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An idea for you guys!

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I am HSV-1 orally positive. So I do know a thing or two about herpes.

I've had it since I was a wee kid.

This is how my conversation goes with partners.

"Have you ever had a cold sore?"

"No" has been the most common answer.

"OK, well I get cold sores maybe once every year or two. The virus is totally under control and I've had it for most of my life, thereby making me less contagious. Just thought I'd let you know! If you wish to use condoms during oral sex, don't hesitate to let me know! I'd have no objection. This is a risk that is totally up to you."

And I've had nothing but positive responses from that. People are appreciative, happy, and respectful of my decision to disclose.

I am sure you could do the same for genital herpes.


"Hey, do you get cold sores? Well, I do. Except not on my lips, I get them on my genitals. It is not a big deal and you probably have antibodies for one of the viruses, anyways. With antivirals, condom use, and abstinence during breakouts and the fact I take great care of myself, the likelihood of you getting it from me is probably 2-5% a year. Think about it! I think I heard that you have a greater chance of becoming a professional athlete than you do catching herpes from me with all the precautions. You have a much better chance of NOT getting herpes from me, then you do from someone who doesn't know they are positive for it!"

There's a positive spin on anything.

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