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question about vitamins and pains

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My stomach rumbles like I'm hungry, my chest feels heavy, and my back aches. Anyone have any idea if this is because of the vitamins I am on? Lysine, zinc, vit c, b complex. All have been started a bit over a week ago.


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Hey noring are you eating with these vitamins? The Vit.C can cause gassyness at first. I don't take it , it hurts my tummy. The Lysine says , most bottles, take on empty stomach , but my Dr told me not necessary. Also I take less than recommended , I have ulcers. Double check your dosages and make sure your not taking too much of any one vitamin or suppliment. Hope this helps. Truly, Ace :hithere:

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When your body is trying to heal during a vitamin overload or diet change, it can undergo a 'healing crisis' or Herxheimer reaction, which is when your body releases toxins from your fat stores and the toxins go into your bloodstream. At this point, the best thing to do is drink TONS of water and maybe do some exercise if you feel up to it. Google the terms that I spoke of...duration can last 3days to several weeks depending on the severity of toxins in your body.

Ace is also correct that you CAN overdose on certain vitamins, such as B6 (the most that should be taken of this vitamin is 150mgs unless prescribed by a naturopath-too much can cause nerve damage)

I am on a regimen of the following to try to truly rebuild my immune system and hopefully eradicate this disease.

Ester-C 4-5000mgs per day, split in two doses, with food (Also, Ester-C is easier on the stomach than reg. Vit. C)

Solgar B12 - 4000 MCGS

Solgar B6 - 100

Solgar MV-75 Multi

Olive Leaf Extract...Barleans is once again a very good brand for this, but the mint taste can be hard to take. If you buy another brand, make sure it contains a high oleuropeins content - it is said for hsv, 20%+ is ideal...as opposed to a high MG content)

Oreganol P73 (Mediterranean Oregano Oil 10drops under the tongue, hold for 30 secs then swallow and chase with lots of water...I do this twice daily...)

I'm also cooking alot with Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil which is an antifungal and antiviral. Regular cheaper coconut oil does not contain the properties of Organic Extra-Virgin so do not substitute with cheaper brands! Nutiva is a great brand.

I've cut down my coffee and ELIMINATED all alcohol. I've also eliminated all sugar.

Coriolus Versicolor (Turkey Tail) Mushroom (I use Mycology Research Laboratories brand) 3000MG per day.

I ALWAYS take supplements with food to increase absorption.

Also, Flaxseed Oil is very good to take for the depression aspect as well as enhancing the immune system. 3 TBS per day. Get the refrigerated Barlean's brand, it is MUCH more effective than the capsules.

So far with this regimen, I've had no outbreaks. None. The 'tingling' down there especially stopped from the Ester-C and the Oreganol P73. I'm hoping in a few months with this regimen to go back for bloodwork and see if I've eliminated the disease.

Also, limit your stress and get into a meditational practice if you can. Exercise daily at least 20 minutes per day.

I hope this helps.

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Its the zinc. If you take it on an empty stomach it makes you feel like your going to throw up.

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