know what i have and she isn't going to find out because i'm not telling her and neither is my mother.

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I usually take the label off the bottle and throw it in a drawer in my room. I'm even worried about the empty bottles I guess. it sucks going through this much trouble

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    • tbc122
      https://imgur.com/a/cVi8yJY 2 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex. Few days later I wake up with a stinging sensation in my urethra. I don't have any blisters, lesions or redness, my penis looks completely normal from the outside, but the stinging in my urethra is always there. Urinating doesn't make the pain worse. From the research I've done and how my body feels I'm pretty sure I caught genital hsv1. To make matters worse I think I transmitted it to my eyelid by touching my infected penis and then my eyelid which did develop a blister. Can anyone look at my lower eyelid and tell me if it looks anything like herpes?  I forgot to add that the blister is painless, but my eye is a bit watery. Other than that it's fine and my eyesight is good. Considering how this all developed in a matter of a week after I had unprotected sex it can't be much else than herpes..
    • SuperSnap
      Hey I see that they also sell the pill form in 100 mg and 500 mg form. Do you think this is as affective? They have the regular and extract version of the pill. Which would you think is the right one to get? And how many pills per day to get the same effect of say 16 seeds?
    • Ric12321
      it's actually because of bareback bj...
    • scurrred
      I had an IGG test  and the ranges were out of range and high  HSV 1 was 42 and HSV 2 was 19 so I guess it was accurate but the problem now is I can't figure out when or who I got it from. In 2018 to 2019 when I was with my ex I was STD tested but not sure if herpes was included but my ex was supposed to get tested but refused. I experienced some trauma with him and didn't date until a year and a half later so I'm confused. The guy I dated after the ex who didn't want to be tested I told them a week ago about my results he was trying to be there for me and understanding,I told him to get tested but to request a herpes blood test , because he had no noticeable lesions or bumps ever is what he said and I never noticed any on him now he has shut down all his social media and I can't reach him. Hoping he's okay, I feel bad because in 2018 I did have what I was told it was an abrasion that tingled but at my doctor the day I was tested they told me it wasn't herpes but I think it was only a visible diagnosis. I keep having it reoccur from time to time 
    • CHT
      Hello "FeelingLost".... your fears and concerns are understandable but, nothing you've described regarding the sexual encounter would cause you to contract herpes.... further, your symptoms are not herpes related.  Best of all, your doctor is correct, your results don't show any herpes here.  You can relax.... definitely have your GP take a look at things and see what might be causing the symptoms but, again, none of them are typical herpes related.  I wish you the best in terms of talking to your wife about this encounter.... hopefully she will understand and you both can work through this amicably.  We all make mistakes.... be careful not to beat yourself up too hard over this.... you can become so racked with guilt that you start imagining physical symptoms.  Best of luck.... and take care..... come back to the site if you have questions.
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